Got up this morning, looked around at things needing to be done, went back to bed.  Up so late packaging burgoo for freezer. 100_2446 That is what two gallons and three quarts look like when put in zip lock bags ready for freezer.  Kept one quart out for eating now.  After midnight before got to bed.  Then couldn’t sleep, so got up and played Solitaire two hours.

Could have slept all day, but had to go to grocery.  Without all fenders on chair didn’t get caught that much, but then didn’t go near watermelons.  Didn’t really get much, when think about it.  Picked things up, looked at them, put them back on shelf.  Didn’t look as good as thought they would.  Did get large container of parsley that was marked down.  Have to stick that in freezer before wilt.  No, not parsley, basil.  That other green stuff.  Had lots of green stuff there, but none looked tempting.  Orange stuff, yellow stuff, red stuff.  Even purple stuff.  Got cheese for spanikopita, but didn’t really want to make it today.  Put that in fridge.  Started to get potatoes, but didn’t feel hungry enough to buy a potato.  Put it back.  Probab’ly want it by end of week.  Tuff!

Tried to move chicken container when got too close, but didn’t move.  Container or chair either.  Just sat there thinking til people looked at me funny.  Then decided should move to less crowded spot.  Didn’t want chicken anyway.  Remembered to buy milk after passing it by twice.  Finally got it.  Little basket on lap didn’t have much in it when got to checkout.  Remembered yogurt.  Looked at mushrooms.  Didn’t look that good this time.  Forgot onions.  Have to go back for those some day when feel like still among living.

allergies Remember my little friend?  Those allergy spores are at it again.  Big time sneezin’ and headache while brains that are left are swelling out of head.  Can’t sneeze though.  Would feel better if could sneeze, but won’t come.  Every time get tissue ready sneeze goes away.  Hate that.  Then nose gets redder and redder.  Be ready to lead the team of reindeer by Christmas at this rate.  So hate that.

thin mints Feel like this too.  Sylvie is Dove Chocolatier.  Brought us all gifts of chocolate.  Ate too much all weekend.  Think we all feel like this now.  And have fridge full of leftovers have to finish eating alone, since Anika went home.  Left me with all that food.  Not good feeling.  Have to put stuff in bags and hang on neighbor’s doors tonight.  Or early morning.  Don’t want it to get spoiled overnight.  Well, maybe mean man at end of hall.  Didn’t say that.  You didn’t read that.  Anyway, don’t know name.

wait-what Thought would leave you with this.  After all, did get caught on chicken container today.  Didn’t look, so could have been beef.  These days, who really knows?  Now going to go pass out.  Yeah, like swollen head will let me.  Hate pollen.  This time won’t even let me sneeze.



2 thoughts on “AHHHHHHHH

  1. awww. i hit “like” not because i like that you are suffering from your allergies right now, just i liked readying your post. i have never made spanikopita before but i would love to give it a try sometime! still need to try burgoo…. glad you will have a freezer full of it now! about your CO comment, i wast born in Fort Collins right outside of denver. small world.

    • My sister went to Fort Collins first when she went to our brother’s college graduation there. He was in the Air Force and they didn’t have their academy yet, so sent him to college at Ft. Collins, and Sylvie fell in love with CO, decided to move there in 1976, sold everything she could get her hands on, and that was that. It really is a small world.

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