It’s Tuesday Already?

Wonder what happened to Monday?  Think I must have slept thru today.  Computer tells me it’s Tuesday.  Guess it’s trustworthy.  Not sure right now.

exercise Good think don’t like to exercise, ‘specially since just got up recently.  Kept thinkin’ if stayed in bed headache and swollen sinuses would go away.  Didn’t work.  Now thunderstorm brewing again.  Big boom boom outside.  Didn’t go out today ’cause of allergies, but tomorrow prob’ly worse.  Gonna hibernate rest of week.  Just have to do laundry first.  Icky laundry.  Hate doing it.

Want chocolate, but all gone.  Jess posted about chocolate gelato tonight.  Now want some.  Just not right.  She should post about wiggle worms or snails.  Wouldn’t want those.  But chocolate gelato?  Want it.  Has great blog — Therapy Bread.  Want it all.

Senior CitizensThink someone trying to tell me something.  Friend sent me this.  Maybe just someone just saw me get lost.  Doesn’t say my name tho’.  Says Senior Citizen.  Maybe means someone else and didn’t tell me who to give it to.  Yeah, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.  Or maybe cause they know I love stupid signs.  Have large collection of photos of stupid signs.  Some not too stupid.  Like the stupid ones best.

Need sandblaster for sinuses.  Nothin’ else workin’ right now.  Sandblaster sounds painful though.

computer geek Had to call computer geek tonight.  Everything on screen in wrong place.  Even screen wallpaper wrong.  Mousie didn’t work.  Geek took over computer and fixed problem.  Only things that were on right side now on left.  On bottom for while, then moved to left.  Hope they don’t disappear.  Would make me very upset then.  Think might have been when put rabbit TV on computer.

Got two tickets for Bahamas cruise for installing though.  Have to find someone wants to go Bahamas, cause I don’t.  Already have allergies.  Don’t want sunburn and seasickness with them.  Can’t swim either.  Who wants go to Bahamas?  This might be good way to see if have any followers.  Just let me know.  Cousins maybe?  Will have more information in few days.  Already have tickets, but will get cruise info by telephone.  Prob’ly scam.  Don’t know. Cruise ship could be rowboat.

Short post tonight.  Gotta take more headache and allergy pills.  Or maybe hit head on big block and knock self out.  No.  Better drop block on foot.  Then forget about sinuses.  Think more about foot.