Of course, being retired, doesn’t matter that much to me.  Every day is Friday.  Or Monday.  Or just any old day.  Just depends on whether remembered to mark day off calendar or not.  Think it might still be August on mine.

100_2447 Decided to start on watermelon pickles today.   100_2449 This part is for eating, or blend into juice and freeze in ice cube trays to flavor water. 100_2448 This part is for pickles.  Didn’t get all the pink off, but did get most off.100_2450 Array of knives used trying to find one sharp enough to peel green rind part off.  Tried vegetable peeler too.  Guess I’ll have to have professional sharpener work on them.  Tried sharpening myself.  Couldn’t get ’em sharp enough to cut melted butter.  Still have another half of melon to work on, but had to take break.  Getting too hard on arm trying to peel with dull knives.  Giving shoulder some rest.

Between Estes and Boulder Picture of road between Estes Park and Ft. Collins, CO, sent to me by friend in Loveland, CO.  Serious flooding going on there.  Sent me more photos, but too horrible to post.   Colorado getting our flooding this year.  Storms happening here, but flooding not so much.  Lots of wind damage here, trees blown over, crops destroyed, but could be worse.  Has been worse in past.

Still recovering from trips outside building.  Sinuses starting to clear, but headache staying.  Will have to drop something on foot to make it hurt, then won’t think about headache.  Maybe broken toes.  Had them before.  Can’t set broken toes.  Just have to hold up when walking.  Makes walking look funny when holding toes up.  And can’t wear shoe on that foot.  Now wondering if Steve broke foot last weekend.  Slipped foot off sidewalk and hurt it.  Using crutches, but didn’t go to doctor here.  Decided to wait til got home to Tulsa.  Probably good choice.

herding a cow Found this picture somewhere.  Can’t remember.  Think it’s funny.  Should have tried this when had to chase cows on farm.  Think should be on top of car though.  Driver can’t see where going this way, unless cow gives directions.  Kinda like when Don and Mike were kids and driving big farm trucks.  One would operate steering wheel, other would operate pedals.  Looked like truck didn’t have driver.  When went by kitchen window would go in living room and sit down so wouldn’t see it.  Sometimes ignorance is really bliss.  Sometimes wonder how they lived long enough to grow up.

Reading book about how to ferment things.  Learning to make root beer, and ginger ale, then maybe home-brew.  Have to think about that one.  Think it takes hops.  Don’t know where to find hops.  Uncle Leo made it sometimes.  Would babysit his kids.  Tried it one night, but not ready to drink yet.  Didn’t taste good that early.  Next time babysitting wasn’t there any more, so guess he had bottled it and put away where underaged teenagers couldn’t find it.  Took all the fin out of babysitting my cousins. Leo's family They lived behind us on Hwy. 81, so it was a short walk to get there, then back home.  Four boys.  Got married and moved away before girls were born.  Guess Janet was born already, but don’t think Doris was.  Could be wrong.  Was once before.  Picture kinda small, but looks like Janet in it.  Biggest boy Doug, then Pat, Phil and Mark.  That’s where famous Leo Blandford barbecue still comes from.  Glad they still make it.  Their mom’s family have burgoo recipe.  Still make it.  Really glad both keep up that tradition.



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  1. my dad is a great brewer if beer. it took him awhile to start making really quality stuff but he is there now. he grows hops in his backyard up line going from the ground to the top of a flag pool (diagonally) but i know you can buy them at beer supply stores or order them online.
    i’ve been hearing about the storms in CO- it’s terrible. don’t think it’s affecting my family in Golden, CO too much at this time but I think of them every time something like this happens.

    • My sister’s best friend in CO Springs has water in her basement, but I haven’t heard anything from my sis, so I don’t know how it is with her. Not sure about the one in Monument either. I’ve heard that I-25 has been closed a couple of times, and the one in Monument has to take that one to get to work, but haven’t heard anything yet.

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