Another Saturday Night

And I ain’t got nobody….Oops, sorry.  Song just stuck in head.  Maybe cause I was up all last night tryin’ to peel watermelon with dull knives.  Have it all in bowl now, soaking in brine.  Have to rinse and make pickles in couple hours.  Whee!!!  Neighbor offered me half of her watermelon today.  Almost hit her.  Explained why didn’t want to look at another watermelon again this year.  Made her laugh.  Had to laugh with her.  Gonna have to get knives sharpened.

Support our farmers Farmer came by with veggies today.  Needed tomatoes and peppers for fritatta.  Got ’em.  Had gigantic watermelon.  No way Jose.  Thru with melons for this year.  Maybe next year.  Have two bags of melon in fridge.  Gonna put in blender, then freeze in ice cubes for water blend.  Makes it taste good, and doesn’t cost much.  Better than flavored water people buy in store.  Can freeze anything like that.  Guess should have bought some cukes too.  Cukes make good flavor for water too.

Uh-oh.  Just remembered.  Went outside.  Allergies.  Took last allergy tab last night.  Prob’ly be up all night again tonight.  Yeah, another Saturday night.  Guess will be movie night.  Took nap in morning while Irene here. Woke up and Irene gone.  Apartment clean, found everything.  Maybe.  Will know when start looking for something and can’t find.  Kinda like the scavenger hunts though.

Maybe do laundry tonight.  Have new washers now.  Heard they flood laundry room.  Don’t know for sure, but will find out soon enough.  Wearing last of clean clothes now, and have watermelon stains on pants.  Guess have to soak in peroxide/water bath tonight.  Hate doing laundry.  Have to do laundry.  Be okay if still had own washer and dryer, but not in this building.  Have to go downstairs to laundry room.  Will have to wear UK pj’s and hope nobody notices.  Shucky dern, stains on shirt too.  If didn’t have bad luck have no luck at all.

bad habits Look a lot like that now.  Feel like that too.  Just don’t have the coffee.  Have tea.  Pretend that is cuppa, and that is me, hobblin’ round the place.  Tryin’ to put off the picklin’.  Anybody remember how that started?  Know it was fun when started.  Now seems like a job.  Must be getting tired.  Blame it on Saturday.  Tomorrow everything better.  Need chocolate.  Maybe have to go to store to get chocolate.  Chocolate makes everything better.  That’s it.  Farmer didn’t have chocolate.  Main food group all in one bite.  Or one hundred bites.  Should plant chocolate tree.  Should join chocolaholics anonymous.  Need the program get over disease.  Nah!  Rather eat chocolate.

100_2448 Well, guess better get back to watermelon pickles.  Can’t put off forever.  Want to, but can’t.  Pickles too good to not finish.  ‘Specially after being up all night to trim ’em.  Prob’ly left too much pink on ’em, but heck, whatever.  Gonna be good any way they look.  Hope.  Really hope.



6 thoughts on “Another Saturday Night

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    • Sorry I’ve taken so long to answer, but for some reason you were stuck in the spam folder. Running the blog really doesn’t take a lot of effort, but coming up with ideas is sometimes tuff. The best advise I can give is to just dive in and go for it. It’s a lot of fun most of the time, and you can always take some time off if necessary. I have been off since the last of September, due to some health problems, but will probably resume tomorrow or Sunday. Just go for it and dont get discouraged if it takes time to get it off the ground.

  2. so what do you do for the cucumber ice cubes? you blend up cucumber with water and freeze it in ice cube trays? i am very intrigued by this! i’ve also heard of freezing thin lemon slices in ice cubes for quick lemon water. i’m going to have to try that one! love lemon water!

    • I freeze a lot of purees in ice cubes to put in water. Makes great flavored water without buying the fake stuff at the grocery. My son gave me a bottle of the fake stuff once and I hated it, cause I’m used to using my own frozen purees as ice cubes and they taste so much better. I love lemon water too, and lime water. But for a real treat, try the cukes or some watermelon. Or any fruit, for that matter. Just put it in the blender with some water, and pour in ice cube trays to freeze. Berries are great, sweet cherries, even carrots peas, or any veggie you have too much of to use at a time.

      • I need a few more ice trays too. I’ve had so many things at once this year and only 4 trays that my freezer runneth over. One good thing, after they are frozen they can be put in zip lock bag while more are being frozen, but still, it would be better if I could freeze more at a time. I love flavored water, but not the stuff I tried from the store. Wasn’t really flavored, just artificial.

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