Another Train Wreck

100_2454 So last night had to finish watermelon pickles.  First thing happened was knocked bottle of peroxide off shelf, lid broke, peroxide spilled all over floor.  Threw kitchen towels down to sop up mess.  Also cleaned towels at same time.  Well, maybe not.  But peroxide bottle now has pop-off lid and only half bottle left.

100_2452 Took dinner break then.  Wanted frittata, but settled for pulled pork sandwich.  No time to make fritatta.

100_2451 Pulled pork out of fridge and knocked glass of water with fresh basil out on floor.  Basil not so fresh after that.  Took time to clean mess up.  Really needed food then.  Gettin’ seriously dehydrated too.  Felt like Andrew.  Slowly dyin’ of dehydration.  Didn’t need swimmin’ pool though.  Just needed glass of water.  Quicker to pull out orange crush.  Drank half bottle in one big glug.  Well, more like lots of glugs.

100_2453 Fin’ly got pickles in water bath.  Should have been three pints.  Got three pints, two half pints, and one pint left over that went in fridge.  Put top on canner, sat down, forgot about it.  Remembered hour later.  Pulled jars out of canner.  Already sealed, but okay.

100_2449 Thought finished making syrup, but had to do somethin’ with watermelon, so put in crockpot today.  Had to put honey in to sweeten little bit.  Don’t know what time will be ready to put in jars, but have jars.  Cold pack pan ready for use when needed.  Just hope I’m ready, not asleep.

Had to “cook” pale green jeans last night.  Got stains from sauce on sandwich on them.  So after got jars out of canner, put peroxide in and added jeans.  Soaked all night and have ’em hangin’ on shower rod now.  Didn’t wring out, so no wrinkles.  Hopin’ boilin’ water shrank ’em.  Too big, and too long.  Stains gone though.  Have more stained clothes need to cook after finish syrup.  Guess could just heat water ‘n cook anyway, but more fun after cannin’ somethin’.  Wish Don hadn’t called it cookin’ my clothes.  Now got in habit too.

Turned heat up today.  Just too comfortable under covers to get out of bed.  Noon came, decided had to get up.  Gettin’ hungry.  Had waffle with peach syrup ‘n lots of butter.  Good, but ready to eat again.  Tonight have to make fritatta.  Have fresh veggies for it.  Have bacon, have sausage, have eggs.  Celery leaves.  Want fritatta.  Even have good recipes.  Prob’ly just make own though.

come with instructions Couldn’t resist this.  Remember when Don called one day while in college.  Asked how to hook up VCR.  Hooked own up, so called me to ask how to do his.  So sad.  Tried to walk him thru, but couldn’t, so told him read instructions.  Told me he was hoping could skip that part.  College kidz!  Supposed to be learnin’ that stuff, but calls mom to ask how.  Really!!!  We paid for that????  Turned out okay though.  Just doesn’t like readin’ instructions.

Mike totally different.  Didn’t like readin’ anything in school.  Now reads instructions about everything.  Smart kid.

I'm done Just ’bout says it all.  Time to make fritatta.  Hungry.  Have good week if you have to work.  Me?  Retired!!!




4 thoughts on “Another Train Wreck

  1. i haven’t cold canned anything. do you need an actual canner for that? mmm frittata… i hope it turns out wonderfully for you. i love making a frittata to use up an abundance of veggies or leftover meats, etc. have to work this week sadly but i am off tomorrow! woohoo for sleeping in!

    • I actually use a large stock pot for cold packing, and the frittata turned out wonderfully. Had some last night, then had more for breakfast this morning. Actually took pics while making it, so stay tuned. And I used up a lot of leftovers in it, with a few veggies that were close to going bad. Got to ’em in time though.

      • Cold packing is really what you did when you made the compote. They call it cold packing because that differenceriates it from pressure canning. Start out with putting the clean jars in the canner in cold water, bring to a boil while you are cooking the pickles or jam, then take the jars out of boiling water, pour a jar full of water over the flat lids, fill jars with hot stuff, then put lid on, screw on lid and tighten as much as you can, return to hot water, make sure you have at least an ince of water above tallest jar, bring back to boil, and process as long as recipe calls for, usually about 10 minutes. Easy to do, and putting the boiling liquid over the lids is one of the shortcuts I talked about earlier. It has to boil that 10 minutes, but if it goes over (like when I forgot) it’s still okay. Just don’t take it off too soon.

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