Making A Frittata

100_2455 Fin’ly decided to make that frittata las’ night.  Really hungry.  So first step, cut up bacon.  Had nice thick cut bacon.  Had to taste test along the way, but too early here.

100_2461 ‘Bout right here.  Mmmm, yeah.  Not bad.  Took few tests though.  Decided it would do.  Oops, wrong picture.

100_2456 Few veggies to put in.  Had one chef’s knife still sharp to cut ’em up.  Had sharp knife to slick tomato, too.  Somethin’ goin’ right for change.  Moon must be in right place in heavens.  Or just too hungry to notice dullness.

100_2457 Looks like enough eggs.  Didn’t know had that many.  All extra, extra large brown ones.  Egg lady comes two times week.  Keep forgetting have eggs.  Don’t want run out, so keep buying more.  Not so many now.  Used dozen last night.

100_2458 Where’s whisk?  Have lots dull knives.  Have whisk somewhere.  Couldn’t find.  Used fork to whisk eggs.  Worked, so everything okay.  Even had milk for change.  Usually don’t.  Don’t drink milk.  Lousy lactate thingy.  Makes tummy hurt.  So don’t keep milk much.  Last night had some.  Good thing.

100_2459 Ready to go in oven.  Lots pretty colors.  Remembered salt ‘n pepper too.

100_2460 Ready to eat.  Taste better than looks.  Got too hungry.  Didn’t let cheese melt and get browned.

100_2461 Not bacon ready to sample.  Made mistake.  Missed step said use non-stick pan.  Used cast-iron skillet.  Sticks, so frittata stuck.  Didn’t slide out.  Had to scrape out, but still good.  Just didn’t have nice brown bottom or sides.  Next one better.  Dinner last night.  Breakfast this morning.  Some day get non-stick skillet so slide out right way.  Then make frittata again and slide out on plate right.  Taste good.  Use up lots veggies and dozen eggs.  Have more left over, but tonight make Monterey spaghetti to use up spinach.

Think watermelon mess turned into syrup, but could be jam.  Got five pints whatever it is.  Prob’ly use like syrup.  Won’t know til open it, then see if thick or thin.  Looks thick, but hard to tell when hot.

New serinity prayer Learnin’ new serenity prayer.  Old one not working so well, so tryin’ this one now.  Keep gettin’ phone calls from people hangin’ up, so have to learn new prayer for ’em.  Want to go thru phone to jump down throats, cause jump every time phone rings.  Phone just rings when hands are up to elbows in messy stuff.  Stops wringin’ by time hands clean so can get to phone in pocket.  And why Santa already out?  Grouchy Santa too.  Don’t blame Santa bein’ grouchy in September.  Should still be sleepin’ or workin’ on toys, ‘stead of out in public so early.

Bought book once because of title.  “If I’d Killed Him When I Met Him, I’d Be Out Of Jail By Now” written by Sharon McCrumb.  First time read her books.  Bought it for title, then bought rest of books cause liked way she wrote.

Just fillin’ in space now, cause dreamin’ about more frittata and too early to eat more.  Guess since runnin’ on blank mind should just take nap.  Have eggy dream.  Ugh!  Now don’t want more frittata today.



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    • Oh, yeah. I guess I’ll have to break down and get a non-stick pan. Still have one serving left for tonight, but lots more veggies and eggs for another one.

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