Lookin’ At The World With New Perspective

Hay bales by SeedBud Had a good day today.  Picture of hay bales is by seedbud, a fellow blogger.  Reminds me of my days on the farm, cookin’ for the farm hands, quiltin’ in my spare time, pickin’ whatever was ripe in the garden and cannin’ or freezin’ it.  This time of year usually apples, pears, turnips, tomatoes, late beans, hull out beans.  Really loved the hull outs.  Took lots of time to do ’em, but boy howdee, were they good!!!.  Always tried to have lots of ’em in the freezer.  Better than the dried beans, and didn’t take as long to cook.

hay bale Found gigantic hay bale on FaceBook.  Tickled my fancy.   Could see Mike and Noah doin’ somethin’ like this.  Prob’ly Andrew too, if he was here.  Not sure how to make one that big, but they could do it if they tried.  ‘Specially Noah.  Really smart kid.Finally getting some sleep. Does fall asleep in odd places sometimes.  Kinda like his dad — real clown.

100_2430 Got good news about broken power chair while was waitin’ for elevator.  Phone rang while countin’ the flowers on wall.  Was lady from store ordered new chair from.  Medicare fin’ly approved new chair.  Maybe get it in two weeks.  Good thing.  Keep gettin’ stuck everywhere when seat turns but bottom stays in same position.  Did that when fin’ly got off elevator.  Funny thang on elevator.  Two people already on it.  Everybody forgot to push button, so went down to second floor, then back up.  Elevator full, so nobody else could get on.  Noticed no buttons pushed, so man pushed button for ground.  Stopped every floor, but nobody else could get on.  Just one skinny person.  Started backing out and bottom of chair got stuck on side of door while seat turned around.  Couldn’t make it go in any direction.  People all around, so fin’ly tole ’em to move back so could make chair move away from door.  Started laughin’ so took longer to move, but fin’ly got away an’ went outside.  Nice day in shade, but sun kinda hot.

Tole some frien’s about gettin’ new chair.  One of ’em said he got approved too, an’ was gettin’ his in a month.  Asked what was goin’ do with old chair.  Turned seat aroun’ an’ showed how broken it was, said pro’ly park it by garbage dump an’ hope they pick it up, or someone drive it off.  Dangerous to use.

Went to eye doctor for checkup.  Afraid have to do surgery on right eye.  Everythin’ zig zaggy in that eye.  Doc say it okay, hole in it still closed up and zig zag go away in time, maybe.  Hope so.  Thangs look funny there.  Doors all zig zaggy when go thru ’em.  Kinda funny when hit ’em.  Zig when they zag.  Like a game.

How crazy Thought I’d leave ya with a funny.  Really true funny.  Love actin’ crazy.  Makes people look at me funny.

Oh, yeah.  Had 40th anniversary of building today.  Lawn festival.  Didn’t get to go ’cause had to go to eye doc, but donated some ruffled scarves for country store.  Manager told me they were big hit when fin’ly got home ’bout 4:30.100_2283 Don’t know which ones gave them.  Prob’ly one of each color.  Made lots of ’em while havin’ MS relapse for ’bout 6 months.  Couldn’t do anythin’ else, so just finger knitted ruffled scarves.  Lots of fun but more than one person needs.

Have good night.



6 thoughts on “Lookin’ At The World With New Perspective

    • They told me about 2 weeks. I sure hope so, because the old one is just plain dangerous. Especially when the base keeps going straight and the seat swivels around in some other direction. I’m always afraid I’ll hit someone without knowing it.

  1. Those scarves are beautiful! I would love to learn how to make those! Also, I’m glad you’re going to be getting a new chair, finally! Woohoo! 🙂

    • The scarves are really easy to make. Go to my Pinterest site and check under Crafts. And I am still excited about the new chair. Maybe I’ll stop pulling the watermelons down the aisle now. That might stop all the fun I have at the grocery though.

      • I do enjoy hearing about your grocery store adventures…. I’m sure you’ll find other ways to amuse yourself/others lol. I’ll have to visit your pinterest site- tomorrow though i have an early day tomorrow (have to be to work by 6 am) so i’m signing off for the night now!

      • Oh, yeah, there are still the meat department, and canne goods displays they put in the middle of the asles for people like me to run into. I’ll find a way. And with the new chair I can probable get away a lot faster.

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