Pizza Or Stromboli?

That is the question.  100_2462 The recipe as remembered called for pizza crust, rolled out on bakin’ pan.  So stretched it out on pan ‘n put homemade sauce on top.

100_2463 Added pepperoni ‘n chorizo.  Still don’t know if goin’ be Stromboli or not.  Want Stromboli.  Just not sure if it will be


100_2464 Slicin’ onion and cryin’ tears of joy at fumes under glasses.  Maybe not joy.  Just tears from onion fumes.  Must be better way.  Food processor better way, but didn’t want get it down.  So, just slice and cry.  Lotta fun.

100_2465 Scattered veggies on top of stuff on dough.  Still not sure what will be.  Still want Stromboli.

100_2466 Look like enough cheese?  Love mozz, and can deal with parm now don’t have sense of smell.  Before lost smell couldn’t handle that one.  Gina and friend had cheese fight in pizza restaurant when in high school.  Had parm all over her.  No a/c in car.  Hot day.  Drove home smelling hot parm all way home.  Hated smell after that.  Had to leave restaurant when police came.

100_2467 Not so pretty, but decided to roll in Stromboli.  Guess too much everythin’ in it to make look pretty, but baked it anyway.  This time less would be more.  Love cheese though.

100_2468 Baked and cheese all melty.  Taste good.  Filled up quick quick.  Sauce came out, burned on pan.  Big sigh.  Have to clean pan.  Won’t be fun.  Lots of baked on sauce have to scrape off.  Cheese so good.  Be eating Stromboli all week.  Have to eat with knife and fork.  Can’t pick up like sandwich.  Don’t know if success or failure, but tastes good, so call it success.  Pan part disaster.  Take all night get clean.  Hate cleaning burnt on dishes.

Meanwhile, back at ranch, can see again.  Need new glasses, but eyes not dilated now.  Can focus, but things still zig zaggy.  Like closing left eye ‘n lookin’ at doorways.  Doesn’t take much to amuse me.

Entered contest on “Hooked On Crochet” blog.  Can’t remember what prize is.  Be nice to win though.  Think it’s book of crochet patterns.  Like to crochet and knit.  Got recipe for chocolate peanut butter cookies on Jess blog “Therapy Bread”.  Really like Jess, but she’s tryin’ to make me fat.  Have to make cookies though.  Only makes dozen, so can live with that.  Maybe just make two each day.

big cabbage Found picture on Facebook.  Wonder how much cabbage weighs?  Sure make lots of sauerkraut.  Or slaw.  And really big stuffed cabbage leaves.  Could put all of stuffing in one leaf.  Have to bring home with tractor though.  Don’t have tractor.  Call Mike and ask him bring tractor.  Store in bedroom.  Have to be small tractor for small apartment.  Wonder if could go to grocery on tractor?  Just knock whole watermelon bin over and squash ’em all.  Could reach things on top shelves on tractor.

Think done for day.  Gonna go read book til time to sleep.  Or maybe start scraping pan.  Yuck!  No, wait til morning.  Read book tonight.  “Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker” by Jennifer Chiavinerini.  Have all her books.  Love ’em.