I Had A Thought

Don’t worry, lost it again.  Found whisk though.  Sure wish could remember thought.  Seemed good at time.  Prob’ly ‘member it when tryin’ to sleep.

So other random thoughts.  ‘Member how talk ’bout countin’ flowers on wall while waitin’ for elevator?  Waitin’ for elevator today, noticed not flowers, curlicues.  Been countin’ curlicues all time an’ thought countin’ flowers.  Lot like when first rented apartment.  Mom asked what color carpet.  Tole her beige.  She fin’ly came to see it ‘n pointed out carpet blue.  Not color blind, jest don’ notice the small stuff.  Don’t look at carpet unless vacuumin’ an’ then jest to see if missed anythin’.  Don’ care what color carpet is.

Got burnt stuff off pan baked stromboli on.  Put bakin’ soda on then poured on vinegar.  Boy howdy, it sure did fizz.  All that mess jest fizzed up an’ disappeared.  Even got off other burnt on stains.  Almos’ look new now.  Guess hafta make somethin’ else now, see what other kinda mess we can make.

goldenrod by seedbud Goldenrod by seedbud.  KY state flower.  Instant sneeze machine.  Wish could sneeze.  Open sinuses up.  Almost comes then goes away.  Don’ like that.  Sneezin’s fun.  Not sneezin’ no fun.  Jus’ stop head up more.  Not fun.  Rather have fun.  Retired.  S’posed to have fun when retired.  S’posed to be golden years.  Can’t find gold.  Don’ think Kentucky ever have gold — just soft coal.  Can’t even make diamond with soft coal.

Wish could remember thought.  Bro would say “Can’t remember if I forgot that or not.” or somethin’ like that.  Thinks he’s funny, but remember when he was kid.  Always in trouble.  Then grew up ‘n got himself ordained priest.  ‘Magine that!  Troublemaker to trouble solver.  Even teaches at University now.  Highest IQ in high school history, but failed ‘most every class ’cause kept gettin’ bored.  Tole me once thought he would git good grades ’cause of last name.  Jist cause rest of us got good grades.  Hahaha.  Showed him thang or twenny.

2 squirrley Cuttin’ it short ’cause ah’m hongry!  So leavin’ you with warnin’ here.  If’n them squirrels git ya, don’ ya go a blamin’ me fer it.  Ya’ got yer warnin’ here.



3 thoughts on “I Had A Thought

    • It really gets things clean, and is also a great drain opener. I buy the vinegar by the gallon and get soda in the largest box I can find every time I go to the grocery. It also helped when I hit the shelf and knocked the box off and spilled it all over my hair. The vinegar I had to use to get it out of my hair made it feel so soft and clean. Love the stuff. Use the vinegar to soften clothes too.

      • LOL. What a happy accident for you then! I am glad to know that it works as a drain opener, I’ll have to give that a try! I have too much hair on my head and therefore shed in the tub so I could use that lol

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