Just Because

Expect nothingI’ve been doing some experimenting on this page tonight, clicking on buttons just to see what they did.  Some weird things have popped up, and I still don’t know what they are doing, but as the sign says, Expect Nothing & Appreciate Everything.  So, I’ll just continue writing and see what happens.  Why?  Just because.  That seems to  be the way I’m wired today.  And oh, my goodness, a lot of stuff just popped up at the bottom of the page.  I wonder if it will stay when I hit “Publish”?  I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

Is anyone wondering why the change in writing style?  Well, just because.  I guess because I can.  I did, after all, take a few courses in college, including English Lit.  So maybe I didn’t go for a degree, but I never really wanted a degree.  I wanted the American Dream.  A husband, a nice home, a dozen kids.  So I got the husband, who wasn’t exactly what I had expected him to be, got the house with a farm attached, and millions of termites eating away at it, and had five kids, three of whom lived.  And then, after 30 years, I got a divorce.  Why?  Just because.

Oh, yeah, I also got MS along the way.  I probably was pre-MS at sixteen when the headaches started, but since it’s so hard to diagnose, and no one knew anything about it then, I was a lot older when they finally got around to checking to see if I really had a brain.  By that time none of us were really sure they would find anything but empty space in my head.  Some days I think the empty space would have been better.  Why?  Just because.

100_2469 Remember when I said I was going to invest in a non-stick pan for making frittatas?  I did.  I won’t do a commercial for them, but I did buy it at Kmart, in their “As Seen On TV” section.  Based on how easily my warmed over stromboli slid out of the pan after spending some time in the oven today, it seems like a pretty good investment.  Even the baked on cheese slid out and really tasted good.  I love baked cheese.  Now I can make more of it.  Just think about sticking some mozzarella in that pan and sticking it in the oven for a few minutes to melt.  And once again, just because.

One of the best things about getting older is that you just don’t have to have a reason for the things you do.  Like being a kid again.  You do things just because you want to do them.  Just because it’s fun.  Like kicking your shoes off and wading in a puddle.  We’re having thunderstorms today, so that’s what reminded me of puddles.  They’re EVERYWHERE.  I think there was an air show this afternoon.  At least I hope so.  If not we were having some really weird thunder, but the clouds were so heavy that when I looked outside I couldn’t see any airplanes, so who knows?  I still want some good pictures of lightning.  Why?  Just because.

Positive energy So, for tonight, I’m wishing everyone lots of positive energy, and positive thoughts.  Why?  JUST BECAUSE!!!!