The Herd Mentality

100_2396 Well, couldn’ zactly find mah self a picture of a herd of cattle, so ah thought ah wuld show this picture of a herd of fish here at the old folks home.  Ya jist walk up ta the pond an’ they all come swimmin’ over ta see if’n yer gonna feed ’em.

It was kinda like that t’other day when ah got mah power chair hung up on the elevator door downstairs.  The door opened an’ ah was tryin’ ta back out an’ mah chair got hung up on the door.  Ever body else but one on the elevator got off, an’ she was holdin’ the door open fer the other people to git on, cause she was goin’ up an she got on the down elevator.  Ah’s tryin’ ta git the people ta back up an’ give me room ta git the chair unstuck from that there door, but one person got on that dern elevator and gosh dern it, ever body in the buildin’ tried to foller him.  Ah kept askin’ ’em ta please back up an’ give me some room so ah could git the chair off the doorway, but they acted like a buncha cows that got outta the pasture.  Ever gol’ darn one of ’em wanted on that elevator, an’ by golly, they intended to git on it rite then, even if it meant they would scoot me right back into the dang thing.  It took me a time and a time to finally git them outta the way so’s ah could fin’ly git off the door, an’ they weren’t goin’ any place any way with me in their way.

When ah lived out in the cuntry the cows usta git out an’ ah’d hafta chase ’em in almos’ ever day.  One person cain’t chase a herd of stupid cows.  They have a herd mentality.  One starts an’ the rest foller.  The fish in that pond do that.  The folks in this here old folks home do it too.  One person decided to go upstairs an’ alla rest follers.  An’ they all wanna go right now.  Not in five minnits, but RIGHT NOW!  An’ God help anybody in ther way.

End of rant.

100_2470 Yesterday ah decided to dehydrate some tomato sauce to make tomato leather.  Thought it might take me ’bout four to five hours.  Up all night baby sittin’ the blame stuff.  Had to rearrange trays cause some got more heat than others, an’ kep’ goin’ back’ards an for’ards checkin’ on it all night long.  Got the paper in ’bout 6:30 this mornin’ an’ checked it agin’ an’ fin’ly found some that was leathery.  ‘Bout noon it was all finished. 100_2473 This bowl is holdin’ four quarts of pasta sauce that’s been turned into pasta leather.  Tastes kinda peppery an’ salty, but not too bad.  Wonderin’ what ta do with it when Gina called me.  Figgered ah’d hafta jist eat it all, or drop it in pieces in soup, but she suggested ah try choppin’ it in itty bitty pieces an’ puttin’ it in mac ‘n cheese, an’ cornbread, an’ all kinda stuff like that.  Didn’t sent that girl ta college fer nothin’.  An’ now Ethan’s in college an’ jist took a big test an’ got a 98 on it.  Jist like his mom and dad.  Real smart like.

Had some computer trouble yesterday.  Think ah wrote a post, but disremember correctly, cause of computer bein’ so stubborn.  Fin’ly jist unplugged the dern thang, an’ unplugged it from the phone jack an’ left it settin’.  First thang ah wanted was throw it out the dang window, but couldn’t git the screen out, so jist let it set an’ contemplate its cantankerous attitude.

Old dirt road Ah ‘member one old dirt road in partic’lar. Mom & Pop's house This house stood at the end of it.  Mom and Pop Goetz’s house.  Ma paternal grandparents.  Ever body called ’em Mom ‘n Pop.  Even strangers called ’em that.  They had a dairy farm while they was livin’.  Mosta the cows was milked by machines, but somma the cows was Mom’s pets.  She always milked ’em by hand ever mornin’ an’ ever night.  Ah can ‘member goin’ out ta the milkin’ house with her an’ watchin’ her milk those cows.  Always smelled so good in there.  A sweet milky smell.  Ah remember a sour cherry tree in the chicken yard there.  Usta climb up in that ole tree an’ eat them cherries ‘fore the birds got to ’em.  Don’t think anybody else liked ’em all that much.  Ah know none a mah brothers or sisters like ’em.  Ah always liked the sour things.  Green apples, sour cherries, green tomatoes, almost any green kinda fruit.  Hadta have pucker power.  Ah could even eat a lemon.  Still can.

Well, more about that tamorrow.



4 thoughts on “The Herd Mentality

    • It really is delicious. One of my experiments that went right for a change. The next time I’ll remember to not overload the trays though and let it have a chance to dry a bit faster.

  1. I also really like tart things! Tomato leather?? As I said, I learn things from you everyday! I think adding bits of that to soups and things like mac and cheese is a wonderful idea!
    People aggravate me when they get that “cattle” mentality. Having working in a grocery store, they all seem to like to go to the check out at once too and then if I’m in the back working on something else I get called up to help cash because everyone has gone up at the same time to check out. I don’t get it. People! Have a mind of your own from time to time!!!

    • Yeah, and it’s really frustrating when they obviously can’t get anywhere unless they give people room to move, but they are so intent on crowding in or out of that one elevator that they don’t even notice the other one has come and gone back empty while they’ve penned me in trying to crowed in that one. I’ll never understand it. I’ve noticed that in grocery stores too. One register has a line half way to the back of the store, while the next one is empty, But everyone is following the person in the lead. So stupid, just like the cattle. No reason, except follow the leader.

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