Today’s Exercise In Futility

Really slept in today.  Early to bed las’ nite, then woke up when heard airplane flyin’ by ’bout 1:30 this afternoon.  Couldn’ believe ma eyes when looked at clock.  Had ta take another look after put glasses on.  Yep, same time.  Got up an’ got ma paper, sat down to read it.  Nothin’ much in there.  Checked obits to make sure ah’m still alive.  Name not in there, so figgered ah should git busy doin’ somthin’.

So, went to kitchen and pulled out dehydrater.  Been too long since ah used it.  Have new fruit roll sheets now, ‘n wanted ta use ’em.  Had some pasta sauce wanted to dry, jest ta see what would taste like.  Had nice picture to show, but was pushin’ buttons and lost it.  Ah’m real good at that.  It’s in thar somewhar but cain’t find way to git it out.  Jist ain’t mah day ah guess.

Sat down to read paper again, but still couldn’t find anythin’ interestin’.  Dehydrater makin’ noise, so came in to play with computer.  Computer decided to act up.  Hate fightin’ with it, so shut it down an’ went back, sat down an’ started to read book.  Got phone out of pocket to make phone call.  Phone dead.  Plugged in to recharge.  Nothin’ happened, so tried turnin’ it on.  Since ah never turn it off, ah way surprised when it turned on an’ was fully charged.  Don’ know how that happened, but it did.  Saw where had 8 voice mails.  Seven were static, last one tole me ah had package in office.  Really didn’t care ’bout package, so jist ignored message.  Go down tomorrow maybe, pick up mail an’ package if ah can fin’ monitor to git it for me.