What’s For Dinner?

Okay, so my apologies to all members of the Goetz family for my mistakes in the recent blogs.  But don’t feel bad.  I didn’t even get my own dad’s birth year correct.  And I really should have had Doris write the blog, because she is the family historian.  We need another reunion so I can get re-acquainted  with all of you.  I guess the one I owe the most apologies to is Mike Green.  Sorry cuz.  He’s Mary Ann’s son, NOT her brother-in-law.  Guess I was just hoping he was older than I am.

On to tonight.  100_2481 I put all this stuff in the crock pot last night.  Can’t remember what all is in there, so it’s a good thing I’m not a food blogger.   I basically just grab whatever is closest to me at the time and throw it in the pot.  Had it for brunch today, then went downstairs for a change of scenery.  100_2482 Well, here’s the after picture.  That’s before the change of scenery, but after last night.  Still with me?  Tasted pretty good, especially with a big mug of apple cider.

Okay, we’re downstairs now.  A few people were hanging out down there, talking about the end of the month money problems everyone here has, and some of them said something about not having enough food to get thru the weekend.  Soooooooooooo…..I guess you can see where this is going, right?  At least I now have some space in the refrigerator.  And I should explain that even though I’m trying to go green, I use paper plates because I’ve dropped all of my real plates and broken them.  Some of my train wreck moments when MS seizes my hands up.  So I try very hard to not use anything breakable, because I’ve broken so many dishes over the years, well, you know how that story could end.

So then, I was left with an empty crock pot, but a good feeling.  Checked in the fridge and found—wait for it—100_2474 some leftover chicken, which became pulled chicken.  Easier to swallow that way.  Mixed some barbecue sauce in it, but didn’t really want a sandwich, so—-

100_2475 sliced a tomato, 100_2476 an onion, 100_2477 some green stuff (I think it’s spinach), 100_2478 and made a cheesy buttermilk biscuit topping for it.  Baked it off and it’s yummy.  Ya’ know, I can’t remember now if I even used salt or pepper in there.  Probably some salt for the tomato, but not sure about in the biscuit topping.  Had to pop open a new bag of flour for that, and since I use regular flour I had to add the baking powder, then emptied a bag of grated cheese in the mix, and a baggie of buttermilk saved from my last venture in making butter, about three days ago.  Probably should have left it in the oven for a bit more browning, but what can I say?  I was hongry!!!!100_2480 I know, I know.  Shouldn’t have eaten such a large amount at night, but I’m still up, so it didn’t do me any harm.  Hummmm, is that cheese or unbaked biscuit dripping there?  I dunno.  No eggs in it so guess it doesn’t matter anyway.  Isn’t that line part of an old song?

Guess I gotta git.  Up all night last night fighting with my computer.  Then fighting with it most of the day, so I’m getting tired.  Have a good one.