Back With A Vengence

allergies As you can probably tell,  I’ve been nursing my allergies for a week or so.  Still have the darn headache, but I’m tired of letting it rule me.  I’m taking charge of my life again.  RIGHT NOW.   I really told my head that time, didn’t I???  Sure wish it would listen to me, just once.

I’ve been hangin’ in my recliner, since I really can’t lie down in bed, even though my bed will adjust up and down, like a hospital bed, but a really great looking one.  My thanks to my sis-n-law, Marcia, and her sis Susan for gifting me with that.  When my head clears I can get in that bed and raise my head up and adjust my legs up and even get a good massage while I read myself to sleep, but for some reason, when this head thing happens the only relief is the recliner.  Not really relief, but no pressure to try to sleep there.  And right now I’m really jazzed.  Been up about 70 hours now, have eaten maybe two meals, but didn’t really enjoy them ’cause I am having some swallowing probs right now, so I’m running on overdrive.  Later tonight it’ll probably be crash and burn.

spoonful This is the best medicine I’ve found for allergies.  Leave out the valium, and drink the bottle of vodka.  Of course the morning after wouldn’t be much fun.  I experienced that once in my life, but believe me, once was enough.  And I was stupid enough to do it on a week night, so had to go in to work the next morning a bit hung over.  My BFF and I called it an office party, meaning she had the key to her uncle’s office, where she happened to work, we got our hands on some very illegal (for us at 18) bottles of “likker”, and invited a couple of guys we knew to the party.  Apparently we left the office in a huge mess, because when I heard from her the next day she said there was a lot of cussing going on when she went in that morning, and the bag of ice we bought had melted all over the upstairs office floor, and some kinda leaked thru it onto her uncle’s desk. My only problem was trying to explain to my dad that night why I had to call him to come pick me up and take me home, because she had my car keys, since I was unable to drive.  She then took off with one of the guys, leaving me behind with the other one who wanted more than I wanted to deliver.  That was before I threw up on his shoes.  At that point he left too.

Oh, the memories of that night.  I think that was the night the headaches really started to bother me.  And I haven’t really touched a drop of alcohol since then.  And there’s a big blue bridge here in town that I’ve decided to sell while I’m at it.  It’s undergoing some construction at the moment — I think.  A barge rammed it during the spring or summer and it sorta broke.  I didn’t have anything to do with that though.  I read about that one in the paper.  I was here at home when that happened, happily destroying my own place.  The bridge was someone else’s train wreck.

sorry grandmaThey interrupted my headache today when they announced that Bingo had been cancelled tonight.  Really???  Like I care about bingo???  At least they didn’t try waking people up early to tell them about it.  When I first retired and could sleep in there was an announcement every morning at 8:30 telling everyone what was going on all day.  Thankfully they print out a calendar now, so that is unnecessary.  Now they only disturb my peace when they barge in to inspect for bugs or clutter.  I always pass on the bug inspection, but the clutter depends on whether I’ve fallen lately or not.  Fall in the kitchen — shelves are down and everything on the floor.  Living room?  Shelves down, everything on floor.  Bedroom?  Dresser overturned, or closet door shoved out of place and clothes on the floor.  Bathroom?  Not much to drop on the floor there.  Usually just hit my head on the wall or the tub, or the door.  Don keeps asking me if he’s going to have to pay to have some cracks in the wall repaired.  I’m pretty sure someone dropped him off on our back door steps.

Well, I have a date with a Netti Pot right now.  If you don’t know what that is, don’t ask.  I’m pretty sure you really don’t want to know.



5 thoughts on “Back With A Vengence

  1. Ugh. Sorry you’re feeling under the weather, I sure hope you feel better soon. Your “office party” certainly sounds like something humorous to look back on, although one you’ll never want to repeat!

    • You’ve got that right. The only time in my life I ever drank more than one drink a day. Lesson learned the hard way, and at an early age, but fun anyway.

      • Bahahaha. Probably if I had not already had an ongoing history of headaches it would have taken me longer, but the migraines and pre-MS stuff had started at 14, so by 18 I wasn’t willing to do anything to deliberately give myself another one like that. It was actually almost worse than the migrains, and they derailed me for months at a time.\


      • Yea, I don’t blame you! I don’t drink much anymore these days. I get enough calories from all this stuff i’m always baking!!! lol

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