Another Train Wreck

I decided to make more bread yesterday, but with a twist.  I got some rye flour at the grocery the last time I was there, so I added one cup of that to the bread dough.  I had been neglecting my sourdough starter for some time, but had fed it the day before, hoping it would be okay.  After proofing the dough for the day, I made the loaves from the strangely unrisen dough.  Since they were so small I just rolled them out for flatbread.  The results? 100_2486 Not exactly what I wanted, but it tastes okay.  I think maybe my sourdough starter died sometime when I neglected it.  But I do have some delicious rye flatbread, and can slice them and put some stuffing in them to toast for sandwiches.  With the fresh veggies I still have I have made some very tasty sandwiches, and especially love stuffing them with cheese and tomatoes with avocado.  Then a few minutes in my George Forman grill to melt the cheese and heat everything up and just enjoy.  But no more sourdough.  May it rest in peace.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned that I have had trouble with my television.  It was old, and something inside was not connected anymore.  The picture would blink on for a second and then off for a second.  Not much fun to watch, but I usually turn it on for background noise while I’m cooking or knitting, so it didn’t bother me all that much.  Well, to make a long story short, when I went down to get my mail a couple of days ago, a friend was down there with a TV that someone gave him and he didn’t need, so he was giving it away.  I told him I needed a TV, so he brought it up to my apartment and set it on the floor.  Since he has a bad back he was unable to hook it up for me, so I called Mike.  While I was waiting for him to come I decided to take the old one out of the entertainment center so I could hook the newer one up on the floor just to see if it worked.  Well…..100_2487 I got it out—sorta.  I heard a lot of noises when it hit the deck, but at least everything was contained in the set.  After unhooking it, I shoved it across the room and nothing came out of it, so I was pretty sure the screen hadn’t broken.  Then I started shoving the “new” one over so I could hook it up100_2488 I didn’t try to life it up to the entertainment center….well, actually, I did try, but realized I needed a few more muscle power to do it.  So I plugged it in and hooked it to the cable, and turned it on.  Finally got the picture going, and was sitting up watching when Mike and Janette came in.  I had even dusted the shelf where it was going, because after almost eleven years it had gathered a lot of dust.  You just don’t pull those beasts out and dust under them unless you are a lot stronger than I am.

So, Mike came back to take the old set out, and brought me two cases of P.F. Chang Sweet and Sour Frozen Chicken meals.  He works at the place that packages them and they were giving some away to the employees, so he got three cases, and only kept one for himself.  Janette and Noah don’t like it much, so Mike is the only one who eats it, so I’m the lucky person who gets the excess.  I love sweet and sour chicken, and luckily I had room for the packages in my freezer.  I did keep one out for dinner last night and today.  Didn’t think about making rice last night, but will make some tonight, and use the leftover rice for fried rice later.  That will be great with my sugar snap peas from my farm delivery.  I’ve been snacking on them, but now am thinking I should use the rest in a stir fry, but they will be good in fried rice too.

We have a thunderstorm moving in right now, and tomorrow they say we will be having rain all day.  Sounds like a perfect day to read a book and eat some apples dipped in peanut butter.  Also going to make some apple and sweet potato sauce, just to see if it is as good as it sounds.  Already have some in the fridge so I can just use the immersion blender to make the sauce.  And, of course, hope I won’t be flinging it all over the kitchen.  For some reason every time I use the immersion blender everything flies out of the container and paints the walls and ceiling and whatever I’m wearing at the time.

Guess I’d better git.  The thunder sounds like it’s getting closer, so I don’t want to be close to electronics if lightning hits the place.  Think that would really smart.



4 thoughts on “Another Train Wreck

  1. They are delicious, but when I looked at the photo again it looked a bit obscene. I do have a recipe to make a new starter, so at least all is not lost, but I have had the first one going for so long I hate that it died. And all because of a stupid allergy attack!

  2. Angie! I liked your post about your peanut butter concoctions and thought to read the next post you had! Well I really like your style of writing, it’s like you are talking to your readers personally! I loved the photos, you can read the story and see the photos, it’s almost like you are visiting with your readers! I look forward to reading more posts! BTW–your flat breads looks scrumptious! 🙂

    • Thanks Kim, I’m glad you enjoy them. In a way, I think I am talking to my readers. Or maybe to myself, LOL. It’s like my daily journey through life, even though there are some days I have to skip because of health issues, or my need to kick the computer when it doesn’t cooperate with me. But…that’s a whole nother story.

  3. What adventures you have. Sorry your sourdough starter died. I have killed mine before too lol, and am trying to to repeat that! Your flatbreads sound/look delicious anyhow!

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