Blue Skies–OUCH–And Where’s The Jack?

After a horrendous night of alarm sirens going off every time I shut my eyes, five inches of rain (according to my mom’s rain gauge) and thunder and lightning that rocked the building, we now have blue skies and cooler weather here.autumn trees  Hopefully, that means a night of undisturbed sleep tonight.  Last night I was considering just making a bed in the bathtub and trying to get comfortable there, but after thinking it over, I realized I would need some emergency help to get out of the tub if I were actually  able to fall asleep in there.  The tub is  short and I’m not as nimble as I was when I was twenty.

So today, I snoozed my way thru the paper, then decided to fix a brunch and a dinner casserole at the same time.  My brunch item was inspired by a recipe posted by Jess in her Therapy Bread blog.  She had made some cranberry applesauce, but since I didn’t have cranberries, I substituted sweet potatoes.  It made sense to me at the time.  I know, they have nothing in common, except they both taste good with apples.  Plus I already had some leftover in the fridge.  So I got my immersion blender out  and for the first time ever, didn’t fling everything over the walls and ceiling with it.  I must be learning how to use it. 100_2489 It looks and tastes more like a butter than a sauce, but it’s great on toast, and that’s all I wanted it to be, so i’m happy.







2 thoughts on “Blue Skies–OUCH–And Where’s The Jack?

    • Thanks Kim. It’s a wonderful casserole, and even better with the right cheese, but the substitution worked out okay. For me, anything with lots of cheese is a winner.

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