Oops, Another Train Wreck

versatile-blogger-awarddidn’t take a picture of it, since I was standing in a puddle of vinegar and broken glass, but this morning I dropped a jar of pickled veggies.  And as I just said, the jar broke, and I hate to wear shoes. The broom was close so I grabbed it and started sweeping up broken glass so I could move around a little bit, but all I could do about my now smelly socks was take them off and dump them in the sink to try to rinse any glass out of them.  Been a little bit afraid to go back in the kitchen, but at least I got the vinegar mopped up too before I left it.  It was almost traumatizing, because I really wanted some of those veggies to snack on.

The last time I dropped something glass when taking it out of the fridge was the night I took out a banana pudding I had been looking forward to all day.  But I was so good all day, not even taking the top off the dish to peek at it.  The time finally came to have dessert that night, and I got the dish of pudding out of the fridge.  One irritating thing about MS is that it sometimes makes your hands and fingers tingle and freeze up.  And when that happens, you drop whatever is in those hands.  Yep!  My entire, untasted, longed for, waited for, much desired banana pudding hit the floor and shattered everywhere.  Now THAT is a real headache to clean up.  A lot of glass, sticky pudding, and no shoes.  I had to walk carefully over to the garbage container and grab it and a roll of paper towels and start scooping.  An hour and three moppings later the floor was clear of glass, but it still felt sticky.  By that time though I didn’t really care, just climbed in bed still fully clothed and went to sleep.

When I woke the next morning and went to the shower I noticed my left sock was extremely bloody.  And the big toe was tender when I touched it.  When I took the sock off a huge shard of glass was imbedded in my toe, and banana pudding was covering the glass.   Oooo-kaaayyy.  Removed the glass and it started bleeding again.  So just got in the shower and stayed there until it stopped bleeding, then got out, dressed the wound with antibiotic cream and a heavy-duty bandage, clean socks, and got dressed for the day.  Went to the fridge to look for something for breakfast, and the floor still felt sticky.  Mopped it again at least three more times, chowed down on cold cereal, and then just sat down to read a book.  And dream about the banana pudding that wasn’t.

Ya know, I don’t think I’ve made one since then.  Probably time to try it again, but this time put it in something plastic with a lid.

So far, I’ve broken three sets of dishes, more jars of pickles than I can remember, a couple of glass casserole dishes, every glass I owned.  Would love to go green in all things, but when it comes to breakable stuff I have to use paper or plastic.  My only consolation on the dishes is that usually I break them before they are washed, so at least I didn’t have the heartbreak of washing them first and then breaking them.

Was up all last night making a fruit rollup in the dehydrator.  I really didn’t think it would take that long, since I spread it all thin, but it dried at different levels, so I had to keep checking it and breaking apart the dry stuff and letting the still runny part keep drying.  Of course, I had to sample a bite each time, and it’s pretty darn good.  I’ll have to come up with more rollup ideas, because they make great snacks.  I have a lot of fruit in the freezer that can be pureed for a base, but as soon as I do that I’ll want the fruit for some other reason.  That will take some thought, because if I don’t use it for rollups I’ll forget I have it and not use it at all.  I should make lists, but then I lose the lists, so that won’t work.  Okay, I’m a reasonably intelligent person.  I’ll get it figured out some way.

Gotta go now and take out the garbage.  Cutoff time for that is ten p.m. so I’m cutting it short, but with my broken jar of veggies in there I do have to get it out of the kitchen tonight.  Y’all take care now.  Next time I’ll try to have my camera around my neck so I can get a picture of my pretty socks standing in the mess.



12 thoughts on “Oops, Another Train Wreck

  1. Unfortunately I now have a complete set of teeth I take out at night and put in a jar. I sometimes wish I still had all the money I’ve given the dentist over the years. I would be a very rich person. Instead, he is a very riich person, and I live in poverty. But he did work on my car several times when I was there for checkups, so that saved me money on repairs, so I guess it all worked out in the end.

    And what do you mean, fortunately? Sisters are great! I have two of them. And four brothers. Now that I think about it, my brothers are all a lot nicer these days than my sisters. The youngest sis is okay, but the one in the middle is a bitch. Probably shouldn’t say that, but facts are facts. She even defriended me on facebook. Oh, well, nothing to break a sweat over.

  2. Hey I’ve lived in the country too, one foot has more feeling than the other !

    I’ve got another battle scar from skinny dipping/skimming stones, another kid threw a stone at the water and hit my head.

    Glass doesn’t seem to have made it’s way out, so not sure, maybe it’ll appear sometime in the future !

    We seem to recover these minor injuries, but they are unpleasant at the time.


    Don Charisma dotorg & dotcom

    • I have a permanent scar on my right arm from playing see-saw with my older brother across a barbed wire fence. He held me up until I fell off and cut my arm open from wrist to shoulder. My mom just ripped an old sheet up and poured horse linement on it and wrapped my arm up. No stitches, just a big scar that will be with me the rest of my life. Big brothers are okay when we grow up, but back then he was a pain in the butt.

      • Barbed wire is some nasty shit, have a 1 inch scar on my left palm from grabbing a line of barbed wire to stop me falling over. Lesson learn’t, probably better to fall over than use barbed wire for stability.

        Country folk certainly are tough, massive cut, oh, just pour some linement and bandage with old sheet !

        And little sister’s are just as much of a pain, even after they grow up LOL Mine got injured with a golf club as the result of standing behind me when I was “playing” golf. Lesson learn’t don’t play golf with your little sister, standing behind you.


        Don Charisma dotorg & dotcom

      • Hey, big brothers are a pain too. Mine burned our uncle’s barn down when he was showing me how cinder blocks wouldn’t burn. The block didn’t burn, but the hay and the barn sure did. At least he was nice enough to grab my hand and pull me out of the barn before the fire got out of control. Selective memory prevents me from remembering if I was punished with him, so I’m going to believe I wasn’t, in this case. He also fed me a mud pie, telling me it was chocolate pie. And cut my hair under a street light before we moved to the country. I could go on for years about all the things he did to me, but he’s nicer now, so I only “remember” those things when he teases me these days.

      • Didn’t you know, all older brothers are pyromaniacs! I think we do out best looking after our younger siblings, but they often don’t see that. I’m sure you’ll have learn’t a valuable lesson with the barn. Your older brother a hero saved you from the fire and your teacher, taught you not to play with fire, especially in a hay barn:) Oh and taught you cinder blocks don’t burn ! Cheers Don Charisma dotorg & dotcom

      • I’ll just bet you have some younger sisters, right? Did you ever put a sheet over her head and chase her around the house until she tripped over the furniture and knocked a front baby tooth out by the root? And I was 16 before it grew back in. Can you even imagine teething when you’re 16 years old and just starting to really get seriously involved with a guy, and a new tooth starts growing in? He was an evil beast back then. I do have to say that he had improved with age though, just like fine wine.

      • Only got one thankfully, more than enough. I had the bottom front 4 teeth missing from a baby and one of the uppers the same, so entirely know what missing teeth are like, lived virtually my whole life without, does affect one’s life a lot. Finally last year managed to get them fixed (very expensive), 3 implants and 24 crowns later I now have reasonably normal teeth !

  3. Hey Angie, I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with broken glass, think there’s even maybe a bit still embedded in the top of my head after I got accidentally “glassed” at a Christmas party … long story, but I was leaning down to talk to someone shorter than me on the edge of the dancefloor, when some overenthusiastic dancer bashed my elbow forcing the wineglass to collide with my head !

    What’s the deal with the no shoes? I always wear flip-flops at home (even with socks!)


    Don Charisma dotorg & dotcom

    • Hey, I’m a country gal. We don’t wear shoes unless we are going to the store or to church. I wouldn’t even wear socks if my feet weren’t cold. Actually, I have no feeling in my feet, which is why I didn’t notice the glass until morning, but when I touch them they are icy so I do wear socks. Flip flops wouldn’t have helped in this situation though, since the pudding was all over me. Sticky stuff.

      My son had a pebble embedded in his nose for years after skinny dipping in a pond when they were baling hay. He dived in and scraped the bottom of the pond, and came home with a nosebleed, but we didn’t pay much attention to it because he had ’em all the time. When he was 16 he came home from school and asked me to check out a bump on the side of his nose that a classmate noticed that day. I reached up to touch it and the pebble fell out in my hand. Freakout time.

  4. I’ve stopped having glass containers around the house, coz I break so much stuff. I don’t have MS though, I’m just clumsy! But I admire your fortitude in keeping a happy outlook toward life.

    • I thought I was just clumsy for so many years, then found out I was really as graceful as a ballerina, just have MS, so now I blame that for everything that happens, LOL. I even tell my sibs that while they are getting older and forgetful, that will never happen to me because of the MS. If I have to have it I might as well take advantage of it when it hits, right? And unless it is acting up, things can really be funny. But I do try to use plastic and paper instead of glass now, as much as I hate that.

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