It Started With A Frittata

Last night I was reading Therapy Bread, by Jess, and she was giving the recipe for a frittata she had made.  I had been thinking all day about frittatas, so naturally, I just had to make one today.  Also, a friend from downstairs brought me a bag of jalepenos that I wanted to start using.  And then there was the spaghetti squash in the fridge I hadn’t used yet. Soooo…100_2507 I cut the squash up and stuck it in the oven to roast.  At the time I really needed a power saw, because that sucker was really tough to cut open.  Took a lot out of me just to jam my knife through it.  Fortunately all my fingers are still intact, but one of them was nicked just a bit.

While the squash was roasting, I got out a plasti bowl to hold the strands of squash after it was shredded, and guess what?  Sometimes plastic breaks. 100_2506 Just a small train wreck, but I really liked that bowl.  It was the perfect size for holding almost everything I made.  Oh, well, guess it’s time was up today.

100_2509 Fried my bacon pieces first, then threw all of the chopped veggies in the NON-stick pan with the tasty bacon drippin’s to soften them up.  Then beat the eggs, some buttermilk, added Italian blend and Feta cheese, and some of the shredded squash, and cooked til set on the bottom, then put in the oven to finish off, and the outcome was delicious. 100_2510 It slid right out onto the plate, and tasted so good it made me want to slap my — well, nothing actually.  I live alone, so there was no one here to slap except myself, and I didn’t want to do that.

So…almost as soon as I finished my brunch, an announcement came over the PA system telling us some high school kids from Apollo were in the Activities room selling barbecue chickens.  We all know how I feel about barbecue chickens, so I grabbed the walker and went down to get one, and decided to pick up the mail while I was there.  Hadn’t checked my mail for a few days, because of my darn sinuses, so the box was full, but when I got back home and opened the box of chicken, oooo, how beautiful.100_2513Naturally, I had to taste it, just to make sure it met my standards.  Not the Blandford type, but still okay.  I’ll keep it, and find a use for it, like stuffing my mouth with it.  Some will be shredded for tacos, or salad, or one of hundreds of recipes I have for chicken, but I’ll definitely eat all of the skin.  I know, that’s where the bad stuff is, but that’s also where the flavor is.

While I was down there I also ran into a clown.  It’s a bit early to be dressing up for Halloween, but there she was. 100_2512 She actually lived directly above me, and was telling me about how she lost her nose when she first went down.  One of the guys down there chased it down for her and brought it back.  I got another photo of her giving the peace sign with the gloves on, but it didn’t show up as well, so she slipped her fingers out and gave it without the gloves.  I promise, those are her first two fingers.   She would never flip anyone the bird.





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  1. I am sorry about your plastic bowl but I did enjoy the way you included that in the post and let us know that yes, sometimes plastic breaks. I recently broke a big mug that I really liked and I was sad because it was one of my favorites.

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