CLEANUP: Electronics, Housewares, etc

Yep, I went shopping again today.  First to the grocery, where I forgot half the stuff I wanted because my list was next to my recliner at home.  I don’t know why I bother making lists.  They never seem to go with me when I leave the apartment.

Since the watermelon season is over, I kinda got my chair hooked on the display of pears.  That just wasn’t pretty at all, because they weren’t exactly in a bin like the watermelons.  I don’t know if anyone saw me speeding away from the scene of the train wreck or not, but I sure got out of there, and was innocently loading up on collards and celery when they came to clean up the mess of bruised pears.   Got stuck on the banana bin, but managed to get loose from that without any disasters,  Why do I always leave my camera at home when I go shopping?  I could get some really great photos of people getting out of my way, and the ones cleaning up after I’ve moved on.

At least I made sure to get three blocks of Monterey Jack cheese this time.   Looked for buckwheat flour, but they didn’t have it.  Had buckwheat pancake mix, but I didn’t want to make pancakes, I want to make some buckwheat fry bread.  Had to order the flour from Amazon, so it will be a week before I get it.

Got home and had to power up my chair again before heading out to K-Mart.  Needed a smaller pair of jeans, and a black ink cartridge.  After I got the ink cartridge I looked thru some old movies to see if any of them looked like something I would want.  Guess what got knocked over in electronics?  Uh-huh.  Kinda hard to maneuver around a bunch of DVD’s in a power chair, but I don’t think anything had incriminating tire marks on them.  One good thing about our K-Mart is that they are extremely understaffed.  I think a person coud die in there and not be found for weeks, because you can never find a salesperson when you need help for anything.

Always have to check out what’s on clearance in housewares there.  Found some knives, a garlic press, a fruit corer (for the pears and apples I’ll be getting tomorrow), some oven gloves to replace the ones I’ve burned holes in, kitchen shears.  I think that might be it.  Then had to sit in line for close to an hour because they only had two checkouts open.  Typical.  Got hung up in the magazine section, but since they didn’t have the craft ‘zines, I really didn’t care if I upset anything there.  Ooh, almost forgot the really cute hat I found.  And on sale, too.  Black and white tweed with a cute rosette on the side.  Around here they call me the “hat woman”.  As long as they can’t see the butcher job I do on my hair I’m golden with that name.

When I got everything put away I sat for a while, then started my nightly fight with the computer.  One of us has to go, and it won’t be me.Crazy woman Just substitute “computer” for “man” in that pic and you’ll just about have it.  It won’t be long until this piece of s*** and I will be sharing a couch in a therapists office.  And just maybe I’ll drop it somewhere along the way.  I like the monitor okay.  I even cleaned it a few days ago.  Actually I clean it more often than I clean my glasses, which probably is why I can’t see all that well most of the time.

I’ve completely lost my train of thought here, so it must be time for bed.  Yeah, the clock says 11:8 p.m. so it’s time to start winding down.  About half an hour of Solitaire should do it.  y’all have a good one, okay?