Bountiful Tuesday

Today I got my next to last delivery from Cecil Farms for this year.  Such a bounty! 100_2515 More collard greens, which I have discovered I am in love with.  I just wish I had written down the recipe I used to make the first batch.  But I do remember starting out with a can of beer, so tonight when I start them in my crock pot, the first thing in, after the liner, will be a can of beer.  There are also apples, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cabbage and tomatoes in the group of goodies.  When supplemented with yesterday’s purchases at the grocery I’m all set for a few days of fun cooking and eating, not to mention making apple and pear butter, and then taking the waste parts of each of them and trying out a vinegar making experiment.

100_2516 Doesn’t this make a lovely bouquet?  Tomorrow I’ll start eating them.  I don’t have a ham hock, but I do have bacon and country ham, so I’ll use one of those with the collards for flavor.  I also have some ham flavored granules in the cabinet that I might add, just for the heck of it.  I know  I put an onion in the first batch, because I put onions in everything.  So I’ll be chopping an onion later tonight, and it won’t be real cooking without some garlic.  And several snips of my tomato leather.  Guess I’ll have to just make up the rest of it as I go along, and hope for the best.

100_2517 This is all the produce from today and yesterday, after I gave it a swim in the sink.  I took some huge outer leaves off the cabbage that I might try to stuff, but not really sure about that.  Might just do my unstuffed cabbage casserole again with that.  Or, I just might try making kraut.  I’m still debating that one, because of the limitations of this apartment.  It’s not much larger than my mom’s pantry, so any fumes from fermenting cabbage could do a number on everyone on the floor.  There will definitely be a chicken and broccoli casserole in the future, but for right now the broccoli will probably be frozen.  I got the green tomatoes at the grocery for frying, and the celery and bananas to eat with peanut butter.  Forgot to buy another jar of peanut butter, but it isn’t all that far to Krogers.

Have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning.  I must have made it in my sleep, because I hate morning appointments.  But Medicare took so long approving my new power chair that the time limit on the order for a new one ran out, so now I have to go back and see the doctor again for another mobility check, which means I will have to try to walk unassisted down a thirty foot hall.  Right now I can’t walk unassisted from my computer to my bed, which is about three feet away, so I do hope they will have someone there to break the fall so I won’t get another concussion.  They hurt, and I just don’t have time for that right now.  I have to clean out my fridge so I can find room for all the new stuff.

Irene came in to clean today, and I warned her about dropping the jar of pickled veggies a few days ago.  I had swept and mopped the floor, but she still found some glass I had missed and the floor was still sticky.  She mopped it again, but it’s still a bit sticky, so I guess it will be another episode like the one when I dropped the banana pudding.  No amount of mopping will ever get all the sticky feeling up.

anger managementBeen fighting with my computer again, so this looked like the perfect way to end this post.  Tomorrow I’ll be blogging about bread, the staff of life, and oh, so good with homemade butter.  ‘Specially while the bread is still hot and the butter melts into it and….just come back tomorrow and I’ll show you.  Unless, of course, I fall at the doc’s office and get another concussion.  Then I’ll just be nursing a major headache and saying some bad words.