Out And About

Home made macaroni and cheese, with some dried...

Home made macaroni and cheese, with some dried herbs and grounded pepper. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went out today!!!  Major event in my life lately.  A friend called and asked if I wanted to go out to lunch, and of course I did.  So out we went.  Still having swallowing problems, so when she asked where I wanted to go, I told her it had to be some place where I could get soup.  But since I’m basically all souped out, I wanted more than just soup, so we settled on Shoney’s buffet.  Potato soup, mashed potatoes with gravy, mac and cheese, meatloaf, and pasta with tomatoes.  Doesn’t sound like much of a treat probably, but to me it was.  There were a lot of other things on the buffet, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to swallow them, so I just grabbed the things I knew would go down easily, and felt like I was dining like a queen.  And I didn’t have to cook it myself, and then blend it before I could eat it.  Sheer bliss.

After lunch we went to JoAnns so I could get some yarn to contrast with what I got for my afghan.  Well, I took a photo of it, but for some reason my computer doesn’t seem to like my blog spot, so I’ll just have to tell you, the colors I chose were a purplish shade, a blue, and a sage green.  Just to make sure they would match, I took the four rows of the afghan I had already crocheted with me, and am delighted that now I can make it look really great.  Now I’ll just have to battle the computer again for a while so I can put the photos back in the blog.

By the time I had the yarn I was ready to come home and chill for a few hours.  Very tiring, to say the least.  I used my walker — YEA!!!!  Since they don’t seem to be in any hurry to get my new power chair, I will have to use the walker more and pray for the best.  For now, I have enough yarn to make the afghan and keep busy for a month or two.  It’s also time to begin making my Christmas cards and ornaments.

When Anika visited me in October, we went across the street and picked up a bag of pine cones that had fallen from the trees there, so now I can begin decorating them.  I really wish Anika was here to help me with that.  She has more talent in her little finger than I have in my entire body.  In case you have forgotten, Anika is my granddaughter, my daughter, Gina’s only daughter.  She’s the sweetest teenager in the world, and I can’t imagine life without her in it.  To say the least, I love that child to death, and wish she lived closer so I could see her more often.  All four of them, for that matter.  Gina and Bill have done such a great job raising them.

Okay, my day didn’t exactly start out so well.  I got out of my recliner this morning and before I knew what was happening I was on the floor, wedged between the chair and the shelves next to the chair that I keep everything I will need close to me so they will be easy to get to.  The trash box was in my lap and the ruffled cowls and scarves from the top were decorating my head and face, all of my papers, my Nook, and everything else I use every day, plus the shelves from the unit were/are now decorating the floor.  And I was just sitting there laughing my head off at how ridiculous it would look if anyone walked in at that moment and saw me cuddling the trash box that way.

I kept trying to get back up, but was laughing so hard that every time I would try to pull myself up my butt kissed the floor again.  Finally made it back to the chair, where I just collapsed, still laughing, and too exhausted to pick anything up.  So, the mess is still there waiting for tomorrow, my butt is bruised, but I am still laughing at it, and so glad no one walked in and saw me there.