Another Train Wrecked Day

100_2544 It all started when I made the huge mistake of getting out of my recliner.   I have

I mean, I had some shelves next to my recliner where I kept a lot of things I work on at different times.  Also there were my Nooks (I have two of them) some candy bars, fudge, a pile of recipes that I plan to put in notebooks, yarn, just everything I need at my side for when I want to use it.  So back to getting up.  My body got up but my brain decided it didn’t want to, so suddenly I found myself on my butt, wedged between the shelves and the recliner with the trash can cradled in my lap.  Don’t even ask.  I have no idea how it happened, but as soon as I realized what anyone would see if they walked in at that moment, I started laughing.  I mean, really, how did I manage to get the trash can in my lap?  I absolutely don’t know, but it just struck me as so funny that all I could do was laugh.  I tried about three times to get back up, and each time ended up falling again.  I finally realized I would have to stop laughing so hard and focus on grabbing hold of the chair to get back in it.  Mission finally accomplished, but when I sat down in the recliner I still had the trash can cuddled in my lap.  So…more laughter.  If anyone had walked in at that point I would probably be off to the funny farm now.

100_2542 Finally got up and went to the kitchen to get something to eat.  Managed to knock this stuff off the counter while trying to get a fork out of the drawer.  Now someone just tell me that doesn’t take a special kind of talent.

100_2548 After all the trouble of getting the fork and a serving spoon out of the drawer, I got my casserole out of the fridge.  And PLOP!  Lunner hit the floor.  As tempting as it was to grab a chicken thigh from the top, I resisted, grabbed the paper towels instead, and cleaned it up.  Stomach growling all the time, and me almost crying because I really wanted some of that casserole.  Well, it was good yesterday when I first tried it.

100_2549 To add insult to injury, I opened the fridge again and my container of apples, cranberries and sweet potatoes fell out, and the plastic container broke.  Of course it had to.  It was one of my favorites.  This time I had to use more paper towels and then a mop to get the sticky stuff up.  It still feels sticky, but I may have to throw some sand or something like that to get the sticky off.  Or maybe cornmeal, since I don’t have any sand.  Hummm, I wonder if I could build a sandbox in my bedroom?  Nah.  I want to turn it into a container garden.  Maybe put some grow lights in the ceiling light, and plant some herbs and stack them around in here.  I could leave room to get to the computer, now that it’s working again.  Had to call the techy guy to get the blog to work.  He fixed it for me.  Something about a broken link.  Whatever.  It seems to be doing okay right now.  Guess I’ll know more when I try to post this.

Anyway, back at the ranch, the therapy person came again and we walked down the hall.  My camera was in the little carrier under the seat of the walker, and I went all the way to the floor to ceiling window on the end.  You have no idea how hard that was for me, because I have a horrible fear of heights.  But when we got there I looked out and saw all the trees in town, so I pulled out the camera. 100_2545 100_2547 I once heard Owensboro referred to as the city of trees, and looking out that window I can see why.  Of course we’re also known for our barbecue.  But this time of year, I prefer the fall colors, so I’ll leave you with them.  No train wrecks outside the big window.