My Incredible Mr. Fix-it Son, Mike

Mike 2013 Not only handsome, but so talented when it comes to fixing things, especially things that I was told by the so called experts, couldn’t be fixed.  I called Mike yesterday and asked him if he could take me everlastingly frustrating power chair out to the farm and weld it together, so it would stop spinning me around all the time, and causing me to get motion sickness, when I was actually not supposed to be in motion.  So, today, Mike came in with his toolbox.  I wish I had thought to get the camera out immediately.  He took the seat off the chair, and started looking things over.

100_2550 I didn’t even know the back would come forward like this, but I trust Mike.  I didn’t get the pic of when the seat was removed from the base of the chair, but I sure wish I had.

100_2551 Reaching into his handy tool box, where he keeps everything he will ever need I think.

100_2552 Surveying the chair, to see what more it needs.

100_2553 Doing something with the control thingy that is supposed to keep the seat from moving around.

Okay, after he had the seat off, the first thing he found was that a part of it was on backwards.  Hummm.  The experts never bothered to look at that.  They just told me a piece was missing and it couldn’t be fixed.  Mike turned the backwards part around to the correct way, then discovered the “missing” piece was a 75 cent spring.  He went out to a hardware store, got the spring, brought it back and put in on.  Voila!  Fixed.  Isn’t he brilliant?  I’ve always known that, but since he’s as goofy as I am a lot of people don’t appreciate that fact.

So now, I can get out and about again without being afraid of accidents.  I still want the new chair, because the batteries need to be replaced on this one and it will be cheaper to get a new chair than to replace the batteries — I think.  But since Medicare is dragging their feet on it for so long, I’m not so worried about it now.  And of course, now it’s so cold outside I’m not sure I want to go out all that much.

I’m sure I’ll still be able to have lots of fun in the grocery with the chair, since even Mike can’t improve my driving skills, but at least now when I get hung on a bin of something I’ll be facing toward the front instead of the side.  Which may or may not be a good thing.  I keep wondering how difficult it will be to get unhung when I’m facing the same way as the chair.  That could definitely be a good funny.  I’ll keep you posted on that one, when I get the courage to brave the cold and go out again.

That could be tomorrow, because I want some gouda cheese for a recipe I found online.  If I made every recipe I find I wouldn’t fit in the building, not to mention my apartment door.  But they all look so good.  And this one is for fried cheese with spicy jam.  Now who could pass on fried cheese?  The recipe calls for gouda, but I might try it with some other type of cheese.  I’ll have to look over the selection and pick out what looks good.  I’m also thinking about soup.  Some good, hot, creamy soup.  And a grilled cheese sandwich to go with it.  Hungry yet?  Good.  Tune in tomorrow.