Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch

Last night, after freezing for so many weeks because I still can’t believe it’s November, I finally gave up and dragged my heavy sweaters and sweatshirts out and took them down to the laundry room to freshen them up for the winter.  The only thing I hate worse than washing clothes is washing dishes.  So it was after midnight, I was shivering my timbers, whatever that means, and just HAD to have some warm, thick tops to wear.

100_2554 I only used two of the machines, because the shirts were so heavy I could only take enough down in one trip to fill two machines.  I didn’t think about taking the photos until the machines were already going, and I was sitting down, eating a cherry cheesecake from the machine in the laundry room, and playing solitaire on my Nook, so I just zoomed in on the machines from across the room.  The machines are new, and half the time they flood the room, so I was keeping half an eye on the floor to see if I would be wading or looking around for material to build an ark, while waiting the twenty minutes for the wash to finish.

100_2555 First load finished and ready to go into the dryer.  I know.  Even though I sorted the clothes, the red sweater got in with the light colors, but at least it didn’t run and spoil the lighter tops.  I stuck it in one of the top dryers (if I use a bottom one I end up on my own bottom) and started the cycle.  By that time the second washer had stopped, so I got the darks out. 100_2556 Can anyone tell me why I always have some tissues in a pocket of the dark clothes?  I know I should always check the pockets, but for some reason, when I didn’t find anything in the pockets of the light ones, I just didn’t check the dark ones.  So naturally, every pocket had a wad of tissues in it.  I pulled out what I could, then just threw them all in the other top dryer and just let it try to remove the rest.  Mostly it just dried the tissues to the clothes, but at least they were easier to pick off after that.

100_2557 My money card, which I almost forgot to remember to put back in my purse.  The first one is free, a replacement one cost $4, plus the money that is left on the original card, and I had just loaded it up with enough money to last a couple of months.  Now that would have added insult to injury in my book.  Bad enough to have to drag the laundry down to the ground floor from the sixteenth, without also forgetting my money card and having it stolen.

100_2558 Now this is the way I like to see it looking.  All fresh and clean.  The only thing better would be to see it on hangers in my closet, which it isn’t yet.  By the time I got home it was two a.m. and I just wanted to sleep.  Or so I thought.

I tucked myself in and curled up for a long winter’s nap, but every time I closed my eyes they just popped back open.  No rest for the weary last night.  Or today.  Therapy came today.  I have been released from PT, but OT will be coming for another week.  Not much help for the lower body strength, except to be careful and try to avoid falls.  I had to laugh at that one.  Like yeah, I love to fall and see how many times I can hit my head before it splits open.  Someone should start a bet on that one.

They have me working out with one pound weights.  I have to laugh at that also, since I normally use heavier ones than that every day.  Plus all of the heavy stuff I have to lift — carefully, because there’s no one here to do it for me.  But, anyway, we have fun doing it.

Now to leave you with a funny :a warm butt



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  1. Hah…thanks for all the visits and likes and especially for the follow. I hope you will find things you are interested in! Keep smiling. . . .namaste. .

    • I always find something to smile or just plain laugh about. It’s what keeps me going. And I love your posts. I’ll be back to visit probably every night. At least every night I can do my own blog. Sometimes I have “one of those days” but always find a way to laugh it off.

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