Social Security Administration

Re-blogged from Annetbell, a story that tells it all, in a way I never could, with my heartfelt thanks.


1199502493_447ed84c_social+security+number_e  I am a pleaser, for those of you who haven’t figured that out. I try to be sensitive to others feelings as I am sensitive to my own.  Sort of a Golden Rule rule. “Treat others as you wish to be treated.”  Except for my enthusiastic support of Mr. Modi, I have not often talked about controversial Indian topics…slums, lack of toilets, poverty except in a very general way. I love India and want only to support her journey.  Well , let me take you back to my morning and how this all began.

I had to have blood drawn before my physical at the doctor’s next week. As I left, I thought I would stop at the Social Security office to get a change address form which I have been remiss in doing. I thought I would  run in and get one…but no. The policeman….yes armed . .  …

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