Three Weeks Of Train Wrecks

blogger 20-13 awardAnd one new award.  Hard to update this site at the moment, because one week ago this morning my legs gave out on me, causing me to fall with my walker on top of me.  Ended up in ER with broken shoulder and lots of pain.  Most important thing for me though was that they didn’t cut my sweatshirt off, because baby, it was COLD outside.  So, left arm in sling, hoping it will mend without surgery, and typing with one finger, hunt and peck style.  Never realized before how hard it is to find all these little keys this way.

So, it all started when I made the huge mistake of calling ATT and asking them to flip a switch and turn my land line back on.  Sounds simple enough, right?  You forget we are talking big corporation here.  They decided in all their wisdom to install u-verse.  this building is not wired for u-verse.  Soooo, for more than 2 weeks I had no internet, no phone service, nothing.  Just daily promises that a technician would be here before 4 p.m.  Never happened.  Had lots of people calling them, but no explanations, only promises that were never kept.  Finally got working cell phone from Don and called them in tears and acute pain, making horrible threats, and tech showed up Thursday morning, flipped the necessary switch, and got me back online and with a working telephone, plus an explanation about the problem the others had not given me.  He also gave me a local number to call if service is ever needed again.

New serinity prayer This has become my nightly prayer lately, when I remember to look it up.  Otherwise it is the Senility prayer.  Almost the same.  Or maybe they are the same and I don’t remember if I forgot it or not.  Sinus headache right now, and hard to blow nose with one hand.  Too much information?  I’ll spare you some of the other details then.

100_2552 Good thing Mike was able to sorta fix my old chair, because the day after the deadline to switch Medicare companies they notified me they were denying the new chair.  Looking on the bright side though, they’ll be paying the hospital and doctors several times more than the chair would have cost.  Is that a bright side?  Yeah, I think so.

Mike & Janette 2013 Mike and Janette have been coming in to help me a couple of times a week.   The last time they brought me chocolate (which Mike put just out of reach, with an evil grin on his face) and then he cleaned up the spaghetti squash I had planned on having for dinner one night.  After it landed on the floor and inside one of my pretty pink ribbon shoes I kinda lost my appetite that night.  For once I was glad I had also lost my sense of smell, because it was down there for several days.  Janette AND I have decided after my shoulder heals we are going to put Mike in a full body cast, including his smart mouth, stick some straws in his nose so he can breathe, and then go shopping.  Might have to nudge him over the head with my rubber mallet first, but my shoulder will need some exercise by then.

family-330 Don and Norita were here today and did some grocery shopping for me.  Got more chocolate, because it would be terrible to run out of that necessity too soon.

Ok, my finger is getting tired, so I’ll be back in a few days.




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