A Whole New Night

100_2564 I held my camera today, and took a few pics of my “decorations”.  I don’t remember where I got this little manger scene, but it stays on the entertainment center year round.  I saw a really pretty, larger one in the gift shop at the hospital today when I went for my CAT scan, and came very close to getting it, but in the end my sanity returned, and I remembered my limited storage space.  So this little one will stay put as long as I do.  And it is surrounded by some of the pine cones Anika and I decorated.

100_2563 100_2565 More of my little mini Christmas trees, with photos and other items behind them, because they were supposed to be used to decorate a tree, not an entertainment center.  Therefore, I didn’t remove any of the other things that were on top of the “mantle”.  When Harriet came to do my laundry for me, I let her choose one as a Christmas gift, since it is now plain to me that I won’t be going out, and the things I ordered online were not ordered in time to arrive by Christmas this year.  Next year is taken care of though.  Boy, howdy, how’s that for early shopping?

100_2567 I decided to take a few photos of my crops while I was at it.  This is the mint plant that Laurie pulled up for me and stuck in a pot last September or October.  I moved it over to the stove, under the light, when the chilly winds started blowing last month.  I think it could use a larger pot now, but that can wait another month or so if necessary.

100_2569 The sweet potato I stuck in a jar has started putting out leaves and has what seems like millions of roots down in the jar of water.  I would like to pot that also, but the potato has swollen so much I can’t get it out of the jar, unless, of course, I break the jar.  That won’t happen — I hope, because as usual I’m still barefoot.  Don’t even have a sock on my right foot because of swollen toe.  Don’t know why it’s swollen, but it’s red and it hurts, and my feet are usually dead, so something is going on there that I probably don’t really want to know about.  I just wonder how tall those leaves will grow.  That brown stuff behind there is a loaf of sourdough bread I got out of the freezer to go with my burgoo.  Tastes just as fresh as the day it was baked.

100_2568 Now my aloe plant that definitely needs a larger pot.  It was so tiny when I got it, and most plants commit suicide on the way home when I buy them so they won’t die a slow, painful death at my hands after we get home.  My luck seems to have changed in that area.  I haven’t murdered a single plant all year.  If it holds until summer I’m going to try raising some container tomatoes, peppers and garlic.  Maybe even onions.  And potatoes?  That will require some thought between now and then.  Wonder about a watermelon?  When I got tired of eating them last summer I pureed some and froze them into cubes for flavored water.  That will be a great way to treat my extra cucumbers and other veggies next summer.  Not all of them, of course.  Can’t imagine squash or okra flavored water, but lemon, lime, orange, cuke, the list is endless.

100_2570 100_2571 Took a couple of pics of my afghan in progress while I was at it.  I wish I had decided on the purple as the only contrast color, and left out the sage and blue, but since it is just to keep me warm I can live with it.  And I started this one 100_2572 when the first one became too heavy to work on.  This is called a corner to corner afghan, and will have a peacock solid between the patterned rows.  To make it easier to work with I’m using up one skein of each at a time.  Finished a row of it today, only have about 10,000 rows to go.  Maybe exaggerating a little bit there, but from the tiny baby scarf bit I have finished right now, it sure seems that way.

Starting to get numb now.  No news from the doc, but then, I didn’t realize my phone was unplugged until just about an hour ago, so I guess I’ll find out on Monday.



8 thoughts on “A Whole New Night

  1. Your afghans are lovely. Wanted to tell you–I interviewed a bar owner yesterday who serves pickled hops to his customers and they love it 🙂 Have you ever eaten them?

    • Marisa, I have never heard of pickled hops, although I have seen them growing in Germany. Not the pickled ones of course, but the fresh ones, being grown for making beer. I could still smell back then and it wasn’t a pleasant odor. Did you taste one?

  2. Your decorations are very nice! I am glad you are having good luck with plants as of late; I seem to always kill all of mine!!! Burgoo for you in the near future huh? Sounds good! Merry Christmas if I don’t talk to you again before then my friend. I sure hope you’re feeling better soon

    • Jess, my plants must be possessed this year, because I’ve even killed a philodendron, which people tell me is impossible to do. Merry Christmas to you also. Did you get hit by the storms last night? We had some real fun here, but it could have been a lot worse. And I’m starting to get tired of burgoo already. Can’t wait to get back to the kitchen.

  3. Love your nativity. My husband and I were talking in the car about the pine cones. He said they were used in Luther’s Germany along with the first Christmas trees as decoration of life. So there you go. How wonderful to use your time in creating the beautiful, colorful afgan! Your wonderful attitude always blesses me!

    • Thank you Anne. I just can’t sit there and do nothing. I didn’t know that about the pine cones. I’ll have to tell Anika about that. She will love it, since she was adopted from Romania, and my daughter’s family celebrate the Romanian St. Nicholas Day as well as the American Christmas. When Gina was young we started decorating the pine cones for our Christmas tree, and every year I gave the kids an ornament for Christmas. It was a wonderful tradition until they left home, taking their ornaments with them and leaving me with a bare tree. So, I decorated the pine cones alone for several years, until the grandkids were old enough to help. My older son likes them more than the beaded ornaments I made. I guess we all love nature more than glamor.

    • Thanks Mark. Now that I have the camera within reach I’ll use it when something catches my interest. And the cones are pretty, because my granddaughter helped with them, and she is very talented. Going to watch movies tonight I think. Some really old b & w’s that I love, and sleep all day tomorrow — maybe.


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