What A Week

And it ain’t over yet.  But after fighting with my computer, the internet, WordPress, and my shoulder for several days, I finally was able to get back on my blog.  I have had to reset my password about 25 times this week, and right now I’m not very sure which one finally worked, but Firefox has something on it that remembers passwords for me, so hopefully it will remember the one that finally opened the blog back up.  Or maybe I should say, opened the dashboard up so I could start posting again.

Rose in December Decided to show my rose in December photo again, because today my kids were here for our Christmas/birthday celebration, and Gina had my cake decorated to look like a large rose.  Of course it was my angel’s food cake, but this time the “frosting” was a whipped cream, marshmallow mix, and I’m not sure who decorated it, but it looked just like a beautiful red rose.  I really hated to see it cut, and really, really wanted to just bring it up to the apartment and preserve it forever, but the grand-kids over-ruled me on that one.  And if you believe that, I have a big blue bridge across the Ohio River that I’ll sell you.  A real bargain price too.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera down with me, so I’m waiting for one of them to post some photos on Facebook that I can save to my computer and maybe download to the blog later.

My day started with a surprise visit from a friend from long ago, bringing me some fresh fruit.  A very welcome gift at this moment when I can’t go out to the grocery, and have to order things without seeing them first.  I really like to look over my fresh fruit before I buy it, but haven’t been able to get over there since the shoulder injury.  And I still don’t know if surgery will be required or not, but since the doctor wants me back in his office to deliver the news I don’t think it is going to be really good news when I hear it.  Well, I’ve lived all these years with MS, so I guess I can make it a few more years with a sore shoulder.

My computer is making some really weird noises at me right now.  There are days I would like to drop kick it down the hall, but then I regain my remaining brain cells and think about broken toes, and the fact that I don’t have any combat boots or steel toed shoes any more, and just shut it down for the night.  Or I can stick my tongue out at it and make silly faces, just to show it I won’t let it tell me what to do.  Of course that just ends up in another fight with it, and I’m not all that techy, so it usually wins that battle.  One of these days though, I’ll really show it who is boss around here.  It is, of course, but as long as I don’t say that out loud it will never know that because I happen to know computers are only as smart as the person using them.  That makes mine a real dummy.

Well, I think I should rest this shoulder a bit more.  Also have another blog to write, acknowledging Mark Bialczak and thanking him for awarding me my second Blog of the Year award.  I do hope I spelled his name correctly.  Right now I’m not sure I can spell mine.  Anyway, Mark is a great guy, with a great blog, and I thank him very much.



6 thoughts on “What A Week

    • I have to see the doctor on Jan. 3 to find out anything. That doesn’t sound very good to me, but I’m just at the point right now of hoping the pain will go away soon and I can start therapy to get some movement in the shoulder. I can log in to my chart and read the results of the CAT scan, but I’m not sure if I want to. I think I can remember enough medical terminology to read it all, but….

      • Shoulder trouble is no fun. Five years ago I had what they all a frozen shoulder. Couldn’t move my arm higher than me head, couldn’t reach behind me. The prescription was aggressive physical therapy. For months, I was the guy crying on the table as the therapist yanked on my arm. Then I did excercises. It worked. I can move it full range now. Hang in there.

      • I know all about that. In 2003 I had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder and the doc said it was the worst he had ever seen. He told me I would be lucky to get 50% use back, so that was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. I did therapy for several months, even rigging up some pulleys at home, and got back 95%, so I fully intend to do the same with the left one this time. Might take longer, but it will happen. And some day I WILL WALK AGAIN. This think is not going to win. And although I would love to take the pain pills every 4 hours like he told me to I don’t like the number they do on my head, so I’ll wait until bedtime for them so I can get to sleep for a while. And don’t tell me to hang in there, because every once in a while it’s tempting to just hang. Problem is, I like to be able to breathe too much to try that. I just want to get back in the kitchen and cook something. And be able to use the beautiful cedar wood hand carved pen my brother gave me for Christmas.

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