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I have entered a Zero to Hero Blogger contest, that will last thru the month of January.  The first entry is supposed to be about me.  So what do I say about me?

I have been 39 years old for several years, younger than my youngest child, and can’t really figure out how he was born before I was.  Okay, I spent 30 years as a farm wife (married very young as you can see), then divorced and moved to Owensboro ,KY where I have lived since.  I was diagnosed with Multiple Schelorsis after years of being misdiagnosed as a hypochondriac, lazy, and just plain good for nothing by family, some of which still see me that way.

Learning that I have MS was a relief, after the initial shock, because it was then that I realized I wasn’t really clumsy, but actually as graceful as a ballerina.  It was the MS that made me walk into the walls, door facings, furniture and everything else I walked into.  So I decided to embrace the inner ballerina, and laugh at the clumsy reality, thus the name of my blog: A Train Wreck Looking For A Home.


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8 thoughts on “About Me

    • WordPress has me locked out of my blog. When I try to log in they have never heard of me. When I try to set up a new account they say my name and domain are taken. Totally frustrated, tired of trying to contact support and not getting any from them, not going to pay them again for the account I paid for in August, so I guess my blog is just shut down. I hate it, but I’m depressed, hurting, and just plain tired of it all.Was posting on FaceBook for a while, but told them last night it would be the last one. I hate that because I love blogging, but just too depressed and tired to keep trying. I don’t know what I did wrong, but one night I could get in and the next I couldn’t. Miss reading all my favorites, and can’t even subscribe by mail, because they tell me to log in and read it in my reader, only I can’t log in because I don’t seem to exist any more. Go figure.


      • Thanks Mark. I’ve put it on FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, not to mention trying to contact the support team, but they just ignore me. I just tried a different approach through some kind of WordPress thingy, and I’ll see if it works. I don’t know, except that I’m really getting depressed from the frustration and the pain from the therapy. Getting some movement back though, so I can handle the pain. Just can’t handle the frustration much longer.


      • Mark, you’re the greatest. I’ve signed up with something called Dream Host that is supposed to help me regain the site, so maybe between the two of them I’ll finally get it back. Starting to get excited again.


    • I hate to ask, after a sleepless night, but what is the WOMD? I’ve had my brain wrapped — oh wait, you mean the WMD, right? That part really isn’t supposed to be discussed publicly, so if you tell anyone about it I’ll have to kill you..

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