Owensboro, KY, USA

Bio: I'm a somewhat normal person who happens to have MS, therefore my blog name "A Train Wreck Looking For A Home". I try to keep a sense of humor about everything in life, including the times when I run into the walls or bang my head on the furniture, and can always depend on my kids to keep me centered. MS has changed my life, but when I'm in remission life goes on as always. And what a life it is! I'm in my golden years and still looking for the gold, but it's not a bad trip.

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    • Anne, I’m—absolutely astonished. I was sure the world would have forgotten me since I’ve been offline for so long. Thank you so much. My shoulder is hurting less and less as the shock is taking over here. Or maybe it’s numb from being used all afternoon. But, thank you again, so much.



      • I was using my walker and my legs gave out, but this time when I went down my left shoulder hit the edge of a table and while the table is fine, the shoulder is broken in three places. Guess for a few weeks I’m confined to the power chair. And praying they won’t have to do surgery. That’s all I need for Christmas.


      • Dear Angie, I am joining you in praying for speedy, complete healing with no surgery needed. I am so sorry for your pain and added complication! Hugs!

      • Thanks Anne. Actually it only hurts when I move, so I try to stay as still as possible all of the time. My nether regions are numb now, from all the sitting, and I’ll probably end up with an infection from not drinking enough water, but getting there and back is such a task. Going to try for a blog tomorrow night. Please keep the prayers coming.


    • I miss you too. First had computer problems, then fell and broke left shoulder in three places. Hurts like hell, but hopefully will heal without surgery. Just got internet and telephone access back this morning. Didn’t have either when I fell, but neighbor came over to see me for a minute and called for help. Hoping to get back to blog soon. Would really hate it if my power chair threw me out and I ended up as a speed bump under the ice and snow we are having. Don’t think aspirin would help much for that.


      • Sure don’t plan on it Don, but then I didn’t plan on falling either. Of course right now I have to get better so I can put my youngest son in a full body cast with a couple of drinking straws in his nose so he can breathe, but shutting up his smart mouth for a few hours while my daughter-in-law and I go shopping. Will try to blog again tomorrow so you can read all about it. My butt is numb now. Wish my shoulder was.

    • I’ll be reading every post. I love all of the stories about the background of Indian traditions. Have never visited there, but had a pen pal there many years ago. She is gone now, but we would correspond constantly, and I loved it. I’m so glad Don reblogged your posts so I could read them and enjoy them also.

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