A New Year a Fresh Start

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Well Christmas has come and gone in a flash and we are now it seems hurtling towards the New Year before everything returns to normal. In Scotland the New Year has always been a good excuse for a big celebration. When I was younger in our house there was always a party to which neighbour’s friends and anyone visiting with friends were invited to pop in. The whole house was cleaned before the event to get rid of the old and make way for the new. Throughout the neighbourhood you would see curtains being hung out, windows and doorsteps washed. Ginger wine would be made from co-operative bought ginger wine syrup to which you added water and sugar and hey presto you then had a ginger concoction to put in nice dark brown bottles, especially bought for the job to make it look and taste very authentic. It wouldn’t have…

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More Train Wrecks

Or maybe I should say more headaches.  I’ve been trying to add a drawing Anika made for me of Max, my Pekingese dog.  Cowgirl Anika Anika is extremely talented in so many ways, and can draw everything except cats.  She loves cats more than any other animal, but for some reason, can’t seem to draw them yet, so when she was here helping me decorate the pine cones I asked her if she would draw me a picture of Max.  She drew it, sent it to me, and I have been trying to get it on the blog since I received it.

First I scanned it in to my photos, but it didn’t show up when I was downloading some photos to my blog library.  Then I took a photo of the drawing, and have just spent an hour trying to put that in the library, but when it downloads I get a message that says “crunching”, and my only guess is that by crunching it really means munching, because it sure doesn’t show up in the photo library.  So, I’m going to make one more effort here.  Hold on to your hats and garters, because if this doesn’t work out there could be a huge explosion.  BOOOOOOOOMMMMMM.  It still didn’t work.  What does it mean when it crunches your photo?  I’ve downloaded a lot of photos to this site and they have always been okay.  This is the first time they have ever been crunched.  I wonder if they have seen my trash cans and realize how full they are and how much they need to be emptied and the contents crunched?  Yeeks!  I hope not.  That would mean it could also see the items I have dropped and been unable to pick up.

Well, the title warned you this is about more train wrecks.

Like, I’m having to go on scavenger hunts again, since Irene came in last weekend.  All of the things I use were stored within reach on my right side so I could just pick them up easily when needed.  Some of them were moved to the left, meaning heaps of pain if I have to get them.  Some were placed under heavy objects I can’t lift without chance of dropping on my foot.  Just the thought of that makes me wince.  There are a few things I haven’t found yet, but have made it without them so far.  Others are in places I can see but have no way of getting to, because they are just out of reach.

I went online and ordered a lot of stuff I’m running out of, and the deliveries should start on Monday.  And I also signed up for the produce deliveries from Cecil Farms again, starting in May.  This time I signed up for every other week though.  Getting the weekly deliveries last summer was nice, but there was no breathing space in between.  I think this year I’ll need the time to breathe a week between the deliveries.  I also signed up for fresh eggs during the summer, because I’m never sure when the egg lady will show up here, and I sure love those farm fresh eggs.  Plus, I’ll hopefully be getting some fresh pork this year as well.  That will be from a different source, but will be so much better than the pork bought at the grocery.  And at some point before summer I plan on buying a pressure canner, so I can put some of that pork in jars and can it for later.  That was something my mom always did, and it was sooooo good and so tender you just wouldn’t believe it.  I did it on the farm, and it is great to be able to grab a jar of canned pork loin in an emergency situation and just sit back and enjoy it.  Heat if you want, but it really isn’t necessary.  Just open and enjoy.

Now I’m making myself hungry for some fresh collards and bacon or pork loin.  Fresh anything right now would be good.  I wanna get back to the kitchen.  That means I had better get back in there now and heat up a bowl of burgoo.BBQ capitol of the world


Blog Of The Year, Second Star

Blog of the yearMy wonderful friend, Mark Bialczak, in snowy Syracuse, NY has nominated me for the second star on the Blog of the Year Award, 2013, so I am trying to get this in before the year is over.

Mark has a great blog, writing about entertainment, movies, music (which first drew my attention) life and big ideas.  He writes about his life in Syracuse with his wife Karen, in my eyes both a lucky lady, and a very tolerant one.  I am drawn to his blog every time I can get to my blog because of his understand and supporting attitude, his sense of humor, and outlook on life.

The rules for accepting this award are the same as for the first star.  Almost,  Mark included some extra information, which I may decide to exclude, because of the ongoing pain in my broken shoulder, but as a side note to Anne, have Don send you the graphic panel for all the stars.  He included it with Mark’s award, so you can perhaps get it from him and put all of your stars on your site.  If I could get my printer to speak to my computer, and the computer to speak to wordpress I could send it to you, but they just aren’t all on speaking terms lately, so it’s kind of a standoff.  But I will find a way some day to make them all work together or die trying.  Or of old age, whichever comes first.

So, here are the rules:

1.  Select the blog(s) you think deserve the Blog Of The Year 2013 Award.

2.  Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen — there are no minimum or maximum number of blogs required — and present the blogger with their award.

3.  Let the glogger know that you have chosen them for this awar and share the instructions with them (please don’t alter the instructions or the badges).

4.  Come over and say hello to the originator of the Blog Of The Year 2013 award via this link:  http://thethoughtpalette.co.uk/blog-awards-2-blog-of-the-year-2013-award/

5.  You can now also join the Blog Of The Year Award Facebook Page.  Click the link here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/BlogoftheYear.

6.  And as a winner of the award-please add a link back to the blog that presented you with this award–and then proudly display the award on your blog–and start collecting starts.

My nominees for Blog Of The Year, Second Star

1.  spontaneoustomato.com

2.  rebeccanne.files.workpress.com.

3.  therapybread.word.press.com

4.  eve’sapple.word.press.com

Congratulations to all.



A Christmas blog from my friend Anne T. Bell, who knows so much about so many things. Please visit her blog, http://annetbell.word.press.com and read Tales Along The Way.



Poinsettias were used by the Aztecs  to produce purple dye and early cosmetics.  The white milky sap was uses as medicines to treat fevers.  Today we call that sap latex!

The  first introduction of these beautiful flowers north of the Mexican border was by Joel Roberts Poinsett who was the first ambassador to Mexico.  He was fascinated by these plants  with their  green leaves that turned  brilliant red a few days before Christmas just in time for the celebration. Later, it was discovered that the process had to do with light or the absence there of.


He noticed many symbols of Christ, the star shape, and the color of blood that perfectly fit into this holiday as foreshadowing of Easter.  Samples were sent  to greenhouses in South Carolina for research to see if they would grow in the United States.

That was the beginning of United States’ love affair with…

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What A Week

And it ain’t over yet.  But after fighting with my computer, the internet, WordPress, and my shoulder for several days, I finally was able to get back on my blog.  I have had to reset my password about 25 times this week, and right now I’m not very sure which one finally worked, but Firefox has something on it that remembers passwords for me, so hopefully it will remember the one that finally opened the blog back up.  Or maybe I should say, opened the dashboard up so I could start posting again.

Rose in December Decided to show my rose in December photo again, because today my kids were here for our Christmas/birthday celebration, and Gina had my cake decorated to look like a large rose.  Of course it was my angel’s food cake, but this time the “frosting” was a whipped cream, marshmallow mix, and I’m not sure who decorated it, but it looked just like a beautiful red rose.  I really hated to see it cut, and really, really wanted to just bring it up to the apartment and preserve it forever, but the grand-kids over-ruled me on that one.  And if you believe that, I have a big blue bridge across the Ohio River that I’ll sell you.  A real bargain price too.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera down with me, so I’m waiting for one of them to post some photos on Facebook that I can save to my computer and maybe download to the blog later.

My day started with a surprise visit from a friend from long ago, bringing me some fresh fruit.  A very welcome gift at this moment when I can’t go out to the grocery, and have to order things without seeing them first.  I really like to look over my fresh fruit before I buy it, but haven’t been able to get over there since the shoulder injury.  And I still don’t know if surgery will be required or not, but since the doctor wants me back in his office to deliver the news I don’t think it is going to be really good news when I hear it.  Well, I’ve lived all these years with MS, so I guess I can make it a few more years with a sore shoulder.

My computer is making some really weird noises at me right now.  There are days I would like to drop kick it down the hall, but then I regain my remaining brain cells and think about broken toes, and the fact that I don’t have any combat boots or steel toed shoes any more, and just shut it down for the night.  Or I can stick my tongue out at it and make silly faces, just to show it I won’t let it tell me what to do.  Of course that just ends up in another fight with it, and I’m not all that techy, so it usually wins that battle.  One of these days though, I’ll really show it who is boss around here.  It is, of course, but as long as I don’t say that out loud it will never know that because I happen to know computers are only as smart as the person using them.  That makes mine a real dummy.

Well, I think I should rest this shoulder a bit more.  Also have another blog to write, acknowledging Mark Bialczak and thanking him for awarding me my second Blog of the Year award.  I do hope I spelled his name correctly.  Right now I’m not sure I can spell mine.  Anyway, Mark is a great guy, with a great blog, and I thank him very much.


Changing Seasons Overnight

Wow, we sure had a hectic night last night.  After falling asleep about five minutes into the movie I wanted to watch Friday night, I was awake all of last night hearing the wind, hail hitting my windows so hard I was afraid they would implode, tornado sirens going off, and more and more wind.  The electricity kept going off and on all night, so I couldn’t get on the computer, or maybe I should say, I couldn’t stay on the computer.  I just stayed in my recliner, feeling the pain level in my shoulder building up as the barometric pressure changed, and read “Takedown Twenty” on my Nook.

The last time I was at K-Mart I found some neat little thingys that I can plug in to my charger and when the electricity goes off and the battery is low on the cell phone or the Nook I can plug it into the thingy and recharge it.  I keep one by my recliner and one in my purse for when I’m in a waiting room and need a recharge.  I had wondered why they didn’t make them for a long time, since they are perfect for power outages as well as times when you are sitting in a waiting room trying to read, or talking on your cell phone and the battery goes down.  Someone, somewhere read my mind and invented it.  I wonder if they owe me some royalties for thinking about them?

Squirrley A blogger friend did a post about squirrels today, or maybe it was yesterday, and I came across this photo and thought about her.  Tales Along The Way by Annetbell is a really great blog.  Check it out some time.  She really has some great things to say.  Like something I didn’t know before, that she told me today — the pine cones Anika and I decorated are a symbol of seasonal blessings, along with the Christmas trees from Luther’s Germany.  Since I am half German (my dad) and Anika is Romanian, which is close to Germany — I think, that just seems to make it all better.

2 squirrley Speaking of squirrels, I found this little treasure on FB some time ago and just HAD to save it.  I keep wondering why it makes me think of one particular brother.  And one particular son?  And grandson?  Must be genetic.  I’m glad that particular gene missed me 🙂

It’s getting a bit painful using my hand right now, so I think I’ll cut this one short.  Lucked out this time, didn’t you?  Think I’m going to order a pizza right now.



And the Author is . . . . . . .

A post from one of my favorite blogs.



For almost 200 years, there has been a mystery of who penned the poem“Twas the Night Before Christmas” which was first published in the Troy, New York Sentinel paper. Originally the title  was ”  An Account of a Visit of St. Nicholas.” 


Last night in the ceremonial chamber of Rensselaser County Courthouse in Troy, Judge Malone , a retired Supreme Court judge,heard the  case  presented by two prominent lawyers  with their  proof as to the “real” author of this Christmas classic.

628x471 (11)

Mr. Stewart Jones is sitting on the table and Mr. Jack Cassiday is in the chair.

Mr. Cassiday represented Henry Livingston and Mr. Steward Jones argued for Clement Moore as the author. The mock trial was filled with  literary and linguistic evidence such as English/Dutch spellings and pronunciation and “anapestic meter.”

628x471 (14)

A jury was picked from the good citizens of Troy who braved the freezing temperatures and the…

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Ferel Dogs ( From February, 2013)

Love these posts from Anne. Think I’ll reblog some until I can type faster than this one fingered method.



They come in various colors, white, a ginger  brown, black, and  mixtures of the three. A few have long coats and all have pointed  snouts. And they are not pets, or so we thought. The dogs live in the street scrounging in the sweeping piles and  jumping with strong legs to scale a low fence for a morsel. They are “hunters and maybe gatherers,” just trying to survive. Their ribs show prominently through their skin and they are caked with mud. The Indians ignore the dogs except if there is a fight between the males for territorial rights. Then they yell and wave their hands.

The picture shows Ginger and Burnt Marshmallow with one of the puppies in front of our hostel. They live and control a pack of several females and various puppies in our lane. They rarely venture out into the busy street at the end of our road, but they”work” every morning trotting, one on each…

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Saying Goodbye to President Kennedy

How many of you remember this horrible time in history?







JFK Caroline Kennedy


President John F. Kennedy

The young widow lost her husband, the young children lost their  father and the country lost its innocence.

“The murder of a handsome, vigorous president shocked the nation to it core and shook  the faith of Americans in their institutions and way of life.”  Thus the 60s was born.

There was a popular Broadway play at the time called Camelot about the Medieval Court of King Arthur. Mrs. Kennedy wanted her dead husband’s legacy to be remembered as an American peacemaker who died in a campaigned to pacify the warring factions of mankind. She planted the seed comparing President Kennedy’s administration to Camelot and it stuck.   From: James Piereson – The Daily Beast

“Don’t ever let it be forgot, that once there a spot, for one brief shining moment, that was known as Camelot.”   from Camelot, the play

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Mostly Photos From The Past

Leo &Betty Ann's house Leo and Betty Ann’s home as I remember it.

tonyangela Tony and me when we lived on Parrish Court in Owensboro.   We had real snow way back then.

Leo's kids, minus Doris Doug, Pat, Phil, Mark and Janet Blandford.  They lived down the drive behind us.  Sorry Doris, you weren’t born yet.  Doug and Ray were usually partners in crime.

Mark and philMark & Phil Mark and Sandy Mark & Sandy Mark and Pat. Mark & Pat Mark and Doug Mark and Doug (scowling) as they are today.

Leo Leo w. Doug and Pat Leo, Doug & Pat Leo and PatLeo and who? Leo Blandford 2 Doug’s son Leo, with wife Sara and twins.

Damien & HildaDamien & Hilda, wedding picture, w. Grandmother & Papa on left, and Mom & Pop Goetz on right.

Vird Vird and Johnnie, with Sheila, Sarah, Sharon and Kathy.  Krista yet to be born.

youngcousins Young cousins.  The tall one has to be Don, and on his left is Shirley, Carol is the blond in front, I think Patty is second from right, so probably Barbara on right, completely lost after that.

TonyTroublemaker Tony.  DSC01964_edited-1 Big Brother Tony with Uncle Vird.  Just goes to show what a difference a few years will do for troublemakers.

shirley and crewThis one is called “Shirley and crew”.  Shirley is in the middle of the back row, Betty is on the left of back row, not too sure about the rest.

Tony Barbara Diane Patty Left to right, Tony, Barbara, Diane and Patty.  Tony and Diane were making their first Communion, Barbara was a flower girl, and Patty was an angel. (still is).

HubertHelenHubert and Helen’s wedding picture.  Patty Hubert Barbara Patty, Hubert, Barbara

Patty Barbara Patty & Barbara  Patty Michael Barbara Patty, Michael, Barbara Paul Michael Ronald Paul, Michael, Ronald Barbara Barbara today.

JoeMaudeMaude and Joe, wedding.  jerrydamienmaryalene Jerry, Damien, Mary, AleeneMaude Donnie Joe In Detroit.  Jerry Julia Nick Jerry, Julia and Nick in 2000.

Donnie Jerry Patty Donnie, Jerry, Patty when they lived in Detroit.

cousins1 1952 family reunion at Vird’s house on Hwy. 81.

Eeanor Eleanor. Eleanor Swanson Later photo of Eleanor.Shelia and Joe 10-21-12 Sheila and JoeLeslie & Sarah Leslie Ann & Sarah.  I don’t have photos of Karen, John, and Tim (?)  You need to come home so I’ll remember your names right.

B0000166 My family, Bernard (dad) Tony, Mary (mom) Steve, Angie, Sylvia, Larry, Ray.  Elaine wasn’t born yet.  Sorry sis.BabyElaineElaine stuffing her face on birthday .Mary's Family Most of us in 2ooo.

Satyr walking Steve Satyr walking Steve in Tulsa. Larry and Marcia 9-11Larry and Marcia near Atlanta. Mark and Amy Christmas  Young Amy and Mark      Mark and Sarah wedding pic Mark and Sarah, wedding day.  New Amy.Amy beautiful niece., .  Grammy & kidz Me, with Anika, Laurie, Ethan, and Andrew, in Frankfort, KY  Mike and Janette Mike and Janette (Mike’s my baby, a Leap Year baby, so now 11 years old)Alan, 2012 Alan, oldest grandson. Faleasha5 Faleasha, beautiful granddaughter taken during her trip to Barcelona Noah with drink Noah, being Noah.  .Gina, Ethan Bill 2013 GO CATS!!! family-211 Don, with his grandson, Camden. family-268 Brothers, Eli and Camden. Elaine making burgoo Elaine, making burgoo at her home near Monument, CO.  And she didn’t even send me some. The Hartle family, minus Jon, 2013 The Hartle family, minus Jon, who is off to college.  Matt is married to Denise, and her sister is in the photo with them.  I’ve posted photos of Ray many times, and that leaves Sylvia and Erin, who refuse to have their pictures taken.



This series is dedicated to my wonderful Grandmother, and all the fantastic people who have come after her.  I love you all, and don’t you think it’s time for another reunion?