Mindless Meanderings

Today I kept waiting for the phone to ring telling me therapy was on their way to visit.  It didn’t happen.  PT has dismissed me with the words “Just be careful”, meaning, I think, that I’ll never get full use of my legs back.  And that I’ll have to watch where I put my feet down, and make sure my brain is in gear before I try to get my body up.  Some things I already knew, but just don’t always remember when I get in a hurry.  So I guess the next time I find myself wedged between the recliner and the shelves that are broken, it will be because I just forgot to remember to wait for brain and body to synch.  No fun there.

Went down to get my mail this afternoon, and on the elevator coming back up, one dear lady looked at her cardboard junk and said something about how she couldn’t even use it for TP if she ran out.  We all laughed at that, since we all had the same junk.  After she got off, while we were still laughing, one of the others looked in disgust at some popcorn in the corner of the elevator, and said, “they don’t even clean the cracks here,” and of course that sent us all back into bouts of laughter again.commercial The photo is for anyone who has never had to use an outhouse, equipped with old newspapers and catalogues.   For most of the residents of this building — been there, done that.  But we can laugh now at what used to be.  And most of us can remember that first roll of TP we ever saw and/or used.  Indoor plumbing didn’t happen overnight out in the country.  The big thing out there was who had the two-seater or who only had one seat.  If I remember correctly, my grandparents had a 4 seater at one time, but with 13 kids, they needed it.

Back home, and back to my recliner, where I checked out all my junk mail.  Well, ya’ just never know when someone will stick a nickel in a letter and ask you to send it back with a huge donation to some cause.  I personally consider the nickel a huge donation toward my next candy bar.  That and fourteen more will get me a chocolate bar from the machine downstairs.  So, considering I get maybe two a year, it only takes seven years to buy a candy bar from those donations.

dinner with Maxine Anybody ready for Thanksgiving yet?  I have two pie pumpkins to roast and puree, then I might make a pie, but will definitely make some pumpkin soup.  I’ve found so many delicious recipes for pumpkin soup this year, and since I’m still having swallowing problems, I think they all look great.  So, I’ll probably take a few ingredients from each one and put them all together in the crock pot some night, and wake up to some soup, hoping it is as yummy as it sounds.  I also have a butternut squash that should make a good soup, unless I decide to drizzle it with butter and brown sugar and bake it like that. Or maybe one half like that and stuff the other half with savory stuff.  I actually never know what’s going to happen with my food until I start working on it.  That way it’s always a surprise when it’s finished.  And since I never write down what I’ve put in my recipes, they are never the same thing twice.  Sometimes good, sometimes they make me gag.  At least they never get boring.

That’s also why I could never write a food blog.  I love food, love to cook, don’t mind eating once in a while, but never make things the same way twice.  Keep forgetting if I remember what goes into things.  That keeps it all fun, and fun is the name of the game around here.



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