I went on another scavenger hunt today.  Really didn’t plan one.  Just forgot to put the memory stick back in camera.  Again!  I think I really need a brain transplant, but can’t find a donor.  Still looking if anyone is interested.100_2349 Among the items found today are some of the screws I’ve been missing.100_2353 And some hard candy that’s probably 10 years old.  After my experience with the 3-year-old World’s Greatest Chocolate, which isn’t so great after 3 years, I’m almost afraid to try the candy.  Maybe after a stiff drink.  That could take a while though, because I don’t usually drink alcoholic stuff.  It doesn’t go well with the MS meds.

Also found 100_2350 a bag of cables.  No idea what they are for.  Well, some are telephone hook-ups, but after digging thru for about an hour I did find one that fit my camera.  Just couldn’t seem to download the pics I took without the memory stick.  Probably deleted them in some way.  I’ve deleted a lot of things before.  Like my entire hard drive once.  Don’t ask.  For me it just seemed to be business as usual, until there was nothing left to do business with.

I started trying to make the cabbage rolls this afternoon.  Kept tearing the cabbage leaves up, so…100_2354 I made a cabbage casserole.  It tastes pretty good, and there is a lot left over to have for lunch tomorrow.  I’ll freeze the rest in meal sized packages.

I also have a lot of cabbage left over.  Realized after mixing the casserole I had cross contaminated the rest of the cabbage, so had to put it back in sink with water/peroxide bath.  I think I’ll dry that.  The cabbage, not the water/peroxide.  I’ve dried a lot of things, but discovered water just eventually evaporates, doesn’t dry.

Forgot to make the summer sausage rolls.  It’s a good thing I napped all morning.  I’ll be up all night baking the sausage off.  Six hours at 200 degrees.  Maybe I’ll just give it another mix and bake tomorrow.

100_2355 These fell off a shelf when I opened a cabinet door.  Must be time to organize the cabinet again. 100_2351 And I found my 2 lb. weights while looking for my cables. 100_2352 And this from several years ago, when I attended the Citizens Academy at the Police Department.  Everyone should do that.  They even show you the holding cells.  Didn’t throw us in and lock the door though.Mike and Noah cooling off  This is Mike and Noah.  Didn’t find them here today, but aren’t they cute?



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