And It’s Getting Even Colder

But before we get to that, the good news.  Next week I start therapy on my shoulder!  I’m doing a happy dance in my brain, since my legs still don’t work all that well, and yes, I know it will hurt, but that will be a good kind of hurt.  I’ll be back in the kitchen, cooking again in two months.  My personal resolution.  Maybe a bit premature, but I’ll do it!!!!

family-268 These are my two great grandsons, Eli and Camden.  And they are standing out in the snow, the only photo I have in my library that has snow in it.  We have some snow in the forecast, but I received an email from my Citizens Emergency Relief Team (CERT) trainer today that we are going to have a horrible, humongous cold wave starting next week, with the temps dipping below zero.  So if you are in the Owensboro, KY area, be prepared.  Dress in layers, have emergency equipment on hand, both at home and in your car if you have to get out.  If you don’t have to get out, Please STAY AT HOME, and bundle up.  Have an ample supply of finger foods on hand in case of power outage, don’t turn your heat up too high so you can conserve electricity, dress in layers, and please take care of your pets.  They get cold too.  There is no word about ice or snow, just the extreme cold, and I know a lot of you live in colder areas, but darn it, this is supposed to be the South.  Upper south, but still….

Now for the personal train wrecks.  Believe me, as long as I’m breathing, there will be train wrecks.  I got this really nice cushion for my power chair, since my bum is getting a bit sore from sitting all the time, and today managed to spill my Dr. Pepper on it.  And on my phone, which was on the cushion next to the Dr. Pepper.  A new twist on sticky keys I think.  So, to keep from getting the seat of my jeans wet (I hope) I have a thick towel covering the cushion.  Also, a large wet spot on the leg of my jeans.  If there’s a way to destroy it, I’ll find it.

I’ve managed to drag a second quilt off my bed by getting it caught in my chair.  This takes a special talent.  And yesterday I pulled a panel off the door of the elevator.  Well, I never claimed to be a good driver.  And besides, the door shouldn’t have tried to close on me so fast.  It got me to my floor though, and for the first time in months it didn’t make that horrible sound when the door opened.  Guess I showed it who’s boss, huh?

family-521 Astroid kissing Noah Amy Just decided to show a few of my favorite photos before I sign off.  On the left are Laurie, Anika, Andrew and Ethan, In the middle is Noah with his Grand Champion steer Asteroid, and on the right is my beautiful niece Amy, wearing a necklace I made for her.  We raise beautiful kids in my family.


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Happy (?) New Year

Here’s hoping this year will be so much better than last one.  At least the last month of last one.  I really want to get back in my kitchen and cook something.  I know I can’t smell anything, but still I can remember the smells of the things I usually cook, and really miss that pot of beans and the Mexican cornbread that always go with it.  Mmmm, what more can a person ask for than beans and cornbread on a cold, winter day?

I have a new award, sorta.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here it is. doncharisma-org-not-on-freshly-pressed-award-4-300x300 doncharisma-org-not-on-freshly-pressed-award-3-300x300I haven’t decided which one to put in my gallery yet, but I think it will be the one with the picture of the presenter, Don Charisma.  Of course, the other one shows up better, but I’ll decide before my next post.  Don is really a great guy, currently living in Thailand, who is now doing great things with stitching photos together to make up really large, breathtaking scenery.  He’s funny, intelligent, and altogether a great guy who created my angel logo for me.  My knight in mostly shining armor.  You really should check out his blog,  At least I think that’s it.  If not, so sorry Don.  Sinus headache, remember?

Since I can’t go shopping at this time, I have started online shopping at Amazon.  I think I went a bit overboard on a few things there, but since you don’t actually see the product, just a description, you don’t know until it arrives. 004 Just a few days ago I got a call from the office telling me I had a large package downstairs.  Large?  It was about the size of a coffin.  It is still taking up half my living room.  As you can see, I ordered paper towels, also 007 well, that’s more like a photo of the box with the towels at the top.  So, here’s another one.005 A dozen packages of paper plates, and a huge bag of paper bowls.  Since I can’t wash dishes at the moment, I use a lot of paper products.  And last, 006 a dozen boxes of Kleenex, although I only pulled one out because I only needed one opened at the time.  Fortunately there was no shipping fee, since the order was more than $50.  The trash bags and Windex are still to come, and naturally they are the items I needed the most.  Except for the Kleenex, since I somehow caught a head cold without ever leaving the building.  How?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I think if there is half of an allergen floating around the hemisphere it makes it to my nose and takes up residence there.

I’ve pretty much slept thru the past few days.  It’s just too comfortable under the covers to move lately, and I have a lot of lost sleep to make up.  Throw a couple of pain pills a day into the mix, and I’m snoring like, well, a lumberjack?  Or maybe more like Max did.  For such a tiny dog he could beat my dad when it came to snoring.

Well, back to the sinus meds.  Doctor appointment on Friday for results of CAT scan.  To tell the truth, I’m not sure I really want to know.


Changing Seasons Overnight

Wow, we sure had a hectic night last night.  After falling asleep about five minutes into the movie I wanted to watch Friday night, I was awake all of last night hearing the wind, hail hitting my windows so hard I was afraid they would implode, tornado sirens going off, and more and more wind.  The electricity kept going off and on all night, so I couldn’t get on the computer, or maybe I should say, I couldn’t stay on the computer.  I just stayed in my recliner, feeling the pain level in my shoulder building up as the barometric pressure changed, and read “Takedown Twenty” on my Nook.

The last time I was at K-Mart I found some neat little thingys that I can plug in to my charger and when the electricity goes off and the battery is low on the cell phone or the Nook I can plug it into the thingy and recharge it.  I keep one by my recliner and one in my purse for when I’m in a waiting room and need a recharge.  I had wondered why they didn’t make them for a long time, since they are perfect for power outages as well as times when you are sitting in a waiting room trying to read, or talking on your cell phone and the battery goes down.  Someone, somewhere read my mind and invented it.  I wonder if they owe me some royalties for thinking about them?

Squirrley A blogger friend did a post about squirrels today, or maybe it was yesterday, and I came across this photo and thought about her.  Tales Along The Way by Annetbell is a really great blog.  Check it out some time.  She really has some great things to say.  Like something I didn’t know before, that she told me today — the pine cones Anika and I decorated are a symbol of seasonal blessings, along with the Christmas trees from Luther’s Germany.  Since I am half German (my dad) and Anika is Romanian, which is close to Germany — I think, that just seems to make it all better.

2 squirrley Speaking of squirrels, I found this little treasure on FB some time ago and just HAD to save it.  I keep wondering why it makes me think of one particular brother.  And one particular son?  And grandson?  Must be genetic.  I’m glad that particular gene missed me 🙂

It’s getting a bit painful using my hand right now, so I think I’ll cut this one short.  Lucked out this time, didn’t you?  Think I’m going to order a pizza right now.



The Elastic Snapped

Ya’ know how you always get those emails that tell you to forward them to one million four hundred thirty-one thousand two hundred fifteen of your friends and relatives or the elastic in your panties will snap?  Well, I got one the other day, and decided it was just too ridiculous to forward to more than a few thousand people, and sure enough, I was in the laundry room last night, and the elastic snapped.  Good thing I was wearing jeans.

It reminded me of the night of Mike’s FFA award dinner.  We were all there.  Except for Gina and Don, who were both at UK.  But anyway, when we stood to salute the flag, my half slip decided that was the time to continue slipping.  Down around my ankles.  And being as graceful as a gazelle, of course I went face first into the salad.  The local farm news reporter was sitting beside me at the table, and my first thought was “what a way to make the news”.  He was nice enough to not mention it though, but he did help me out of the salad.  I kicked the slip under the table before stumbling out of the dining room to the ladies room to clean the dressing off my face.  Not one of my finer public moments.  It didn’t go completely unnoticed however.  On the way home Mike asked me what happened at our table that had everyone laughing.  His dad looked a bit funny, since he hadn’t noticed, and I tried to throw suspicion off myself by telling him some lady just had to make a pit stop during the pledge of allegiance.  Why is it the one time you don’t want to be recognized everyone in the room knows who you are?  He heard all about it at school the next day, except for the part about the half slip.  That is probably already rotted away in the land fill by now.

So, last night I got two loads of laundry finished.  Another three loads tonight and they will all be clean–until I change what I’m wearing now.  Sometimes I wish I could wear my robe down so I could wash everything else, and start over in the morning with a completely clean slate.  Of course, there would still be the p.j.’s and robe, but they don’t require daily changing and washing.  At least mine don’t.  I’m sure some people launder theirs on a daily basis, but I’m not one of them.  Half the time I fall asleep in my recliner still wearing my jeans and tee-shirt, so the pj’s don’t get worn that night.  And there are the nights I just can’t sleep, so why get ready for bed when I know it won’t do any good.

How crazy I find all these cute things on Facebook and just HAVE to use them.  Especially the ones that hit so close to home.  Yeah, I’m crazy and I love it.  Life is so dull if you aren’t just a bit crazy.  Like going to K-Mart a few days ago.  I needed some ink cartridges for my printer, and decided to look at the marked down movies while I was in the area.  Just like the watermelons at Kroger, they are in a bin, and just like at Kroger, the bin got hung on my chair.  It wouldn’t fit thru the opening into the rest of the store though, so we were hung there for a while.  Wouldn’t have been so bad except a lady and her kid were standing there trying to get into the electronics department.  It always takes me longer to get the chair separated from things when I have an audience like that, and the kid was whining the entire time, so that slowed me down a lot more.

Maybe I’ll get my new chair sometime before Christmas.  “All I want for Christmas is a new power chair, a new power chair, a new power chair”.  Recognize the tune?  I should be wanting my two front teeth, but don’t need them, just the chair.

Well, I guess nobody gets everything they want.  So I’ll go read for a while, then take the rest of my laundry down and wash it all, and be done for the month.  Well, maybe for another week, since I don’t want to get so far behind again.


What Can I Say–It’s Monday

100_2400 I shouldn’t complain about Monday.  After all, I AM retired, and I slept in this morning, making up for Saturday night’s loss of sleep.  I really didn’t want to get up at all, but really needed some office supplies, and K-Mart is just a block away.  And then I had a check to cash, and the bank is just half a block in the other direction.  So, I crawled reluctantly out of my warm bed and shivered into some warm clothes.  Well, they warmed up after a few minutes.  Do you know how hard it is to first get in the shower when the apartment is almost arctic temp?  And then after a nice warm shower, to have to get out of in back into the attic temp and get dressed?  I briefly thought about digging out my long johns, but decided that might be overkill right now, but my heavy AmeriCorps sweatshirt was just what I needed at the moment.  Oh yeah, the picture above is of our fish pond–the little waterfall in the back–or maybe the front.  Guess it depends on whether you’re a fish in the pond or not.  100_2396 The fish all come running, or more likely, swimming when someone is close to the pond.  That herd mentality I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.  That’s when I took this photo.  I think most of the flowers are gone now, and the fishies are hibernating.  Or maybe I’m just the one hibernating.  I was so over heated for so many years that it’s a strange feeling to be cold natured again.  But after all those years of hot flashes, I think I prefer the cold.  You can always add more layers, but there’s a legal limit to how much you can take off.  Plus, I have my  own personal limit to how much I’m willing to show in public.

100_2498 I’ve had three servings of my Monterey spaghetti now and have finally figured out what the problem is.  It’s not that I had to substitute a different cheese.  I didn’t put enough in.  I realized it this afternoon when I was eating my lunner.  So, the solution to that will be to run another block of cheese thru the salad shooter, and just add a handful to each serving when I heat it up.  See, I still have at least one working brain cell.  And on a Monday at that.

remember all the ruffled scarves I was finger knitting all last summer? 100_2323 I think I deleted the photo of the scarves, but this is the bag of yarn.  The scarves mostly went to some of my favorite places for their fund-raising events, so I don’t have a huge over run of them any more.  Anika also took several of her favorites when she spent the night with me in September.  And then Andrew and Noah decided they each wanted one. 100_2443 Andrew is on the left with the blue scarf around his head and Noah is on the right lookin a bit embarrassed, but willing to go along with Andrew’s quirks.  They are both a couple of little nuts, but I think Noah has a lot going for him.  He raises calves to show at the Daviess Co. fair each summer, and has won several gold medals.  This year his steer and heifer each won gold medals and Grand Championship medals.  His goal is to have twenty head of cattle by the time he graduates high school.  That kid will carry on the Wink family farming tradition if he gets the chance.  Andrew will probably follow his dad into a Poly Sci type of profession.  With that kid, who really knows?  If they still had gambling boats sailing the Mississippi he might become a professional gambler.  We have all played different card games with him and as far as I know he’s never been beat.  He does love strange head-gear though.

Well, back to my scarves.  I’ve been using up the ends of the skeins of yarn lately, making itty bitty neck warmers.  They have a name for them, but for the life of me, I can’t think what it is right now.  I’ll remember in a couple of hours when I’m trying to sleep. but…100_2499 Hummm, kinda hard to see them on the quilt top, but they are actually nice and warm, and the short ones just fit around the neck and can be pinned closed with a decorative pin, or I could probably put a button on them and wear them that way.  Just thought about that one.  See?  I’m a night person.  Mornings just don’t suit me.  I think that’s why I worked second shift at the nursing home.  Unfortunately that was the only place I worked that had a second shift.

Just remembered something funny.  At least it’s funny now.  Wasn’t when it happened, but in retrospect, well….I had a neighbor in the adjoining apartment who was extremely lonely, but refused to go downstairs to meet anyone else.  I had to get up at five a.m. to get ready for work at the time, and one morning she knocked on my door about thirty seconds after I got out of the shower.  I know I should not have opened that door, but I did.  I had a dog then, a little guy named Max.  She came in with a hot dog for him, held it by one end, and he leaped up and grabbed it and swallowed the darn thing whole.  She gulped, I screamed, and Max just looked around to see if there was another one coming.  I don’t think that little guy ever chewed anything.  And I know he didn’t eat dog food unless there was no other option.  Well, both of them have passed away now, and while I miss Max, I can’t say the same for her.  I don’t know how many times I was late for work because she would come over as soon as I would get out of the shower and just stay and stay and stay, and I was just too polite to tell her to go away.

Most of the people on my floor are okay now.  We all do our own thing and if anyone needs help they ask and someone helps.  I cook and share, one of them has a car and will drive us if we need a lift.  One will run errands if we need anything.  One will do laundry for us when we need help with that.  We’re just like a small neighborhood up here in the sky.

All Pigged Out

100_2409This is al the stuff used for making pulled pork barbecue.  Well, maybe not all.  Have to keep a few secrets.  But plate of stuff on right is cooked pork needing to be pulled.  Rolled sleeves up, figuratively speaking, and started pulling by hand.  Just can’t do it right without hands involved.  Greasy meat.

100_2410 Finally all pulled and back in crock pot.  Poured sauce over it all 100_2411 and let cook few more hours to get flavors to meld together.  Took nap while waiting.  Midnight before all pulled and started cooking, so got really tired.

Woke up few times.  Remembered to turn crock pot off at some point, but when got up still hot enough to have sandwich for breakfast.  Cut pita in half, filled with pulled port, tomato slice, some onions, watermelon pickles.  Dug in and was really good.  Left out enough for rest of pita tonight.  Ate light lunch of ice cream.

Went to K-Mart for more pint jars for watermelon pickles.  Got home, sat down, fell asleep.  After all, didn’t sleep much last night.  Will make pickles tomorrow.  Slept off and on all day, so probably be up all night again.  Can’t get internal clock set right.

Looked in mirror of bathroom and saw some hair sticking out.  Grabbed scissors and whacked it off.  Then had to whack more off to go with that.  Back to wearing hat.  Head scalped again.  Should know better, but no fun if went to hairdresser to have good cut.  More fun to whack it myself.  Then have bald spots next to long strands.  May have to shave it again.

Took stock of ‘fridge today.  Really did buy lots of pig yesterday.  Have three kinds sausage, chorizo, so make that four kinds sausage, country ham slices, pulled pork, bacon.  Didn’t buy head cheese or liver though.  Or pigs feet.  Don’t appeal to me.  Uncle used to like brains with scrambled eggs.  Ugh!  Saw some brains once.  Made me gag.

chickLike this picture.  Keep wondering how dog got to be mom to so many chicks.  Not sure dogs knows either.  Being nice about it though.  Baby chicks cute, but grow up to be big hens.  Not so cute then.  Good source of nice eggs though.  Like eggs, especially in omelets with lots of veggies and sausage or leftover chicken in them.  Well, leftover anything.  Good way to clean out leftovers in ‘fridge.

Had burgoo last night while pork was cookin’.  Yum, yum.  Gonna have to replace soon tho.  Easy to swallow, so eat it often.  Rest of world doesn’t know what they are missing.  Should all come to Daviess Co. to eat some real burgoo.  Can’t get real stuff anywhere else.  And only at St. Martin’s and Mount St. Joseph now.  Other places don’t grind meat and veggies, and some add mystery ingredients to make it go further.  May have to start making own if St. Martins and MSJ do that.  As long as there is Blandford or Keller alive will be made right though.

Friday blessings Have good rest of Friday.


Out and About

This morning I decided to take life in wheels and go to the grocery.  Just needed a few things, but as usual, they grew as I cruzed the aisles.  My list had been written.  It was still at home next to my favorite chair.  Right where I left it.  That’s the way it always works.  I did remember most of the stuff on it.  MOST of the stuff.  And naturally had to take the power chair before Mike transforms it.

Decided Mike and I should open an art gallery.  While he’s welding the chair, he could weld parts of old cars to it.  Maybe find some other junk to put in there.  You never know what could be lying around out there.  And I can take some canvas and open a few of the old paint cans.  Splash the paint on the canvas.  A lot of color.  The more you can’t understand it the more people read into it.  We could be famous.  Or we could be idiots.  Think my money would be on idiots.

Baby oil Ordered some soap making supplies today.  Sometimes use olive oil in the soap.  Might try baby oil this time.  Naaah.  Coconut oil is best.  Castor oil good for skin.  How many of you remember that from childhood?  The internal ingestion was, shall we say, explosive?  Really hated OJ for years after that.

Remembered to get my paper supplies today. grocery listThey were on my list.  I know, because I looked at it when I got home.  Then after a long rest, went to K-Mart for computer supplies.  And liners for crock pot.  And wouldn’t you know they were all on the top shelf?  If I could have walked they would have been on the bottom shelf.  Knees hurt, so hard to stoop down.  Easy to reach down when in the chair.  Impossible to reach top shelf when my reacher was on floor behind where my chair had been charging.  Funny how you don’t notice these things before leaving home.

Even funnier when you get to checkout and discover purse was also left at home.  They know me by name over there now.  Go home, get purse, go back, pay for purchase, start back home.  That’s when you notice chair is running on very low battery.  Pray, pray, pray even harder.  Get back to apartment building and everyone you know is sitting outside.  They all want to talk, so turn off chair.  At least enough people to push me home if chair won’t start again.

Mike Janette Noah Ah, leaving you with something pretty to look at.  My soon to be pard Mike, Noah and Janette somewhere up a creek on vacation.  I’m on a permanent vacation.  That’s what happens when you’re retired.  Like sleeping late when I want to.  Hate having insomnia that keeps me awake all night.  Much rather be out and about.


They Came, They Saw, They Left

B0000305  This is actually my “nephew” dog Satyr, but the sniffin’ dogs look a lot like him.  They didn’t bring them in, because I really did have some garlic juice in a bottle top in the hall.  But they tore my bed apart looking for little critters.  And as I said last night, I don’t have bedbugs.

I didn’t get a lot of sleep, because I’m not a morning person.  And actually, they didn’t get to my floor until this afternoon, but as promised, at 9 a.m. a voice boomed over the PA system telling us they were in the building.  I waited around for a while, then got bored and went outside for a while.  So nice and cool, but a little bit drippy.  There were a lot of clouds overhead, and it looked like it would rain any minute.

I really wanted to go to the grocery.  Don’t know why it seemed so important to go this morning.  It just did.  Cheeries were on sale, and these will probably be the last ones of the season, and I really do love cherries.  So, after hanging around, talking to people about the weather (one thing about the weather, we all have an opinion), I finally decided to go for it.  Naturally, I took Magic Raincoat.  And once again, it didn’t let me down.100_2333 Here is part of my haul from the grocery when I got home.  Cheeries, apples and peaches.  Also some sugar, sweet potatoes and Portobello mushrooms.  Bet you can’t guess what I’m having for din-din tonight.  A portoburger, and some cherries.  The cherries will be dessert.  Haven’t decided yet, but I might bake a sweet potato to go with the burger.  I actually intended to get cabbage when I went, so I could make some cabbage rolls tonight.  Notice what’s missing from the pile?  It’s going to be hard to make a cabbage roll without a cabbage.  Guess that will be another trip.

Finally met my new neighbor this morning.  We’ve been calling him Santa Clause, because he looks a lot like Santa.  I have some problems remembering names, but I think his name is Rodney something or other.  He started talking about some friends from Catholic High, so naturally I asked him if he knew any Blandfords.  He remembered one who used to run the Big Dipper.Big Dipper Now THAT took me back a few years.  My aunt used to manage it, my cousin worked there, and after school some days, when I went to OCHS, we would take our lunch money and walk down there, or probably ran, grab a burger to go, and ran back to catch the bus for home.  School lunches in those days weren’t much to talk about.  And the Dipper was our hangout.  Each high school had their own little dive, and the Dipper was ours.

It’s still there, and still as popular with the teen crowd as ever.  My sister still goes there when she comes home to visit.  I think I’ve outgrown them though.  They just don’t have the same taste they had those days after school when we were starving from skipping the cafeteria lunches.  But when the food looks the way ours did, you can suffer the pangs of hunger for a couple of hours and wait long enough to run down to the Dipper.  It was only about a mile and we were young then.  Now I would be the one who got eaten by the bear.  Well, you know.  They say if you are chased by a bear you just have to outrun the slowest person in the group.  Put to the test though, I don’t know.  I just might be able to beat them all.

Right now, I have a portoburger to burn.


Summer Daze (Sausage Wise)

100_2293  Thi picture is from day one in my first ever attempt to make summer sausage.  It was my dad’s favorite snack, and my mom included the recipe for it in a family cookbook my daughter put together for our big reunion in 2000.  Since it takes three days to make it, not many people try.  But, being me, and not really having that many bran cells left, naturally I just had to make it at least once in my lifetime.  So, with five pounds of ground beef (or beast, as I call the animal), and a supply of other ingredients, I mixed this stuff up, enclosed it with plastic wrap, and shoved it in the fridge.

Day two I took it out and did a remix, freezing my fingers in the process.  Mom started making it after I married and left home, so I didn’t know about the cold fingers part.  As I said before, limited brain cells.  Re-covered the meat mix and put back in fridge.

Day three, I got smarter.  I wore rubber gloves to mix the stuff.  Recipe said to roll into logs and put on broiler pan.  Oops!  I don’t have a broiler pan.100_2297 Trip to K-Mart.  I looked at broiler pans and they were pretty, but for one use?  I’ve never used one before.  Probably won’t use one ever again.  Then I saw this pan.  Broiler pan–$25.  Disposable pan–$4.  No contest.  I bought it, brought it home.  Poked holes in bottom for grease to drain out.  Placed on baking racks on cookie sheet covered with foil.  Voila!  Instant broiler pan.100_2299 This is the sausage at the halfway point, where I had to turn the logs.  Mom’s always looked a lot neater than these.  But the pan worked.  I had my very own jerry rigged broiler pan.  I still have part of a brain after all.

It takes six hours to cook this stuff.  SIX hours!  Very low heat.  But I can say, well worth the effort.  I have tried some of it already.100_2300  I think maybe it shows where I cut the end of the top one off.  Wouldn’t want to serve any of it to someone and poison them now, would I?  To tell the truth, as I’m writing this that roll is about two inches shorter than in the picture.

100_2301 And this is my “broiler pan”.  I’m still trying to make up my mind if I really want to throw it away or clean it up and try for more perfect logs in the future.  Practice DOES make perfect.  And that sure is a great snack.  And really, how hard would it be to clean this up?  I’m kidding myself, right?  No, I really want to make another batch, and why not clean it up and re-use it.  After all, now I know to use rubber gloves to keep my fingers warm.  And clean.  Oh, wait!  It’s my sister who doesn’t like to get her hands dirty when she’s cooking.  I’m the one who likes to plunge them in to the bottom of the deepest bowl and let all that good stuff cling to them.  I’m also the one who forgets to have a pan of soapy water to wash them off in after they get greasy and doughy.

Now, what to do tomorrow?  Cherries on sale at the grocery, so maybe I’ll make cherry syrup.  And maybe I’ll just play Sol.  Or just….

This really isn’t a cooking blog.  I just happen to be cooking right now.  Soon I’ll be doing something else.  Don’t know what.  Don’t really care right now.  As long as I can, I’ll do.  Oh, almost forgot.  I borrowed a large pot from my mom last week to use when I make my fruit syrups.  Ray took one look at it and called it the “dumpling pot”.  I almost forgot, that was the pot I used to use when making loads and loads of dumplings for the family when they all came home for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  It would be so nice to put that pot back to its original use again, but I don’t think any of us need dumplings any more.  Well, nobody “needs” dumplings.  We just love dumplings.  But that’s a whole nother story.


I wanted a quiet day

It all started out as a quiet day.  I played Solitaire before deciding to have a waffle for breakfast, HAD to have peach syrup on the 100_2280  waffle, of course, read a couple of chapters of my book, stared at the dirty clothes I have to take down to wash tonight, took a nap.  All quiet, so far.  About noon I decided to go downstairs to the bull pen (yeah, that’s what they call it,  because sometimes you need hip boots to sit in there and listen to the tales people tell).  I was really waiting for the mail — really, that’s all, just waiting for the mail.  Yesterday it came before 12:30, so I hoped it would again today.  Going downstairs was a bad idea.  Waiting for the mail to be delivered is like watching grass grow.  Or watching water boil.  It just doesn’t happen while you’re there.

I did have some good conversations with a lot of people though.  A lot of bull going around, a lot of laughs, but those chairs are not really made for sitting in.  At least not made for sitting comfortably in.  A friend went over to a Mexican restaurant we love and bought me a wonderful flan, so creamy, dreamy, and rich.  A few weeks ago I met him on a Sunday morning coming back from the stand where he had just lost his money trying to buy a copy of the New York Times.  It opened okay, but the Sunday edition wasn’t there yet.  I was on my way over to get the local paper, and just by chance the person was there filling the Times paper thingy.  I told him a friend had just lost his money by opening the box and finding the Saturday edition in there, so he gave me the Sunday edition for him.  I didn’t think anything more about it, just got my paper and went home.  He was already in his apartment, so I left it with some mutual friends downstairs and asked them if they would give it to him when he came back down, then forgot all about it.  Today, he thanked me by treating me to the flan.  I wish I had taken a picture of it.

I wouldn’t know how to download the picture off my cell phone though.  I’ll have to grab the next grandkid that comes along and see if they can show me how to do it.  That’s another great thing about grandkids.  They know everything there is to know about electronics.

Okay, back to my quiet day.  The mail finally arrived at 2:30.  Yep!  I should have waited at home for it, but then I would have missed out on the flan.  So that wasn’t really a bad thing.  I decided then to go to K-Mart, about a block away to get some printer cartridges.  I just KNOW mine spring a leak the minute I put them in the printer.  I picked up some paper products I was out of, and a stock pot that was on sale that I really need because I make my own stock to use in cooking, and the only pot I have for that won’t hold more than a gallon of ingredients, so I can’t always make a lot of stock.  Now I can make enough to last awhile, and freeze it for when it’s needed.

I saw Judy when I walked into K-Mart.  So funny, after spending most of yesterday with her.  We were both in a hurry, so just said a quick hello before going our separate ways.  I just strolled thru the store, picking up the items I needed as I came to them, looking at other stuff and wondering why they don’t carry a lot of things they used to have.  By the time I went thru the housewares department, the food aisles, and electronics, I was worn out enough to come home.  Also very proud of myself, because I walked over there, with only the support of my walker.


That’s my walker, with my magic raincoat draped across it and the overflowing hamper of laundry waiting for the good housekeeping fairy to come and do it.  I’m afraid she has passed me by again though.  Still no magical food in the fridge, and no magical fairy taking my laundry down to the laundry room.  So that is the way I’ll end my quiet day tonight.  If I’m lucky it will be before midnight.