CLEANUP: Electronics, Housewares, etc

Yep, I went shopping again today.  First to the grocery, where I forgot half the stuff I wanted because my list was next to my recliner at home.  I don’t know why I bother making lists.  They never seem to go with me when I leave the apartment.

Since the watermelon season is over, I kinda got my chair hooked on the display of pears.  That just wasn’t pretty at all, because they weren’t exactly in a bin like the watermelons.  I don’t know if anyone saw me speeding away from the scene of the train wreck or not, but I sure got out of there, and was innocently loading up on collards and celery when they came to clean up the mess of bruised pears.   Got stuck on the banana bin, but managed to get loose from that without any disasters,  Why do I always leave my camera at home when I go shopping?  I could get some really great photos of people getting out of my way, and the ones cleaning up after I’ve moved on.

At least I made sure to get three blocks of Monterey Jack cheese this time.   Looked for buckwheat flour, but they didn’t have it.  Had buckwheat pancake mix, but I didn’t want to make pancakes, I want to make some buckwheat fry bread.  Had to order the flour from Amazon, so it will be a week before I get it.

Got home and had to power up my chair again before heading out to K-Mart.  Needed a smaller pair of jeans, and a black ink cartridge.  After I got the ink cartridge I looked thru some old movies to see if any of them looked like something I would want.  Guess what got knocked over in electronics?  Uh-huh.  Kinda hard to maneuver around a bunch of DVD’s in a power chair, but I don’t think anything had incriminating tire marks on them.  One good thing about our K-Mart is that they are extremely understaffed.  I think a person coud die in there and not be found for weeks, because you can never find a salesperson when you need help for anything.

Always have to check out what’s on clearance in housewares there.  Found some knives, a garlic press, a fruit corer (for the pears and apples I’ll be getting tomorrow), some oven gloves to replace the ones I’ve burned holes in, kitchen shears.  I think that might be it.  Then had to sit in line for close to an hour because they only had two checkouts open.  Typical.  Got hung up in the magazine section, but since they didn’t have the craft ‘zines, I really didn’t care if I upset anything there.  Ooh, almost forgot the really cute hat I found.  And on sale, too.  Black and white tweed with a cute rosette on the side.  Around here they call me the “hat woman”.  As long as they can’t see the butcher job I do on my hair I’m golden with that name.

When I got everything put away I sat for a while, then started my nightly fight with the computer.  One of us has to go, and it won’t be me.Crazy woman Just substitute “computer” for “man” in that pic and you’ll just about have it.  It won’t be long until this piece of s*** and I will be sharing a couch in a therapists office.  And just maybe I’ll drop it somewhere along the way.  I like the monitor okay.  I even cleaned it a few days ago.  Actually I clean it more often than I clean my glasses, which probably is why I can’t see all that well most of the time.

I’ve completely lost my train of thought here, so it must be time for bed.  Yeah, the clock says 11:8 p.m. so it’s time to start winding down.  About half an hour of Solitaire should do it.  y’all have a good one, okay?



Full Day Today

Award And nothing much to show for it.  Except, of course, another sinus headache and flowing nasal passages — just a nicer way to say a runny nose.  I’m thinking hard about having my nose pierced and hanging a bucket under it.  That would be a lot cheaper than going thru a box of tissues a day.  It might look strange for a while, but I really think people would get used to it.  After all, when I shaved my head they got used to seeing me in hats.  I still wear the hats because the only mirror in my apartment is in the bathroom, above the sink, so every time I wash my hands I see my hair.  And my hair sticks out in places.  So…I grab the scissors and start snipping.  That means I end up bald in spots and have longer hair in some places.  And each time I promise myself I’m going to let the hair grow long enough to go to the hairdresser and get a professional cut, there’s another strand sticking out.

I canned my ketchup this morning.  Six beautiful pints of it, with half a pint in the fridge that I’m using now.  Dee-lish.  Told you I come from a long line of great cooks on both sides of my family.  And that’s one recipe I don’t fool around with.  Except once when I didn’t have cloves, so I substituted coriander.  Now don’t laugh.  I know they have nothing in common, but the ketchup with the coriander was pretty darn good too.  This time I used onion powder instead of taking the time to finely dice an onion.  Just really wasn’t in the mood to handle a knife at the time.  It also took longer to cook down the full recipe than it did when I cut it in half. That makes a weird kind of sense, now that I think about it.

Went to K-Mart about noon to get some jeans, but found the sale wasn’t on the kind I like.  The jeggins were on sale.  They look good on younger people, but on an old woman like me???  Don’t think so.  Ended up buying a box of envelopes, almost got some chocolate, but decided I have too much real food in the fridge to eat up, so put the candy back.  Felt so righteous on my way home, but now I’m kicking myself and really wanting chocolate.  Guess I’ll be making fudge before the night is over.

flooded lake in garden of gods, CO, 2013 A friend in Colorado sent me this calming picture today.  I love it.  I’ve been to Colorado a few times visiting my sisters, but I sure wouldn’t want to live there.  There’s no oxygen or humidity, so it was really hard to breathe, and I used a tube of lip balm each day I was there.  Love mountains, but I’ll take our own Eastern Kentucky mountains, or the Smokies any day.  You can see the moonshine in the stills here.  Oops, I mean the moon shining in the hills.

I had some ‘shine once.  Hubby came home with some, woke me up with a glass of clear liquid, and asked if I was thirsty.  Thinking it was water, I took it and chugged about half the glass before it hit my stomach.  You could say, I didn’t like it much.   He thought it was hilarious, until it came back up all over him.  And some people wonder why we got divorced.  Just the little things like that, among others.

Made some country ham fried rice today.  I would have taken a picture of it, but it really looked horrible.  Tastes good though, so I’ll be eating that for a few days, along with the leftover meatloaf and collards.  The collards are almost gone, and I sure would like to have more of them.  To think, all these years I’ve avoided every green except spinach, and all this time I could have been enjoying all these others.  Could be the secret is in the cooking liquid — I used a can of beer.  Why not?  The alcohol cooks out and I’m sure the rest of the stuff I put in there covered the beer taste, because I’m sure I don’t taste it.  Haven’t had any for so long I’m not sure what it tastes like any more.

big cabbage I’ve been thinking about making sauerkraut this year.  Found this picture and just started wondering how many gallons this head of cabbage would make.  And just thing about all the stuffed cabbage leaves!!!  You would need a whole cow to stuff one leaf on this head.  But I am seriously still thinking about making kraut.  Just not sure where to store it while it ferments.  I know it’s a stinky process, but since I have no sense of smell it wouldn’t bother me a bit.  Might send the neighbors running for the elevator, but I wouldn’t smell it.  So, would that make it their problem?  Hummm, maybe I had better keep thinking about this one.






Just Because

Expect nothingI’ve been doing some experimenting on this page tonight, clicking on buttons just to see what they did.  Some weird things have popped up, and I still don’t know what they are doing, but as the sign says, Expect Nothing & Appreciate Everything.  So, I’ll just continue writing and see what happens.  Why?  Just because.  That seems to  be the way I’m wired today.  And oh, my goodness, a lot of stuff just popped up at the bottom of the page.  I wonder if it will stay when I hit “Publish”?  I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

Is anyone wondering why the change in writing style?  Well, just because.  I guess because I can.  I did, after all, take a few courses in college, including English Lit.  So maybe I didn’t go for a degree, but I never really wanted a degree.  I wanted the American Dream.  A husband, a nice home, a dozen kids.  So I got the husband, who wasn’t exactly what I had expected him to be, got the house with a farm attached, and millions of termites eating away at it, and had five kids, three of whom lived.  And then, after 30 years, I got a divorce.  Why?  Just because.

Oh, yeah, I also got MS along the way.  I probably was pre-MS at sixteen when the headaches started, but since it’s so hard to diagnose, and no one knew anything about it then, I was a lot older when they finally got around to checking to see if I really had a brain.  By that time none of us were really sure they would find anything but empty space in my head.  Some days I think the empty space would have been better.  Why?  Just because.

100_2469 Remember when I said I was going to invest in a non-stick pan for making frittatas?  I did.  I won’t do a commercial for them, but I did buy it at Kmart, in their “As Seen On TV” section.  Based on how easily my warmed over stromboli slid out of the pan after spending some time in the oven today, it seems like a pretty good investment.  Even the baked on cheese slid out and really tasted good.  I love baked cheese.  Now I can make more of it.  Just think about sticking some mozzarella in that pan and sticking it in the oven for a few minutes to melt.  And once again, just because.

One of the best things about getting older is that you just don’t have to have a reason for the things you do.  Like being a kid again.  You do things just because you want to do them.  Just because it’s fun.  Like kicking your shoes off and wading in a puddle.  We’re having thunderstorms today, so that’s what reminded me of puddles.  They’re EVERYWHERE.  I think there was an air show this afternoon.  At least I hope so.  If not we were having some really weird thunder, but the clouds were so heavy that when I looked outside I couldn’t see any airplanes, so who knows?  I still want some good pictures of lightning.  Why?  Just because.

Positive energy So, for tonight, I’m wishing everyone lots of positive energy, and positive thoughts.  Why?  JUST BECAUSE!!!!


Summer Daze (Sausage Wise)

100_2293  Thi picture is from day one in my first ever attempt to make summer sausage.  It was my dad’s favorite snack, and my mom included the recipe for it in a family cookbook my daughter put together for our big reunion in 2000.  Since it takes three days to make it, not many people try.  But, being me, and not really having that many bran cells left, naturally I just had to make it at least once in my lifetime.  So, with five pounds of ground beef (or beast, as I call the animal), and a supply of other ingredients, I mixed this stuff up, enclosed it with plastic wrap, and shoved it in the fridge.

Day two I took it out and did a remix, freezing my fingers in the process.  Mom started making it after I married and left home, so I didn’t know about the cold fingers part.  As I said before, limited brain cells.  Re-covered the meat mix and put back in fridge.

Day three, I got smarter.  I wore rubber gloves to mix the stuff.  Recipe said to roll into logs and put on broiler pan.  Oops!  I don’t have a broiler pan.100_2297 Trip to K-Mart.  I looked at broiler pans and they were pretty, but for one use?  I’ve never used one before.  Probably won’t use one ever again.  Then I saw this pan.  Broiler pan–$25.  Disposable pan–$4.  No contest.  I bought it, brought it home.  Poked holes in bottom for grease to drain out.  Placed on baking racks on cookie sheet covered with foil.  Voila!  Instant broiler pan.100_2299 This is the sausage at the halfway point, where I had to turn the logs.  Mom’s always looked a lot neater than these.  But the pan worked.  I had my very own jerry rigged broiler pan.  I still have part of a brain after all.

It takes six hours to cook this stuff.  SIX hours!  Very low heat.  But I can say, well worth the effort.  I have tried some of it already.100_2300  I think maybe it shows where I cut the end of the top one off.  Wouldn’t want to serve any of it to someone and poison them now, would I?  To tell the truth, as I’m writing this that roll is about two inches shorter than in the picture.

100_2301 And this is my “broiler pan”.  I’m still trying to make up my mind if I really want to throw it away or clean it up and try for more perfect logs in the future.  Practice DOES make perfect.  And that sure is a great snack.  And really, how hard would it be to clean this up?  I’m kidding myself, right?  No, I really want to make another batch, and why not clean it up and re-use it.  After all, now I know to use rubber gloves to keep my fingers warm.  And clean.  Oh, wait!  It’s my sister who doesn’t like to get her hands dirty when she’s cooking.  I’m the one who likes to plunge them in to the bottom of the deepest bowl and let all that good stuff cling to them.  I’m also the one who forgets to have a pan of soapy water to wash them off in after they get greasy and doughy.

Now, what to do tomorrow?  Cherries on sale at the grocery, so maybe I’ll make cherry syrup.  And maybe I’ll just play Sol.  Or just….

This really isn’t a cooking blog.  I just happen to be cooking right now.  Soon I’ll be doing something else.  Don’t know what.  Don’t really care right now.  As long as I can, I’ll do.  Oh, almost forgot.  I borrowed a large pot from my mom last week to use when I make my fruit syrups.  Ray took one look at it and called it the “dumpling pot”.  I almost forgot, that was the pot I used to use when making loads and loads of dumplings for the family when they all came home for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  It would be so nice to put that pot back to its original use again, but I don’t think any of us need dumplings any more.  Well, nobody “needs” dumplings.  We just love dumplings.  But that’s a whole nother story.