More Train Wrecks

Or maybe I should say more headaches.  I’ve been trying to add a drawing Anika made for me of Max, my Pekingese dog.  Cowgirl Anika Anika is extremely talented in so many ways, and can draw everything except cats.  She loves cats more than any other animal, but for some reason, can’t seem to draw them yet, so when she was here helping me decorate the pine cones I asked her if she would draw me a picture of Max.  She drew it, sent it to me, and I have been trying to get it on the blog since I received it.

First I scanned it in to my photos, but it didn’t show up when I was downloading some photos to my blog library.  Then I took a photo of the drawing, and have just spent an hour trying to put that in the library, but when it downloads I get a message that says “crunching”, and my only guess is that by crunching it really means munching, because it sure doesn’t show up in the photo library.  So, I’m going to make one more effort here.  Hold on to your hats and garters, because if this doesn’t work out there could be a huge explosion.  BOOOOOOOOMMMMMM.  It still didn’t work.  What does it mean when it crunches your photo?  I’ve downloaded a lot of photos to this site and they have always been okay.  This is the first time they have ever been crunched.  I wonder if they have seen my trash cans and realize how full they are and how much they need to be emptied and the contents crunched?  Yeeks!  I hope not.  That would mean it could also see the items I have dropped and been unable to pick up.

Well, the title warned you this is about more train wrecks.

Like, I’m having to go on scavenger hunts again, since Irene came in last weekend.  All of the things I use were stored within reach on my right side so I could just pick them up easily when needed.  Some of them were moved to the left, meaning heaps of pain if I have to get them.  Some were placed under heavy objects I can’t lift without chance of dropping on my foot.  Just the thought of that makes me wince.  There are a few things I haven’t found yet, but have made it without them so far.  Others are in places I can see but have no way of getting to, because they are just out of reach.

I went online and ordered a lot of stuff I’m running out of, and the deliveries should start on Monday.  And I also signed up for the produce deliveries from Cecil Farms again, starting in May.  This time I signed up for every other week though.  Getting the weekly deliveries last summer was nice, but there was no breathing space in between.  I think this year I’ll need the time to breathe a week between the deliveries.  I also signed up for fresh eggs during the summer, because I’m never sure when the egg lady will show up here, and I sure love those farm fresh eggs.  Plus, I’ll hopefully be getting some fresh pork this year as well.  That will be from a different source, but will be so much better than the pork bought at the grocery.  And at some point before summer I plan on buying a pressure canner, so I can put some of that pork in jars and can it for later.  That was something my mom always did, and it was sooooo good and so tender you just wouldn’t believe it.  I did it on the farm, and it is great to be able to grab a jar of canned pork loin in an emergency situation and just sit back and enjoy it.  Heat if you want, but it really isn’t necessary.  Just open and enjoy.

Now I’m making myself hungry for some fresh collards and bacon or pork loin.  Fresh anything right now would be good.  I wanna get back to the kitchen.  That means I had better get back in there now and heat up a bowl of burgoo.BBQ capitol of the world



Country Roads

Sing along here:  Take me back, country roads.  Okay, so I’m not exactly John Denver either.  But I DID get a huge bump on the head yesterday.  And today I am still sore all over.  Tried counting the bruises but ran out of fingers and toes.

Old wagon on country road, 2000 Back in my days of taking “picturesque” photos, I couldn’t resist this scene.  An old wagon on an old country road.  I was actually lost at the time, but had my camera with me, so why not make the most of it.  I get lost a lot.

MaxMax was my “guide” dog when I went out driving.  He died about 6 years ago, and I quit driving soon after that.  I was forever driving past my apartment building.  The tallest building in town, and I would completely miss it until Max would bark.  At least he knew the way home.

But this is supposed to be about the country roads I remember.  From the time I was about 3 or 4, we lived on Highway 81, a very narrow country road.  It was paved, but we lived in a curve and I remember a lot of wrecks happening there.  People would miss the curve and end up wrapped around the telephone post, or sometimes in our front yard.  There were coal trucks on that road.  Strip mines not too far away from our house.

Most of the Blandford family lived on that road at one time.  Just before I married and moved away they renamed the place “Friendly Village”.  Sometimes when some people ask me where I grew up I tell them “In Friendly Village, before it got friendly”.  I love watching jaws drop.

Every Sunday, after Mass, we would spend the day at a classmate’s home.  That was always fun, and very educational for us.  We saw what the other families ate, some so different from what we usually ate.  They played different games, lived in different locations.  It was so much more enjoyable than the same old thing at home each week.

Several of my cousins lived in the same area, and during the week, especially in summer, we would ride our bikes to visit each other.  One bike ride still stands out in my mind.  Diane had been visiting me, and I was taking her home.  As usual, she was riding on the handlebars, and a car came up behind us.  I decided to swerve into the other lane to let the car pass, just as it swerved to pass.  My mom heard the screeching brakes, but I didn’t hear her screaming at me to come home.  I just went on my way to Diane’s house, and we both went in for a fortifying glass of lemonade before I went home.  Bad move.  Mom was waiting on the front porch.  My mind goes blank at this point, which is probably a good thing.

Old dirt road Sometimes on Sundays, dad would pile us all in the car and take us driving through the strip mining area.  It has all been developed now into recreational areas, but at that time, we enjoyed such views you can’t imagine.  This was before we knew the damage strip mining was doing to the land.  There aren’t very many dirt roads left in this part of Kentucky now.  I miss them.