And It’s Getting Even Colder

But before we get to that, the good news.  Next week I start therapy on my shoulder!  I’m doing a happy dance in my brain, since my legs still don’t work all that well, and yes, I know it will hurt, but that will be a good kind of hurt.  I’ll be back in the kitchen, cooking again in two months.  My personal resolution.  Maybe a bit premature, but I’ll do it!!!!

family-268 These are my two great grandsons, Eli and Camden.  And they are standing out in the snow, the only photo I have in my library that has snow in it.  We have some snow in the forecast, but I received an email from my Citizens Emergency Relief Team (CERT) trainer today that we are going to have a horrible, humongous cold wave starting next week, with the temps dipping below zero.  So if you are in the Owensboro, KY area, be prepared.  Dress in layers, have emergency equipment on hand, both at home and in your car if you have to get out.  If you don’t have to get out, Please STAY AT HOME, and bundle up.  Have an ample supply of finger foods on hand in case of power outage, don’t turn your heat up too high so you can conserve electricity, dress in layers, and please take care of your pets.  They get cold too.  There is no word about ice or snow, just the extreme cold, and I know a lot of you live in colder areas, but darn it, this is supposed to be the South.  Upper south, but still….

Now for the personal train wrecks.  Believe me, as long as I’m breathing, there will be train wrecks.  I got this really nice cushion for my power chair, since my bum is getting a bit sore from sitting all the time, and today managed to spill my Dr. Pepper on it.  And on my phone, which was on the cushion next to the Dr. Pepper.  A new twist on sticky keys I think.  So, to keep from getting the seat of my jeans wet (I hope) I have a thick towel covering the cushion.  Also, a large wet spot on the leg of my jeans.  If there’s a way to destroy it, I’ll find it.

I’ve managed to drag a second quilt off my bed by getting it caught in my chair.  This takes a special talent.  And yesterday I pulled a panel off the door of the elevator.  Well, I never claimed to be a good driver.  And besides, the door shouldn’t have tried to close on me so fast.  It got me to my floor though, and for the first time in months it didn’t make that horrible sound when the door opened.  Guess I showed it who’s boss, huh?

family-521 Astroid kissing Noah Amy Just decided to show a few of my favorite photos before I sign off.  On the left are Laurie, Anika, Andrew and Ethan, In the middle is Noah with his Grand Champion steer Asteroid, and on the right is my beautiful niece Amy, wearing a necklace I made for her.  We raise beautiful kids in my family.


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Happy (?) New Year

Here’s hoping this year will be so much better than last one.  At least the last month of last one.  I really want to get back in my kitchen and cook something.  I know I can’t smell anything, but still I can remember the smells of the things I usually cook, and really miss that pot of beans and the Mexican cornbread that always go with it.  Mmmm, what more can a person ask for than beans and cornbread on a cold, winter day?

I have a new award, sorta.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here it is. doncharisma-org-not-on-freshly-pressed-award-4-300x300 doncharisma-org-not-on-freshly-pressed-award-3-300x300I haven’t decided which one to put in my gallery yet, but I think it will be the one with the picture of the presenter, Don Charisma.  Of course, the other one shows up better, but I’ll decide before my next post.  Don is really a great guy, currently living in Thailand, who is now doing great things with stitching photos together to make up really large, breathtaking scenery.  He’s funny, intelligent, and altogether a great guy who created my angel logo for me.  My knight in mostly shining armor.  You really should check out his blog,  At least I think that’s it.  If not, so sorry Don.  Sinus headache, remember?

Since I can’t go shopping at this time, I have started online shopping at Amazon.  I think I went a bit overboard on a few things there, but since you don’t actually see the product, just a description, you don’t know until it arrives. 004 Just a few days ago I got a call from the office telling me I had a large package downstairs.  Large?  It was about the size of a coffin.  It is still taking up half my living room.  As you can see, I ordered paper towels, also 007 well, that’s more like a photo of the box with the towels at the top.  So, here’s another one.005 A dozen packages of paper plates, and a huge bag of paper bowls.  Since I can’t wash dishes at the moment, I use a lot of paper products.  And last, 006 a dozen boxes of Kleenex, although I only pulled one out because I only needed one opened at the time.  Fortunately there was no shipping fee, since the order was more than $50.  The trash bags and Windex are still to come, and naturally they are the items I needed the most.  Except for the Kleenex, since I somehow caught a head cold without ever leaving the building.  How?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I think if there is half of an allergen floating around the hemisphere it makes it to my nose and takes up residence there.

I’ve pretty much slept thru the past few days.  It’s just too comfortable under the covers to move lately, and I have a lot of lost sleep to make up.  Throw a couple of pain pills a day into the mix, and I’m snoring like, well, a lumberjack?  Or maybe more like Max did.  For such a tiny dog he could beat my dad when it came to snoring.

Well, back to the sinus meds.  Doctor appointment on Friday for results of CAT scan.  To tell the truth, I’m not sure I really want to know.


I Found It

Scan-4YES!!!!  This is the scanned picture Anika drew of Max!  I’m so excited and so up in the air about this.  Isn’t that girl an undiscovered talented artist?  And gorgeous to That’s Anika on the left of an Andrew sandwich, with Laurie, Anika’s twin brother, and Ethan in the back.  They are all a couple of years older now, but really a group of good looking kids.  Now I’m wondering which one is going to the UK vs Louisville game with their dad tonight.

Bill HAS to attend the games, because of his job at UK.  Doesn’t that make you want to cry him a river?  My older brother, Tony, used to have to do that job, and after a few years of it I think he got tired of going, but Bill takes one of the kids with him each time he has to go to a game.  We asked him Thursday which one was going with him today and he didn’t really answer.  Just said whoever was the best for the rest of the week.  Don and Mike both started grinning and told him he would have to pretend they were his kids for one of two of the games then, because they were always better than the kids.  I could add a comment or ten on that subject here, but I’ll save that for future blackmail material.  Ummm, I mean for another post.

Bill and Ethan at Final Four, 2012 This is Bill and Ethan last year at the Final Four in New Orleans, where UK won the championship.  I don’t really follow any sport, but I will admit my blood runs UK blue.  I also have several UK shirts.  All for survival of course.  One brother, two kids, a granddaughter, a grandson, all either still in, working for, or in some way screaming GO CATS, so I would be found guilty of high treason if I didn’t at least support the game.  We’re talking basketball here folks, not football.  I don’t think anyone in the extended family would argue that they are not good at football.

I really wish I had remembered to take my camera with me to my party, because Ethan now has a bush growing on his face.  It almost matches his Uncle Mike’s bushy face, except Mike is beginning to (gulp) get a bit gray.  And he’s my baby.  And only 11 1/4 years old, due to his birthday being on Feb. 29.  That wouldn’t be so bad except that he acts like an 11 year old kid.  Janette and I decided on duct tape instead of a plaster cast for him, and we decided to duct tape Noah to him after some of the shenanigans on Thursday.  I think duct tape across Mike’s face would be even better, because when he pulls it off, we might get to see what he looks like for the first time in years.

I’m not sure what this post is supposed to be about tonight.  I was just really so thrilled to find my scanned photos, that now I know where to look for more of them when I scan them in, and WordPress started to crunch the photo but changed it’s mind and let it in.  Must be my lucky day.

I also found someone willing to go to the grocery for me today, so I now have some frozen TV dinners, which are a welcome switch from the soups I’ve been eating.  The first one I ate even had some beautiful, green peas that stayed crunchy when they were warmed up.  What more could I ask for.  The pain level is dropping, so my shoulder is probably healing on it’s own, I ate some crunchy peas, visited with friends downstairs, got a few groceries….I even asked Steve to bring me a couple of the microwavable potatoes so I can have baked potatoes with sour cream and shredded cheese on them.  Didn’t think about getting some broccoli to put on top, but then I don’t think I could hold the knife yet.  But, ya never know.


More Train Wrecks

Or maybe I should say more headaches.  I’ve been trying to add a drawing Anika made for me of Max, my Pekingese dog.  Cowgirl Anika Anika is extremely talented in so many ways, and can draw everything except cats.  She loves cats more than any other animal, but for some reason, can’t seem to draw them yet, so when she was here helping me decorate the pine cones I asked her if she would draw me a picture of Max.  She drew it, sent it to me, and I have been trying to get it on the blog since I received it.

First I scanned it in to my photos, but it didn’t show up when I was downloading some photos to my blog library.  Then I took a photo of the drawing, and have just spent an hour trying to put that in the library, but when it downloads I get a message that says “crunching”, and my only guess is that by crunching it really means munching, because it sure doesn’t show up in the photo library.  So, I’m going to make one more effort here.  Hold on to your hats and garters, because if this doesn’t work out there could be a huge explosion.  BOOOOOOOOMMMMMM.  It still didn’t work.  What does it mean when it crunches your photo?  I’ve downloaded a lot of photos to this site and they have always been okay.  This is the first time they have ever been crunched.  I wonder if they have seen my trash cans and realize how full they are and how much they need to be emptied and the contents crunched?  Yeeks!  I hope not.  That would mean it could also see the items I have dropped and been unable to pick up.

Well, the title warned you this is about more train wrecks.

Like, I’m having to go on scavenger hunts again, since Irene came in last weekend.  All of the things I use were stored within reach on my right side so I could just pick them up easily when needed.  Some of them were moved to the left, meaning heaps of pain if I have to get them.  Some were placed under heavy objects I can’t lift without chance of dropping on my foot.  Just the thought of that makes me wince.  There are a few things I haven’t found yet, but have made it without them so far.  Others are in places I can see but have no way of getting to, because they are just out of reach.

I went online and ordered a lot of stuff I’m running out of, and the deliveries should start on Monday.  And I also signed up for the produce deliveries from Cecil Farms again, starting in May.  This time I signed up for every other week though.  Getting the weekly deliveries last summer was nice, but there was no breathing space in between.  I think this year I’ll need the time to breathe a week between the deliveries.  I also signed up for fresh eggs during the summer, because I’m never sure when the egg lady will show up here, and I sure love those farm fresh eggs.  Plus, I’ll hopefully be getting some fresh pork this year as well.  That will be from a different source, but will be so much better than the pork bought at the grocery.  And at some point before summer I plan on buying a pressure canner, so I can put some of that pork in jars and can it for later.  That was something my mom always did, and it was sooooo good and so tender you just wouldn’t believe it.  I did it on the farm, and it is great to be able to grab a jar of canned pork loin in an emergency situation and just sit back and enjoy it.  Heat if you want, but it really isn’t necessary.  Just open and enjoy.

Now I’m making myself hungry for some fresh collards and bacon or pork loin.  Fresh anything right now would be good.  I wanna get back to the kitchen.  That means I had better get back in there now and heat up a bowl of burgoo.BBQ capitol of the world


What A Week

And it ain’t over yet.  But after fighting with my computer, the internet, WordPress, and my shoulder for several days, I finally was able to get back on my blog.  I have had to reset my password about 25 times this week, and right now I’m not very sure which one finally worked, but Firefox has something on it that remembers passwords for me, so hopefully it will remember the one that finally opened the blog back up.  Or maybe I should say, opened the dashboard up so I could start posting again.

Rose in December Decided to show my rose in December photo again, because today my kids were here for our Christmas/birthday celebration, and Gina had my cake decorated to look like a large rose.  Of course it was my angel’s food cake, but this time the “frosting” was a whipped cream, marshmallow mix, and I’m not sure who decorated it, but it looked just like a beautiful red rose.  I really hated to see it cut, and really, really wanted to just bring it up to the apartment and preserve it forever, but the grand-kids over-ruled me on that one.  And if you believe that, I have a big blue bridge across the Ohio River that I’ll sell you.  A real bargain price too.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera down with me, so I’m waiting for one of them to post some photos on Facebook that I can save to my computer and maybe download to the blog later.

My day started with a surprise visit from a friend from long ago, bringing me some fresh fruit.  A very welcome gift at this moment when I can’t go out to the grocery, and have to order things without seeing them first.  I really like to look over my fresh fruit before I buy it, but haven’t been able to get over there since the shoulder injury.  And I still don’t know if surgery will be required or not, but since the doctor wants me back in his office to deliver the news I don’t think it is going to be really good news when I hear it.  Well, I’ve lived all these years with MS, so I guess I can make it a few more years with a sore shoulder.

My computer is making some really weird noises at me right now.  There are days I would like to drop kick it down the hall, but then I regain my remaining brain cells and think about broken toes, and the fact that I don’t have any combat boots or steel toed shoes any more, and just shut it down for the night.  Or I can stick my tongue out at it and make silly faces, just to show it I won’t let it tell me what to do.  Of course that just ends up in another fight with it, and I’m not all that techy, so it usually wins that battle.  One of these days though, I’ll really show it who is boss around here.  It is, of course, but as long as I don’t say that out loud it will never know that because I happen to know computers are only as smart as the person using them.  That makes mine a real dummy.

Well, I think I should rest this shoulder a bit more.  Also have another blog to write, acknowledging Mark Bialczak and thanking him for awarding me my second Blog of the Year award.  I do hope I spelled his name correctly.  Right now I’m not sure I can spell mine.  Anyway, Mark is a great guy, with a great blog, and I thank him very much.


Trying Again

all you really need Love all the chocolate the boys keep bringing me.  Mike came by today to do some banking for me, and of course the bank called to verify he was for real.   Oh, what a temptation to put in front of me after all the grief that kid gives me at times.  I was nice though, and he not only got the check cashed, but put the money on my card for me.  And a few minutes ago I got a call from him asking if I was missing anything.  Hadn’t thought much about it until he asked, but then realized he kinda forgot to bring me the change.

I’m using both hands for typing tonight, sorta.  Have to stop and rest the left one occasionally, but it sure makes things go faster.  Instead of a snails pace now, I can move at a turtle’s pace.  I think that can be called progress.  sure am getting tired of sitting though.

Elaine making burgoo This seems to be the only burgoo picture I still have in the media library, and that’s my sis Elaine making about 10 gallons of it last summer.  The point though, is that Mike got some of mine out of the freezer for me today, then got some paper bowls out of the cabinet, so now all I have to do is get a neighbor to come in and heat it up for me so it doesn’t end up in my lap or on the floor before it gets to my mouth.  I never thought I could get tired of chocolate, but when it becomes the only thing on the menu for over a week you start wanting something a bit more substantial.  Same goes with bananas and p-nut butter.  Still want some every day, but do need the extra benefits of a good hot bowl of burgoo.  For the unitiated, burgoo is a very thick — well, not soup, but also not stew.  Made with loving attention by grinding two different meats, cabbage, potatoes, onions, and adding corn and tomatoes plus just the right seasonings — can’t be beat. It’s mostly a regional dish, and the “correct” recipe was passed down from my Aunt Betty Ann’s family, then my sisters took it with them when they moved to Colorado.  Only a couple of places here still make the original recipe though, so I got about 8 gallons last summer and froze most of it for the year.  So glad I didn’t hog it all down at once now that I really need it.

100_2560 Also have some potato soup in the freezer, so when I’ve eaten the burgoo that is thawing now I’ll get out some potato soup.  Hints for everyone out there — you never plan on having accidents like this, but sometimes they happen, so always keep easy to reach, easy to handle food and dishes close for “that” dreaded some day.  Thought I was prepared for any kind of natural disaster, and in a way I guess I am, but sure wasn’t prepared for this kind.  When recovered, my microwave will be moved down one shelf so I can reach it from the chair if necessary.  Paper plates, bowls and plastic cutlery will be placed where they can be reached easily from the chair, and finger foods will be kept in abundance where they can be within reach.  And plastic cups will also be accessible, even though ice cubes will be a challenge.  Water is okay when not so cold though if you are thirsty enough.

Okay, back to one tired finger again, so signing off.


What Can I Say–It’s Monday

100_2400 I shouldn’t complain about Monday.  After all, I AM retired, and I slept in this morning, making up for Saturday night’s loss of sleep.  I really didn’t want to get up at all, but really needed some office supplies, and K-Mart is just a block away.  And then I had a check to cash, and the bank is just half a block in the other direction.  So, I crawled reluctantly out of my warm bed and shivered into some warm clothes.  Well, they warmed up after a few minutes.  Do you know how hard it is to first get in the shower when the apartment is almost arctic temp?  And then after a nice warm shower, to have to get out of in back into the attic temp and get dressed?  I briefly thought about digging out my long johns, but decided that might be overkill right now, but my heavy AmeriCorps sweatshirt was just what I needed at the moment.  Oh yeah, the picture above is of our fish pond–the little waterfall in the back–or maybe the front.  Guess it depends on whether you’re a fish in the pond or not.  100_2396 The fish all come running, or more likely, swimming when someone is close to the pond.  That herd mentality I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.  That’s when I took this photo.  I think most of the flowers are gone now, and the fishies are hibernating.  Or maybe I’m just the one hibernating.  I was so over heated for so many years that it’s a strange feeling to be cold natured again.  But after all those years of hot flashes, I think I prefer the cold.  You can always add more layers, but there’s a legal limit to how much you can take off.  Plus, I have my  own personal limit to how much I’m willing to show in public.

100_2498 I’ve had three servings of my Monterey spaghetti now and have finally figured out what the problem is.  It’s not that I had to substitute a different cheese.  I didn’t put enough in.  I realized it this afternoon when I was eating my lunner.  So, the solution to that will be to run another block of cheese thru the salad shooter, and just add a handful to each serving when I heat it up.  See, I still have at least one working brain cell.  And on a Monday at that.

remember all the ruffled scarves I was finger knitting all last summer? 100_2323 I think I deleted the photo of the scarves, but this is the bag of yarn.  The scarves mostly went to some of my favorite places for their fund-raising events, so I don’t have a huge over run of them any more.  Anika also took several of her favorites when she spent the night with me in September.  And then Andrew and Noah decided they each wanted one. 100_2443 Andrew is on the left with the blue scarf around his head and Noah is on the right lookin a bit embarrassed, but willing to go along with Andrew’s quirks.  They are both a couple of little nuts, but I think Noah has a lot going for him.  He raises calves to show at the Daviess Co. fair each summer, and has won several gold medals.  This year his steer and heifer each won gold medals and Grand Championship medals.  His goal is to have twenty head of cattle by the time he graduates high school.  That kid will carry on the Wink family farming tradition if he gets the chance.  Andrew will probably follow his dad into a Poly Sci type of profession.  With that kid, who really knows?  If they still had gambling boats sailing the Mississippi he might become a professional gambler.  We have all played different card games with him and as far as I know he’s never been beat.  He does love strange head-gear though.

Well, back to my scarves.  I’ve been using up the ends of the skeins of yarn lately, making itty bitty neck warmers.  They have a name for them, but for the life of me, I can’t think what it is right now.  I’ll remember in a couple of hours when I’m trying to sleep. but…100_2499 Hummm, kinda hard to see them on the quilt top, but they are actually nice and warm, and the short ones just fit around the neck and can be pinned closed with a decorative pin, or I could probably put a button on them and wear them that way.  Just thought about that one.  See?  I’m a night person.  Mornings just don’t suit me.  I think that’s why I worked second shift at the nursing home.  Unfortunately that was the only place I worked that had a second shift.

Just remembered something funny.  At least it’s funny now.  Wasn’t when it happened, but in retrospect, well….I had a neighbor in the adjoining apartment who was extremely lonely, but refused to go downstairs to meet anyone else.  I had to get up at five a.m. to get ready for work at the time, and one morning she knocked on my door about thirty seconds after I got out of the shower.  I know I should not have opened that door, but I did.  I had a dog then, a little guy named Max.  She came in with a hot dog for him, held it by one end, and he leaped up and grabbed it and swallowed the darn thing whole.  She gulped, I screamed, and Max just looked around to see if there was another one coming.  I don’t think that little guy ever chewed anything.  And I know he didn’t eat dog food unless there was no other option.  Well, both of them have passed away now, and while I miss Max, I can’t say the same for her.  I don’t know how many times I was late for work because she would come over as soon as I would get out of the shower and just stay and stay and stay, and I was just too polite to tell her to go away.

Most of the people on my floor are okay now.  We all do our own thing and if anyone needs help they ask and someone helps.  I cook and share, one of them has a car and will drive us if we need a lift.  One will run errands if we need anything.  One will do laundry for us when we need help with that.  We’re just like a small neighborhood up here in the sky.

Lookin’ At The World With New Perspective

Hay bales by SeedBud Had a good day today.  Picture of hay bales is by seedbud, a fellow blogger.  Reminds me of my days on the farm, cookin’ for the farm hands, quiltin’ in my spare time, pickin’ whatever was ripe in the garden and cannin’ or freezin’ it.  This time of year usually apples, pears, turnips, tomatoes, late beans, hull out beans.  Really loved the hull outs.  Took lots of time to do ’em, but boy howdee, were they good!!!.  Always tried to have lots of ’em in the freezer.  Better than the dried beans, and didn’t take as long to cook.

hay bale Found gigantic hay bale on FaceBook.  Tickled my fancy.   Could see Mike and Noah doin’ somethin’ like this.  Prob’ly Andrew too, if he was here.  Not sure how to make one that big, but they could do it if they tried.  ‘Specially Noah.  Really smart kid.Finally getting some sleep. Does fall asleep in odd places sometimes.  Kinda like his dad — real clown.

100_2430 Got good news about broken power chair while was waitin’ for elevator.  Phone rang while countin’ the flowers on wall.  Was lady from store ordered new chair from.  Medicare fin’ly approved new chair.  Maybe get it in two weeks.  Good thing.  Keep gettin’ stuck everywhere when seat turns but bottom stays in same position.  Did that when fin’ly got off elevator.  Funny thang on elevator.  Two people already on it.  Everybody forgot to push button, so went down to second floor, then back up.  Elevator full, so nobody else could get on.  Noticed no buttons pushed, so man pushed button for ground.  Stopped every floor, but nobody else could get on.  Just one skinny person.  Started backing out and bottom of chair got stuck on side of door while seat turned around.  Couldn’t make it go in any direction.  People all around, so fin’ly tole ’em to move back so could make chair move away from door.  Started laughin’ so took longer to move, but fin’ly got away an’ went outside.  Nice day in shade, but sun kinda hot.

Tole some frien’s about gettin’ new chair.  One of ’em said he got approved too, an’ was gettin’ his in a month.  Asked what was goin’ do with old chair.  Turned seat aroun’ an’ showed how broken it was, said pro’ly park it by garbage dump an’ hope they pick it up, or someone drive it off.  Dangerous to use.

Went to eye doctor for checkup.  Afraid have to do surgery on right eye.  Everythin’ zig zaggy in that eye.  Doc say it okay, hole in it still closed up and zig zag go away in time, maybe.  Hope so.  Thangs look funny there.  Doors all zig zaggy when go thru ’em.  Kinda funny when hit ’em.  Zig when they zag.  Like a game.

How crazy Thought I’d leave ya with a funny.  Really true funny.  Love actin’ crazy.  Makes people look at me funny.

Oh, yeah.  Had 40th anniversary of building today.  Lawn festival.  Didn’t get to go ’cause had to go to eye doc, but donated some ruffled scarves for country store.  Manager told me they were big hit when fin’ly got home ’bout 4:30.100_2283 Don’t know which ones gave them.  Prob’ly one of each color.  Made lots of ’em while havin’ MS relapse for ’bout 6 months.  Couldn’t do anythin’ else, so just finger knitted ruffled scarves.  Lots of fun but more than one person needs.

Have good night.


Picnic Day at Mount St. Joseph

Today is the day that almost didn’t happen.  The annual picnic at Mount St. Joseph.  Last Saturday, one week before work for today’s picnic got underway, a violent storm passed thru that area, and the destruction was fierce. picnic area MSJ picnic area again BBQ pit MSJ 2013 These are some photos of the picnic area taken after the storm.  Complete devastation.  But the community around the area got together, and today it happened.  Didn’t get to go myself because of balance problems, but several members of family were there.  The three photos above were taken by one of the sisters in residence at the Mount, and posted on Facebook.  Today my sis, Sylvie, the Bristle Thistle, took some pictures of the cooking meat and the burgoo pots, mostly emptied by then.

Burgoo Pot 1 Two of the pots, still simmering. Burgoo pots 2 A partial row of pots.  Before the crowds got to them.  Little bro, Ray told us later they sold out early.  Not sure how many pots they have altogether, but each one holds 50 gallons of burgoo.  Big bro, Tony brought me three gallons, two gallons for mom, two for himself.  Not sure who the other ten were for, but he got seventeen gallons total.

Fortunately for Sylvie and Erin, Ray’s house just above picnic area.  Since they live in Colorado they don’t know how to breathe real air that has humidity in it.  Spent most of their time at Ray’s house.  Steve also spent most time at Rays house.  Injured his foot or ankle last night walking down the hill.  Headed back to Tulsa tomorrow and decided to wait til gets home to see doctor.  Borrowed Ray’s crutches for now.finally got head togetherEveryone in family falling apart except for mom.  She’s healthy as horse, just no cartilage in knees.  Rest of us breaking bones, back problems, vision problems, everything falling apart.  So sad.  She’ll outlive us all.

100_2442 This is youngest grandson, Andrew, slowly dehydrating to death on Saturday.  Said he was seeing the light.  Only way to save life was go to hotel and get in swimming pool.  Offered to stick him in shower, but that wouldn’t work.  Had to be swimming pool.  Kid should have fins instead of feet.  Cousin Noah spent night at hotel with him, so another reason he wanted to get there.  Kept telling him Noah was at birthday party of friend and couldn’t get there yet, but still dehydrating.  Just had to be in pool to be rehydrated.

100_2443 Andrew and Noah this morning, as they were getting ready to leave for home.  Gave Anika some scarves, taught her how to make them, so Andrew wanted one, then Noah wanted one too.  Think Noah’s will go to his mom, but Andrew is having too much fun with his.  Kid comes up with too many creative ways to make head-gear.  Just hope he doesn’t wear it to school.  Noah’s our Grand Champion cattle winner.  Has more sense than most grownups in this family.

So, back to picnic.  Or after picnic was over.  Mom’s house was crowded with visitors.  Mom and I both graduated from Mount high school.  She loved it.  Me?  Not so much.  Love the place, just not the school.  Not a school any more, convention center.  Can visit again without getting those old willies it used to give me.  Sylvie and Erin were at Mom’s when Tony brought burgoo to me and took me back over there.  Was just waking up from nap, after Anika and I spent night having fun together.  Had sourdough waffles for breakfast.  Broke off bites and just dipped in peach syrup made during summer.  No need to sit down or dirty dishes that way.  More fun than acting like grownups too.

Okay, where was I.  At Mom’s.  Don came in first.  Had to work this morning, so didn’t expect to see him.  Then cousin Mark and Sandy, after that friend of Sylvie’s who had worked at picnic.  Mark and Sandy left, Steve called asked about dinner plans, Sylvie’s friend left, Tony left, Steve and Jay got back, Don, Erin and Jay went out for barbecue for them, fish for me.  Jay won cake at picnic, so had some for dessert, then Don and I said goodbye and he brought me home so he could get home before too late.  Day’s over, ah’m tar’d, and ready to put burgoo away and sleeeeeeeep.


Out and About

This morning I decided to take life in wheels and go to the grocery.  Just needed a few things, but as usual, they grew as I cruzed the aisles.  My list had been written.  It was still at home next to my favorite chair.  Right where I left it.  That’s the way it always works.  I did remember most of the stuff on it.  MOST of the stuff.  And naturally had to take the power chair before Mike transforms it.

Decided Mike and I should open an art gallery.  While he’s welding the chair, he could weld parts of old cars to it.  Maybe find some other junk to put in there.  You never know what could be lying around out there.  And I can take some canvas and open a few of the old paint cans.  Splash the paint on the canvas.  A lot of color.  The more you can’t understand it the more people read into it.  We could be famous.  Or we could be idiots.  Think my money would be on idiots.

Baby oil Ordered some soap making supplies today.  Sometimes use olive oil in the soap.  Might try baby oil this time.  Naaah.  Coconut oil is best.  Castor oil good for skin.  How many of you remember that from childhood?  The internal ingestion was, shall we say, explosive?  Really hated OJ for years after that.

Remembered to get my paper supplies today. grocery listThey were on my list.  I know, because I looked at it when I got home.  Then after a long rest, went to K-Mart for computer supplies.  And liners for crock pot.  And wouldn’t you know they were all on the top shelf?  If I could have walked they would have been on the bottom shelf.  Knees hurt, so hard to stoop down.  Easy to reach down when in the chair.  Impossible to reach top shelf when my reacher was on floor behind where my chair had been charging.  Funny how you don’t notice these things before leaving home.

Even funnier when you get to checkout and discover purse was also left at home.  They know me by name over there now.  Go home, get purse, go back, pay for purchase, start back home.  That’s when you notice chair is running on very low battery.  Pray, pray, pray even harder.  Get back to apartment building and everyone you know is sitting outside.  They all want to talk, so turn off chair.  At least enough people to push me home if chair won’t start again.

Mike Janette Noah Ah, leaving you with something pretty to look at.  My soon to be pard Mike, Noah and Janette somewhere up a creek on vacation.  I’m on a permanent vacation.  That’s what happens when you’re retired.  Like sleeping late when I want to.  Hate having insomnia that keeps me awake all night.  Much rather be out and about.