And It’s Getting Even Colder

But before we get to that, the good news.  Next week I start therapy on my shoulder!  I’m doing a happy dance in my brain, since my legs still don’t work all that well, and yes, I know it will hurt, but that will be a good kind of hurt.  I’ll be back in the kitchen, cooking again in two months.  My personal resolution.  Maybe a bit premature, but I’ll do it!!!!

family-268 These are my two great grandsons, Eli and Camden.  And they are standing out in the snow, the only photo I have in my library that has snow in it.  We have some snow in the forecast, but I received an email from my Citizens Emergency Relief Team (CERT) trainer today that we are going to have a horrible, humongous cold wave starting next week, with the temps dipping below zero.  So if you are in the Owensboro, KY area, be prepared.  Dress in layers, have emergency equipment on hand, both at home and in your car if you have to get out.  If you don’t have to get out, Please STAY AT HOME, and bundle up.  Have an ample supply of finger foods on hand in case of power outage, don’t turn your heat up too high so you can conserve electricity, dress in layers, and please take care of your pets.  They get cold too.  There is no word about ice or snow, just the extreme cold, and I know a lot of you live in colder areas, but darn it, this is supposed to be the South.  Upper south, but still….

Now for the personal train wrecks.  Believe me, as long as I’m breathing, there will be train wrecks.  I got this really nice cushion for my power chair, since my bum is getting a bit sore from sitting all the time, and today managed to spill my Dr. Pepper on it.  And on my phone, which was on the cushion next to the Dr. Pepper.  A new twist on sticky keys I think.  So, to keep from getting the seat of my jeans wet (I hope) I have a thick towel covering the cushion.  Also, a large wet spot on the leg of my jeans.  If there’s a way to destroy it, I’ll find it.

I’ve managed to drag a second quilt off my bed by getting it caught in my chair.  This takes a special talent.  And yesterday I pulled a panel off the door of the elevator.  Well, I never claimed to be a good driver.  And besides, the door shouldn’t have tried to close on me so fast.  It got me to my floor though, and for the first time in months it didn’t make that horrible sound when the door opened.  Guess I showed it who’s boss, huh?

family-521 Astroid kissing Noah Amy Just decided to show a few of my favorite photos before I sign off.  On the left are Laurie, Anika, Andrew and Ethan, In the middle is Noah with his Grand Champion steer Asteroid, and on the right is my beautiful niece Amy, wearing a necklace I made for her.  We raise beautiful kids in my family.


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Happy (?) New Year

Here’s hoping this year will be so much better than last one.  At least the last month of last one.  I really want to get back in my kitchen and cook something.  I know I can’t smell anything, but still I can remember the smells of the things I usually cook, and really miss that pot of beans and the Mexican cornbread that always go with it.  Mmmm, what more can a person ask for than beans and cornbread on a cold, winter day?

I have a new award, sorta.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here it is. doncharisma-org-not-on-freshly-pressed-award-4-300x300 doncharisma-org-not-on-freshly-pressed-award-3-300x300I haven’t decided which one to put in my gallery yet, but I think it will be the one with the picture of the presenter, Don Charisma.  Of course, the other one shows up better, but I’ll decide before my next post.  Don is really a great guy, currently living in Thailand, who is now doing great things with stitching photos together to make up really large, breathtaking scenery.  He’s funny, intelligent, and altogether a great guy who created my angel logo for me.  My knight in mostly shining armor.  You really should check out his blog,  At least I think that’s it.  If not, so sorry Don.  Sinus headache, remember?

Since I can’t go shopping at this time, I have started online shopping at Amazon.  I think I went a bit overboard on a few things there, but since you don’t actually see the product, just a description, you don’t know until it arrives. 004 Just a few days ago I got a call from the office telling me I had a large package downstairs.  Large?  It was about the size of a coffin.  It is still taking up half my living room.  As you can see, I ordered paper towels, also 007 well, that’s more like a photo of the box with the towels at the top.  So, here’s another one.005 A dozen packages of paper plates, and a huge bag of paper bowls.  Since I can’t wash dishes at the moment, I use a lot of paper products.  And last, 006 a dozen boxes of Kleenex, although I only pulled one out because I only needed one opened at the time.  Fortunately there was no shipping fee, since the order was more than $50.  The trash bags and Windex are still to come, and naturally they are the items I needed the most.  Except for the Kleenex, since I somehow caught a head cold without ever leaving the building.  How?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I think if there is half of an allergen floating around the hemisphere it makes it to my nose and takes up residence there.

I’ve pretty much slept thru the past few days.  It’s just too comfortable under the covers to move lately, and I have a lot of lost sleep to make up.  Throw a couple of pain pills a day into the mix, and I’m snoring like, well, a lumberjack?  Or maybe more like Max did.  For such a tiny dog he could beat my dad when it came to snoring.

Well, back to the sinus meds.  Doctor appointment on Friday for results of CAT scan.  To tell the truth, I’m not sure I really want to know.


Lazy Thursday

Well, almost.  The phone woke me up early.  Yeah, I actually slept last night.  Really great feeling, and woke up feeling even better.  So, the flu shot didn’t give me any side effects after all.  I just felt bad last night because I was exhausted.

So, at 10:30 my first visitor arrived to do an evaluation for in-home therapy.  While we were talking she asked if I had lost any weight.  I laughed at that one, and told her almost 100 pounds since last Christmas.  She asked how, so I started talking about getting involved with the Slow Food movement, getting my fresh veggie deliveries from Cecil Farms, and eating healthier meals, plus snacking on my dehydrated veggies (I didn’t mention the 2 ingredient fudge) and she got excited about the veggie deliveries.  I have a feeling she will be contacting them about next year.

Vegan Chocolate Fudge.

Vegan Chocolate Fudge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Usually I don’t post a regular recipe, but I found the fudge one on Facebook, and gave it a try, and it’s great!  So her ya’ go.  One can of sweetened condensed milk and 18 ounces of chocolate chips.  Melt together in the microwave or a double boiler, stir occasionally until the chocolate has melted, then pour into a buttered 8 x 8 square dish.  When cooled, cut into pieces and enjoy.

I’ve made the chocolate version several times, and since I finished the last batch today, I’m thinking about trying it with some other flavors of chips.  Just happen to have some peanut butter and some caramel ones on hand.   Sorry, I erased the photo of the first batch of fudge, but I can tell you, it’s really good.  And just use your favorite type of chocolate.  I personally like the dark chocolate, but I know a lot of people prefer other types, so, do your own thing there.

Pulled that photo off the public domain stuff that shows up on the bottom of my page when I’m typing, so just to get your taste buds working here.

Okay, so back to the therapy.  Happy to say that when she took my blood pressure this morning it was back to my normal, which would be a normal persons low BP.  I’ve decided mine goes up about 50 points for every minute I sit in the doctor’s waiting room.  Before she had finished, the intake person for the physical therapy part came in.  I guess that makes her the occupational therapy intake.  Whatever.  She left after he came in and he put me thru some paces I wasn’t really happy about, like showing him how I got in and out of the bath tub.  It’s hard enough doing it one time a day, without having to demonstrate it for someone.  At least I was warmly clothed for the demonstration, and he agreed with me that I needed more pull bars in the bathroom.  After thinking about it all day, I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe I just need a different type of shower chair, that I can scoot out on.  Oh well, anyway, next I had to stand up and sit back down for 30 seconds, while he timed me to see how many times I could do it.  Two and a half times.  And getting up the last half time almost upset the apple cart.  Glad he was nimble enough to catch before I fell.

Okay, end of visitors for the morning shift.  Real therapy begins next week, three or four visits a week.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  Hey, if it helps, anything can be fun.  It all depends on your point of view and sense of humor.  And in my family, if you don’t have a sense of humor you might as well live on the moon, because you won’t survive here. sense of humor This about sums it up for the Goetz family.  My dad could crack a joke with a poker face and we would sometimes wonder if he was joking or telling the truth.  But then one look at the sparkle in those blue eyes and we would know.  I’m not quite as good at it as my brothers are, but I managed to get my youngest one once.  Only once, but that was a real high for me, because Ray is just like dad.  And they all know just how to get me.  I trip over my tongue more often than I tripped over my cat.  Callie and me8 That’s Callie.  She’s now my grandcat, because after tripping me every time I turned a corner I realized I jus couldn’t deal with all the bruises any more, and my grandkids had fallen in love with her, soooo.  My son-in-law wasn’t exactly thrilled, because they already had two cats, Mischief and Mayhem, but being a doting dad, he gave in. Now he’s the one who gets tripped, but he’s young and athletic, so he deals with it better than I dealt with the concussions.

I had all kinds of plans to make bread today, and do some cooking, or maybe it was cleanup in the kitchen, but instead, after the therapy people left, I just vegged out in the recliner and watched TV all afternoon.  Did a little bit of knitting while I was sitting there, played some Solitaire, but mostly just vegged out.  That was kinda fun.  Just do nothing.  Interesting concept.

I finally got myself up and came in for my evening fight with the computer, and of course the phone rang again.  A friend from the other building asking if I wanted some Mexican cornbread she had leftover from a dinner she had been to.  And a mostly full jar of jalepenos.  Sure, why not?  I asked her if she happened to have an extra jar of peanut butter around while she was at it, and she did, so now I don’t have to make a grocery run for that tomorrow.  She said she would be over in a few minutes, which I knew meant a couple of hours, so I was almost finished with my email when she came in, with two huge bags of food.  The cornbread, which I had already forgotten about, the jar of jalepenos, a couple of jars of her home canned relishes, a quart of her home canned salsa (yummy), two boxes of cereal, which I won’t eat, but can recycle into something else, like crumb topping for casseroles, and jugs of juice and can after can of fruit and veggies, plus some cheese and several bags of pasta.  Tomorrow I will definitely be making Don Charisma’s fried pasta.  His method, which he shared in his blog yesterday, is to make the sauce, cook the pasta al dente, then heat the sauce in a large pan and put the pasta in the hot sauce to finish cooking, while at the same time absorbing the sauce into the pasta, instead of just dumping the sauce on top of the pasta.  So, it’s a gotta try in my book.

So, Carol and I visited for about an hour, and as predicted, she was two hours late, but anyway, we’ll be going out to dinner sometime in the near future.  And I have loads of pasta, mac and cheese, plus all my fresh veggies still to hold me over until then.  I sent her home with some fruit syrup and some of my apple/sweet potato leather to snack on, so we were both happy at the outcome.  Now we just have to get to JoAnn’s again and buy more yarn.  I’ve almost used all of mine up, so my vow to not buy any more until I have used all of my stash is accomplished.  Or will be by the time she gets around to making the trip there.  I might have to take the bus if I run out of yarn before then.  I think I live at a faster pace than she does.


Another Saturday Night

And I ain’t got nobody….Oops, sorry.  Song just stuck in head.  Maybe cause I was up all last night tryin’ to peel watermelon with dull knives.  Have it all in bowl now, soaking in brine.  Have to rinse and make pickles in couple hours.  Whee!!!  Neighbor offered me half of her watermelon today.  Almost hit her.  Explained why didn’t want to look at another watermelon again this year.  Made her laugh.  Had to laugh with her.  Gonna have to get knives sharpened.

Support our farmers Farmer came by with veggies today.  Needed tomatoes and peppers for fritatta.  Got ’em.  Had gigantic watermelon.  No way Jose.  Thru with melons for this year.  Maybe next year.  Have two bags of melon in fridge.  Gonna put in blender, then freeze in ice cubes for water blend.  Makes it taste good, and doesn’t cost much.  Better than flavored water people buy in store.  Can freeze anything like that.  Guess should have bought some cukes too.  Cukes make good flavor for water too.

Uh-oh.  Just remembered.  Went outside.  Allergies.  Took last allergy tab last night.  Prob’ly be up all night again tonight.  Yeah, another Saturday night.  Guess will be movie night.  Took nap in morning while Irene here. Woke up and Irene gone.  Apartment clean, found everything.  Maybe.  Will know when start looking for something and can’t find.  Kinda like the scavenger hunts though.

Maybe do laundry tonight.  Have new washers now.  Heard they flood laundry room.  Don’t know for sure, but will find out soon enough.  Wearing last of clean clothes now, and have watermelon stains on pants.  Guess have to soak in peroxide/water bath tonight.  Hate doing laundry.  Have to do laundry.  Be okay if still had own washer and dryer, but not in this building.  Have to go downstairs to laundry room.  Will have to wear UK pj’s and hope nobody notices.  Shucky dern, stains on shirt too.  If didn’t have bad luck have no luck at all.

bad habits Look a lot like that now.  Feel like that too.  Just don’t have the coffee.  Have tea.  Pretend that is cuppa, and that is me, hobblin’ round the place.  Tryin’ to put off the picklin’.  Anybody remember how that started?  Know it was fun when started.  Now seems like a job.  Must be getting tired.  Blame it on Saturday.  Tomorrow everything better.  Need chocolate.  Maybe have to go to store to get chocolate.  Chocolate makes everything better.  That’s it.  Farmer didn’t have chocolate.  Main food group all in one bite.  Or one hundred bites.  Should plant chocolate tree.  Should join chocolaholics anonymous.  Need the program get over disease.  Nah!  Rather eat chocolate.

100_2448 Well, guess better get back to watermelon pickles.  Can’t put off forever.  Want to, but can’t.  Pickles too good to not finish.  ‘Specially after being up all night to trim ’em.  Prob’ly left too much pink on ’em, but heck, whatever.  Gonna be good any way they look.  Hope.  Really hope.



Of course, being retired, doesn’t matter that much to me.  Every day is Friday.  Or Monday.  Or just any old day.  Just depends on whether remembered to mark day off calendar or not.  Think it might still be August on mine.

100_2447 Decided to start on watermelon pickles today.   100_2449 This part is for eating, or blend into juice and freeze in ice cube trays to flavor water. 100_2448 This part is for pickles.  Didn’t get all the pink off, but did get most off.100_2450 Array of knives used trying to find one sharp enough to peel green rind part off.  Tried vegetable peeler too.  Guess I’ll have to have professional sharpener work on them.  Tried sharpening myself.  Couldn’t get ’em sharp enough to cut melted butter.  Still have another half of melon to work on, but had to take break.  Getting too hard on arm trying to peel with dull knives.  Giving shoulder some rest.

Between Estes and Boulder Picture of road between Estes Park and Ft. Collins, CO, sent to me by friend in Loveland, CO.  Serious flooding going on there.  Sent me more photos, but too horrible to post.   Colorado getting our flooding this year.  Storms happening here, but flooding not so much.  Lots of wind damage here, trees blown over, crops destroyed, but could be worse.  Has been worse in past.

Still recovering from trips outside building.  Sinuses starting to clear, but headache staying.  Will have to drop something on foot to make it hurt, then won’t think about headache.  Maybe broken toes.  Had them before.  Can’t set broken toes.  Just have to hold up when walking.  Makes walking look funny when holding toes up.  And can’t wear shoe on that foot.  Now wondering if Steve broke foot last weekend.  Slipped foot off sidewalk and hurt it.  Using crutches, but didn’t go to doctor here.  Decided to wait til got home to Tulsa.  Probably good choice.

herding a cow Found this picture somewhere.  Can’t remember.  Think it’s funny.  Should have tried this when had to chase cows on farm.  Think should be on top of car though.  Driver can’t see where going this way, unless cow gives directions.  Kinda like when Don and Mike were kids and driving big farm trucks.  One would operate steering wheel, other would operate pedals.  Looked like truck didn’t have driver.  When went by kitchen window would go in living room and sit down so wouldn’t see it.  Sometimes ignorance is really bliss.  Sometimes wonder how they lived long enough to grow up.

Reading book about how to ferment things.  Learning to make root beer, and ginger ale, then maybe home-brew.  Have to think about that one.  Think it takes hops.  Don’t know where to find hops.  Uncle Leo made it sometimes.  Would babysit his kids.  Tried it one night, but not ready to drink yet.  Didn’t taste good that early.  Next time babysitting wasn’t there any more, so guess he had bottled it and put away where underaged teenagers couldn’t find it.  Took all the fin out of babysitting my cousins. Leo's family They lived behind us on Hwy. 81, so it was a short walk to get there, then back home.  Four boys.  Got married and moved away before girls were born.  Guess Janet was born already, but don’t think Doris was.  Could be wrong.  Was once before.  Picture kinda small, but looks like Janet in it.  Biggest boy Doug, then Pat, Phil and Mark.  That’s where famous Leo Blandford barbecue still comes from.  Glad they still make it.  Their mom’s family have burgoo recipe.  Still make it.  Really glad both keep up that tradition.


Drying Onions And The Fire Marshal

Well, didn’t exactly dry the Fire Marshal, but was drying the onions when he came to inspect.  No problems except for one surge protector.  Wanted to know if an extension cord was plugged into it.  Weeeelll, yeah.  Why else have one in that particular place?  Showed him where it ran over to the lamp, which is used only at night, or any other time I really want to see something, like read the paper, or make cards, or scrapbook.  Said I should plug series of surge protectors into that one to run over to where plug was needed.  Just know that’s going to happen.  Five surge protectors to plug in one lamp?  Sounds like overkill to me.

Activities Director came up with him.  Was in process of drying onions, hoping that would keep them out.  Instead she asked if I was making pasta, because it smelled so good.  Know my sense of smell is gone, but now wondering about hers.  Made me hungry for Monterey spaghetti though.  Gotta make some tonight.  Have all the ingredients, so why not?  Need something in fridge to warm up for few days.  Fresh spinach in place of frozen should work.  Loads of cheese, sour cream.  Getting hungry thinking about it,

Snacking all day on zucchini chips.  Yummy, but didn’t dry enough.  Won’t last long enough to put back in dehydrator to finish drying though.  Did tomatoes yesterday.  They make good chips too.  Still have to get on those watermelon pickles.

housework fire Found a great way to clean house.  Each apartment self-contained, so fire wouldn’t spread to next one.  Maybe some smoke and water damage, but everyone should have rental insurance.  Came close to doing that to house in country when car caught fire.  Had it parked about 5 feet from house, gas tank full.  If hadn’t had to go shopping probably would have just run to neighbor’s house for help.  Would have given it time to explode.not crazy Makes perfect sense to me.

Checked my crops this morning.  First crop of celery leaves ready to harvest.  Second crop close.  Sweet potato just sitting there looking pathetic.  Maybe needs its own jar or something.  Has an eye, but not submerged in water.  Never grew a sweet potato before, so don’t know.  Never grew celery before either, but that works.  Saved some pepper seeds and few tomato seeds.  Maybe try planting them.  Don’t know yet.

Two more weeks til next produce delivery.  Fall crops this time, I think.  Wish could find some real cream to make butter.  Made some with whipping cream.  Tastes good and fun to make, but not like what we had growing up.

Storm damage at the Mount Some of damage done at Mount during last week’s storm.  People came in and helped clean up picnic area so picnic can go on.  Glad it will so there will be more burgoo.  Could eat my weight in burgoo.  Don’t weigh that much any more, so could eat last year’s weight in burgoo.  Ah, the food of the gods.  Developed right here in Daviess Co.  Heard it started out with road kill.  Don’t believe that though.  Tastes too good.  Mount uses the Keller recipe, and one member of Blandford family married a Keller, so learned recipe.  Also learned greatest barbecue chicken recipe.  Still thanking Doug, DeeDee, Mark and Sandy for chicken they brought me.  Had to freeze part of it.  Too much for one person, but oh, so good.  The Leo Blandford recipe.  Wonderful uncle, great cook.


Fun Day At The Library

The first surprise of the day came when learned bus routes have changed.  So many years had them memorized.  Now all different.  Purple doesn’t stop here any more.  Brown stops here.  Didn’t have new schedule, so drove power chair over to switching station.  Hit bump that threw chair off sidewalk.  Couldn’t get back on.  Nice people stopped and helped get chair back on walk, told me to watch in front where going. Didn’t tell them was watching, just hit bump and got thrown off sidewalk.

Got to station and had to ask which bus to take.  Yellow.  Nice ride.  Found where stop is that can get off to visit mom.  If there is place to get chair off sidewalk.  Have to take bus again to see if place exists.  But will take me to lots of new places to explore some day.

Finally got to library and found self thrown off sidewalk again.  This time had to get back on myself.  Not too much trouble.  Took books back, checked out more.  Got thru self checkout.  Tried to leave library and chair started spinning round in circles.  Would back up okay, but wouldn’t go forward.  Just spin in circles.  Started laughing, ’cause it was so funny.  Only other option was crying, but too funny to cry.  Man came out of office.  Told me someone said lady was having trouble, and was giggling too hard to talk.  Just showed him what was happening.  He started laughing too.  Backed up out of people’s way and just kept spinning.  As much fun as when a kid and played some game where we would be spun around til dizzy.

Man got down and looked at bottom of chair.  Found part of chair that came off.  Pulled it free, handed to me, and chair started moving forward.  Laughed even harder, but managed to thank him before leaving library.  Decided to drive home instead of wait for bus.  Sidewalks full of cracks and bumps.  Another part came off chair, so put it in bag with first part.  Chair still moves, but really broken now.100_2430 Picture of chair with seat swiveled and “spare parts” on seat.  Maybe should send it to people trying to get my new chair to prove new one needed.  Might work.  Never know til try.  Still laughing about how funny people looked.

Remembered on way home needed more mustard seeds for watermelon pickles, so took chance and went in Kroger.  Got seeds and left without destroying anything.  Well, maybe lady who had to jump to avoid getting run over, but she was standing in middle of doorway not letting people in or out.  Chair bigger than she was, so she jumped in time.  Kinda forgot to slow down when went in.  Well, had mustard seeds on mind.

car with tree Found this picture tonight.  Probably Facebook.  Reminds me how my first car looked last time saw it.  Not same make or model, but had tree growing up thru it.  Surrounded by lots of other junked cars and trucks though.  Sure miss that car.

Well, have some library books to read, recipes to copy, I hope.  Have good Tuesday night.


Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day Hope everyone had a good day.  Kinda overcast here.  Didn’t have outdoor plans anyway.   Still workin’ on those allergies.  And cleanin’ wrecked kitchen.  Allergies still active, but kitchen looks better.  Almost everything put away.  Few things don’t have place for.  Big problem there.  More shelves needed.  More shelves to fall against.  Knock things off of.  So much fun there.

100_2418 Thunderstorm building up last night.  Really rocked the building.100_2416 Watched for a while hoping to see some lightening, but no such luck.  Just heard thunder and saw rain.

100_2426 Started raining soon after heard thunder.  One of perks of living on sixteenth floor.100_2425 Can see all around me for long places. 100_2429 Seems the bank never takes flag down, so always gets battered by storms.100_2421 Starting to let up now.  100_2419 Just few sprinkles here. 100_2428 Mostly gone except for wind. 100_2422 Skies turning blue again.  Lot of damage done in parts of county.  Won’t be getting produce deliveries for three weeks because of storm damage, so will be able to catch up on what already have.  Deliveries will last few weeks longer because of time they have to take off.

Got surprise visit from cousins yesterday.  Doug and Mark Blandford and their wives.  Remember Sandy’s name.  Married to Mark.  Can’t remember Doug’s wife name.  Somebody help me on this.  Very pretty.  Almost fell when got up to hug goodbye, but two big cousins to catch me.  Too bad not here all time.  Could use some good lookin’ guys around to grab me when start to fall.  Brought me barbecue chicken, Leo Blandford style sauce.  Best in world.  Had just put garlic and herb veggies in oven to roast, so dinner last night really delish!100_2415  Havin’ reruns tonight.  Tomorrow veggies will be put in pot with tomatoes and turned into veggie stew.  Remaining chicken will be put in freezer to enjoy later in winter, if can wait that long.  Best in world.  No barbecue joint in town can match it.

goodbye August Hard to believe September is here.  Less than four months til Christmas.  Oh, goody.  Usually get Christmased out before end of November.  Already have ads in paper.  Don’t like that.  Want to celebrate Thanksgiving first.  Would say Halloween, but too old to care. family-540Friend who will kill me if she sees this.  Promised her wouldn’t post of Facebook, but never promised not to put in blog.  Cute, huh?  One year she wore clown suit.  Went to Chinese restaurant together.  Had problems getting clown feet in car.  Then went in restaurant and was swamped by kids who wanted to see clown.  After lunch stopped at gas station/liquor store to get annual lottery ticket.  Clerk took one look and ran out back door.  Had to find another place to buy lottery ticket.  So far have an unbroken losing streak.  Figure only one set of numbers win, so one ticket all we need.

lazy day My feelin’s exactly, so gonna go watch television for change.  Should do something constructive, but thought it over and decided nah.  Take time to enjoy something on TV.  If anything on TV to enjoy any more.


All’s Quiet On The Home Front

Nature's Cathedral This has been such a nice quiet weekend.  Unless you count the severe thunderstorm last night.  Fell asleep to bright lightning that lit up entire apartment and thunder that made things rattle around like earthquake.  Love storms like that.  Probably could have taken the pictures I’ve always wanted of the lightning, but was too cozy in bed to get up for camera.  Finally lulled to sleep by storm.  Just love those storms.

Only afraid once.  Home alone when in eighth grade, or somewhere around that age.  Lightening hit tree beside house.  Scared me for a few years.  Then decided nothing to be afraid of.  When time to go, it will be time to go.  So not afraid of storms in life since then.  Just don’t much like getting wet in rain if have someplace to go.  If no place have to be love to walk in rain, kick shoes off, splash in puddles — but only in warm weather.  Not in cold.  Causes socks to freeze then, and hair.  Doesn’t feel too good.

Would be nice to walk during snow storm.  We don’t get much snow.  Mostly get ice.  That hurts too, makes bruises.  Get enough bruises without going out and trying to get more.

favorite autumn treeThat’s favorite tree in town.  Always starts turning like that in fall.  Not quite that pretty now, since it was damaged during ice storm few years ago, but still, first few limbs should start turning soon.  Not too far from apartment building.  About three blocks.  Always the first sign of autumn.  Haven’t been out today, but hope storm cooled weather off.  Had heat wave last week.  Temps in mid ’90s.  Nothing like southern states, but bad for us this year.  Usually this summer temps have been in ’80s and breeze blowing.  And almost every weekend rainy.  Wonder what winter will be like?  Don’t much care.  Have lots of blankets.

autumn treesMore of autumn trees.  Funny how some turn and others stay green.  Like the orange and red best.  Brown is blah.  Yellow okay, but not favorite.  Green best in spring when just beginning to show, after bleak winter with no color.  Summer green too dark.

Since making pulled pork haven’t done anything except melt soap back down and pour again.  Was malformed first time cut it.  Don’t have “straight” eye.  This time cut was clean and straight.  And could smell the lemongrass in it.  Nice, clean smell.  Now wrapped and ready to go.  Don’t know where it will go.  Have enough to make one more batch.  That will be wintergreen, for Christmas smell.  No problem smelling that.  Helps open sinuses.

allergies Speaking of sinuses, went out three days in row.  Head aches, sinuses drip, sneezing, feel miserable.  Think everybody in area feels miserable.  Own fault.  Knew shouldn’t go out.  Just wanted fresh air for change.  Stopped to look closely at rose.  Hoped could smell it, but couldn’t.  Just sneezed at it.  Pretty though.  Salmon color.  Love roses, just can’t go near them.  Couldn’t find any poison ivy to sniff.  Don’t think it has smell anyway.  Had to go to pharmacy for more sinus pills.  Probably time to try different kind.  These don’t work any more.  None really work.  Just idea of taking them makes me feel like doing something for the problem.  Wish it worked.

Have to go make something to eat.  Nothing sounds good.  Maybe chocolate.  Another headache though.  Veggie stew I guess.  Or roasted veggies.  Yeah, haven’t had those for long time.


All Pigged Out

100_2409This is al the stuff used for making pulled pork barbecue.  Well, maybe not all.  Have to keep a few secrets.  But plate of stuff on right is cooked pork needing to be pulled.  Rolled sleeves up, figuratively speaking, and started pulling by hand.  Just can’t do it right without hands involved.  Greasy meat.

100_2410 Finally all pulled and back in crock pot.  Poured sauce over it all 100_2411 and let cook few more hours to get flavors to meld together.  Took nap while waiting.  Midnight before all pulled and started cooking, so got really tired.

Woke up few times.  Remembered to turn crock pot off at some point, but when got up still hot enough to have sandwich for breakfast.  Cut pita in half, filled with pulled port, tomato slice, some onions, watermelon pickles.  Dug in and was really good.  Left out enough for rest of pita tonight.  Ate light lunch of ice cream.

Went to K-Mart for more pint jars for watermelon pickles.  Got home, sat down, fell asleep.  After all, didn’t sleep much last night.  Will make pickles tomorrow.  Slept off and on all day, so probably be up all night again.  Can’t get internal clock set right.

Looked in mirror of bathroom and saw some hair sticking out.  Grabbed scissors and whacked it off.  Then had to whack more off to go with that.  Back to wearing hat.  Head scalped again.  Should know better, but no fun if went to hairdresser to have good cut.  More fun to whack it myself.  Then have bald spots next to long strands.  May have to shave it again.

Took stock of ‘fridge today.  Really did buy lots of pig yesterday.  Have three kinds sausage, chorizo, so make that four kinds sausage, country ham slices, pulled pork, bacon.  Didn’t buy head cheese or liver though.  Or pigs feet.  Don’t appeal to me.  Uncle used to like brains with scrambled eggs.  Ugh!  Saw some brains once.  Made me gag.

chickLike this picture.  Keep wondering how dog got to be mom to so many chicks.  Not sure dogs knows either.  Being nice about it though.  Baby chicks cute, but grow up to be big hens.  Not so cute then.  Good source of nice eggs though.  Like eggs, especially in omelets with lots of veggies and sausage or leftover chicken in them.  Well, leftover anything.  Good way to clean out leftovers in ‘fridge.

Had burgoo last night while pork was cookin’.  Yum, yum.  Gonna have to replace soon tho.  Easy to swallow, so eat it often.  Rest of world doesn’t know what they are missing.  Should all come to Daviess Co. to eat some real burgoo.  Can’t get real stuff anywhere else.  And only at St. Martin’s and Mount St. Joseph now.  Other places don’t grind meat and veggies, and some add mystery ingredients to make it go further.  May have to start making own if St. Martins and MSJ do that.  As long as there is Blandford or Keller alive will be made right though.

Friday blessings Have good rest of Friday.