Whacky Wednesday

Such a fun day today.  I had a doctor’s appointment, still having problems with getting the new power chair.  So, since I spent most of the night fighting with my computer, I didn’t get any sleep.  Maybe a few winks here and there, but not much.  And to make things even more fun, it was just plain cold this morning.  Getting out from under the nice, warm blankies, into the cold room is not my idea of a good way to start a day.  But then again, I can’t sleep in a hot room, so I have to keep the heat off at night.  See the problem?  Then you turn off the nice hot water in the shower and have to eventually open the curtain and crawl out, again into a cold room, and that just adds insult to injury.

Well, to cut to the chase, I got up early, braved the cold apartment, got dressed and ready to be picked up to see the doc.  My best decisions are definitely not made before noon.  I did wear a long-sleeved shirt, but I guess I just thought it was still the middle of summer outside, because it just didn’t occur to me to grab a coat.  I do, however, keep my magic raincoat on the back of my power chair, just to make sure I don’t get rained on.  My experience here is that if I’m prepared for rain, it doesn’t happen, but if I go out unprepared, even if the sun is shining brightly, I will definitely get rained on at some point.  So, my motto is the same as the Girl Scouts…Be Prepared!  When I got downstairs and to the hall to wait for the bus, it was just flat-out COLD!!!!!  The raincoat shielded me from the wind that was cutting thru me, but still, it isn’t lined, so not much heat there.









All’s Quiet On The Home Front

Nature's Cathedral This has been such a nice quiet weekend.  Unless you count the severe thunderstorm last night.  Fell asleep to bright lightning that lit up entire apartment and thunder that made things rattle around like earthquake.  Love storms like that.  Probably could have taken the pictures I’ve always wanted of the lightning, but was too cozy in bed to get up for camera.  Finally lulled to sleep by storm.  Just love those storms.

Only afraid once.  Home alone when in eighth grade, or somewhere around that age.  Lightening hit tree beside house.  Scared me for a few years.  Then decided nothing to be afraid of.  When time to go, it will be time to go.  So not afraid of storms in life since then.  Just don’t much like getting wet in rain if have someplace to go.  If no place have to be love to walk in rain, kick shoes off, splash in puddles — but only in warm weather.  Not in cold.  Causes socks to freeze then, and hair.  Doesn’t feel too good.

Would be nice to walk during snow storm.  We don’t get much snow.  Mostly get ice.  That hurts too, makes bruises.  Get enough bruises without going out and trying to get more.

favorite autumn treeThat’s favorite tree in town.  Always starts turning like that in fall.  Not quite that pretty now, since it was damaged during ice storm few years ago, but still, first few limbs should start turning soon.  Not too far from apartment building.  About three blocks.  Always the first sign of autumn.  Haven’t been out today, but hope storm cooled weather off.  Had heat wave last week.  Temps in mid ’90s.  Nothing like southern states, but bad for us this year.  Usually this summer temps have been in ’80s and breeze blowing.  And almost every weekend rainy.  Wonder what winter will be like?  Don’t much care.  Have lots of blankets.

autumn treesMore of autumn trees.  Funny how some turn and others stay green.  Like the orange and red best.  Brown is blah.  Yellow okay, but not favorite.  Green best in spring when just beginning to show, after bleak winter with no color.  Summer green too dark.

Since making pulled pork haven’t done anything except melt soap back down and pour again.  Was malformed first time cut it.  Don’t have “straight” eye.  This time cut was clean and straight.  And could smell the lemongrass in it.  Nice, clean smell.  Now wrapped and ready to go.  Don’t know where it will go.  Have enough to make one more batch.  That will be wintergreen, for Christmas smell.  No problem smelling that.  Helps open sinuses.

allergies Speaking of sinuses, went out three days in row.  Head aches, sinuses drip, sneezing, feel miserable.  Think everybody in area feels miserable.  Own fault.  Knew shouldn’t go out.  Just wanted fresh air for change.  Stopped to look closely at rose.  Hoped could smell it, but couldn’t.  Just sneezed at it.  Pretty though.  Salmon color.  Love roses, just can’t go near them.  Couldn’t find any poison ivy to sniff.  Don’t think it has smell anyway.  Had to go to pharmacy for more sinus pills.  Probably time to try different kind.  These don’t work any more.  None really work.  Just idea of taking them makes me feel like doing something for the problem.  Wish it worked.

Have to go make something to eat.  Nothing sounds good.  Maybe chocolate.  Another headache though.  Veggie stew I guess.  Or roasted veggies.  Yeah, haven’t had those for long time.


Busy, Busy Day

100_2388 Got my weekly delivery of produce today.  Gave it the usual swim in hydrogen peroxide/water bath.  Froze most of corn, but cooked some for lunch.  Got busy helping Dan-o solve a murder on Hawaii 5-O and forgot about corn cooking.  Managed to save it before it burned, but wasn’t as good as would have been if not over cooked.  Other veggies drying out on kitchen towels.

Probably dry by now, but had to help Marshal Dillon fight off some indians that stopped a train.  We saved a lot of people today.  Got train back on track in an hour.  Took five minutes to cut soap bars up.  Can’t cut straight.  Guess they have to be melted down and put back in different mold.

Urges Didn’t watch the Hoarders, but by that time had to help the Cartwrights save their cousin.  Got caught up with group of outlaws wanting to rob a bank, or something.  Not really sure any more.  Trying to decide between eggplant parm or zucchini fries for tonight.  Or maybe just pasta.  Hummm.  Gotta think about that.  Have green beans and potatoes I could fix too.  Throw an onion and garlic in the pot.  Maybe some ham.  Ohhh, have to soak the melon stains out of shirt tonight.  Guess I’ll be “cooking” some more clothes.

Did something during Big Valley.  Don’t know why that one isn’t so interesting.  Just don’t care for Barbara Stanwick that much.  Did help them save the cattle from drought though.  Don’t care much for cattle, but hate to see animals suffer.  Poor little cows.

Used to have to chase stupid cattle on farm.  They always knew when corn was ready to pick.  Got out and tried to eat it all before we got up.  Had to chase them out of garden.  Drove car down to garden one year to put corn in trunk.  Tried to turn around so trunk was close to garden, but never was good at backing up.  Rear passenger side went off the side of garden.  About 5 feet to road.  Little bit scary, but after heart started beating again managed to open door and slide out to ground.  Neighbor came down road.  Stopped to see if I was still alive.  Think he was the one who got tractor to pull car back up to solid ground.

Almost blew car up once too.  Wouldn’t start.  Hubby said spray carburetor with ether.  Didn’t know what carburetor looked like, so sprayed everything under hood with ether.  Started car, and BOOM.  Big fire under hood.  Had to wait for heart to start beating to get out of car.  Found bucket of water.  Threw it on fire and put it out.  Then got back in car and went shopping.  Never had any more trouble starting car.  Guess it didn’t like ether much.  Never did learn what carburetor looks like.  No car now, so guess I’ll never know.

dream car My dream car.  If ever get another one want it to be like this.  Doubt even I could hurt this one.  Fred Flintstone, here I come.

Burgoo overflowing the pot My fellow blogger and friend, Jess, asked me yesterday what burgoo is, so thought I would post this picture again.  It’s not my kitchen.  My sis, Elaine, made it.  Ten gallons of it.  Some of the best food God ever let us create.  I have some in my freezer, but not enough to last all year, so will have someone in the family get me at least four more gallons at the Mount picnic.   Have swallowing problems.  Guess I mentioned that before.  But burgoo goes down without any problem.  Better than soup, better than stew.  Everything ground up and cooked for hours and hours, but so worth every bit of the effort.

If you want some great recipes you should check out Jess’ blog — Therapy Bread.WordPress.org.  I know she’s trying to make me gain a ton, but oh my.  Last night it was strawberry cream cheese bread.  Sure am gonna make that.  Has some really great ingredients in it.



Ah’m Tar’d

Urges Don’t know why so tired.  Can’t remember doing all that much.  Too hot to go to grocery today.

Did finish the summer sausage.  Cooking it that is.  Almost forgot about it.  Really good though.  Eating slice now.  Best I’ve made so far.  Might make more later.  Depends on mood.

Found out Fire Marshall will be visiting next week.  Oops.  Haven’t set off alarm for over a month, but guess too many times now.  Place is cluttered now, so will get large storage crates and have Mike take out to farm.  Should be safe in barn for week or two.  Good chance to put shelves back in order.

Ethan 16Ethan, couple y ears ago.  Now living in dorm at University of Kentucky.  GO CATS!!!  different perspective Oh, wrong kind of cat.  Cute though.  Gina as freshmanGina, oops, Regina, Ethan’s mom.  She went to UK also.  Ain’t she sweet, see her walkin’ down the street.  Sorry, she makes me want to sing.  Great mom.  Two Master’s degrees.  Hubby has Ph.D.  When they graduated together, she said she would call him doctor as long as he called her Master.  That’s my girl.empty nest Even with three still at home, prob’ly feelin’ empty nest syndrome.  Or maybe some relief that someone else has to feed Ethan now.  Bottomless pit appetite there.  Same with other two boys. Anika eats like a bird.

Think I remember putting soap in refrigerator.  Don’t ask.  Be right back.  Should take it out now.  BAck now.  Twelve perfect lookin’ bars.  Bars of soap, that is.  Prob’ly twelve perfect liquor bars somewhere in town too.  Wouldn’t know.  Don’t hang out there.  Least not any more.

Getting another box of produce tomorrow.  Not sure what I’m hoping for.  Have million recipes want to try, but can’t make them all at once.  Maybe make mini casseroles ‘n freeze ’em.  Have to grate a lot of cheese tonight or tomorrow.  And make more breadcrumbs.  Running out.  Did make two cups butter.  Used to make that growing up, but now don’t get the cream like we had then.  This time bought cream and forgot why, so ended up putting in freezer bag and rolling between hands til it turned to cream and buttermilk.  Shucky dern.  Was going to make buttermilk biscuits.  Forgot all about them.  Make them tonight and have with real butter and fruit syrup or apple butter.  Home made, of course.

versatile-blogger-awardSee this?  My thanks to Jess, at Therapy Bread for nominating my blog for this award.  Pretty, isn’t it.  Just nominated, not won — yet. Would be nice to win.  But really surprised to be nominated.  Think she puts ten pounds on me every day when I read her blog.  Then print out her recipes.  Especially the cherry chocolate ice cream.  Sooooo goooood.  THAT’S why I bought so much cream.  Just kinda overbought.  Gee, thanks Jess.  Did get some good butter out of excess cream though.

barbeque grill Not long til Mount St. Joseph picnic.  Think they have better barbecue pits than this, but don’t care that much for BBQ.  Just want the burgoo.  Will keep mom company while rest of family go to picnic.  Sent them some ruffled scarves for picnic.  My Alma Mater.  Burgoo there matches St. Martin’s.  Same family recipe.  Can’t wait to see family who can get here.  Larry can’t come.  Has to have surgery on eye.  Needs prayers.  But will find some member of family to pick up burgoo for me.  Want freezer filled with it this winter.  Some days all I can swallow.  One of bad things about MS, but fun when food flys out all over table.  Oops, now no one will let me eat with them.


Surprise Sunday

Hey, both words begin with S.

It started out as such a good day.  Then I got up.  Then fell down.  Got up again.  Fell again.  Decided to take a nap that time. help, I've fallen No, didn’t call for help.  Just took a nap.

Finally got up for real, got paper and sat down to read it.  Fifteen minutes gone.  Don’t really like national or international news.  All war and murder.  Rather read comics.  Have to check out obits to see if I’m still alive.  Aching head told me I was, but just in case….  Name wasn’t in there, so went on to the ads.  Paper takes fifteen minutes, ads take 3 hours.  Never know, could be something good on sale.  Pork butts at Kroger.  Ummm, maybe.  Have to think about it for a while.  Pulled pork barbecue not too shabby.  And pita bread on sale.  Would go together with my nice tomatoes.

Suddenly remembered apples in crock pot.  Did my version of running over to can the juice.  Got 4 pints of really sweet juice.  Should have sieved the sauce out, but too tired to think about it.  Actually, just now thought about it.

After water in canner cooled a bit poured some hydrogen peroxide in and stuffed it full of stained clothes.  Was taking last few in when heard knock on door.  Don the Mon was there with crooked smile I love on his face.  Surprised to see me up and moving.  Went into kitchen and stuffed stained shirts in canner.  Asked me if I’m cooking my clothes now.  Should have told him didn’t have anything else to eat, but wasn’t thinking fast enough.  Always get caught off guard.

DSC01962 Don and Norita (right end of photo) just got back from tour of Western part of country.  Had to detour in Idaho for fires.  Norita wanted potato in Idaho.  No potatoes in Idaho.  They all get shipped to other states.  Had to come home to eat a potato.  Verrrrry strange.  Asked him if he got the email about me getting stranded in Wales.  He did.  Asked why he didn’t send money.  Laughed at me.  Not with me.  AT me.  Always said going to be cremated and have ashes put in three urns and each kid had to put urn on dining table so I could have dinner with them each night.  Changed my mind today.  They ALL go in one urn and Don gets them all.  To think, he would leave his poor old mom stranded in Wales.  And then laugh at her.  He was almost my favorite older son.  Come to think of it, he’s my only older son.  Middle kid.  That’s the problem.

at my agw Should have put this at top of page.  Says it all, huh?  At least haven’t been on floor except to look for things dropped all day.  Except for rolling out this morning.  Dropped top to castor oil bottle.  Don’t use it for what you think.  Put it in soap.  Softens skin, but when gets on skin makes it oily until washed off.  Have soap hardening for some more bars.  Should keep me clean all year.  Should put note on package with what’s in each.  Put lavender in some.  Allergic to lavender.  Scratched like a dog until next day.  Then remembered the lavender.  This batch has rosemary and lemongrass.  Wish I had a sense of smell.  Could be hideous and wouldn’t know.

Day not over yet, but already feel like time for bed.  Allergies from yesterday still acting up.  Should know better than to go outside.  Beautiful day though.  Beautiful again today.  Stayin’ in though.  Love to sneeze, love to laugh, hate drippy nose.  Could substitute for Rudolph, but a bit too early.  Have seen ads for Christmas though.


Yesterday’s train wreck revisited





034As I was finishing my blog last night I didn’t have a chance to post my photographs of my day’s work — my bread and my soap.  The bread is easy to distingrush, because it looks like bread, but that gelatinous brown stuff in the container next to it is the soap.  Burned soap.  At least I guess it’s burned.  I’m not sure why else it would be brown like that.  It looks a lot like brown gravy, but it was foaming up out of the crock pot when I checked on it.  The top photo is the bars I cut up this morning, and both last night and this morning my hands got foamy and clean when I handled it, so I guess it really is soap.  I would love to tell you what it smells like, but I lost my sense of smell several years ago.  Due to several blows on the head, according to my doctor, who had waved several vials of some kind of liquid under my nose and asked me what it smelled like.

Instead of going to my third paragraph, I seem to have jumped back to the second.  O—K.  I can deal with this.  How ’bout I tell you why I had to leave the computer last night.

As I was sitting here listening to the thunder getting closer and closer, and seeing the lightening blasting away outside the window, the tornado sirens started blasting my eardrums out.  People were in the hall rushing around, screaming and panicking, a voice over the loudspeaker was telling everyone to go to the safety rooms, and I was sitting here a couple of feet from the window listening to all the mad rushing about all around me.  It’s not that I don’t know how devastating a tornado can be.  We had one on Jan. 3, 2000.  The building I’m living in took a direct hit.  I was working in a building across the street from this building.  The office building was trashed, but this building came thru like a champ.  Sure, all the windows were sucked out, but that’s no biggie.  And all the cars in the parking lot were totalled, but they’re just things.  No one died.  Half the city was destroyed, but there were no fatalities.  Now THAT’s a biggie.

Of course I did have to think about the fact that I was sitting a couple of feet from one of the windows that had been sucked out, so that probably wasn’t a good place to be, so I did have sense enough to get away from the computer and go into another room, but not the safety room.  I have a thing about being shut up in a small room with a lot of people.  And since this place is build of solid concrete and reinforced steel, the windows are really all I was worried about.  Plus, I have renters insurance and would like to have some new stuff, so naturally tere wouldn’t be a tornado here to destroy my old stuff.  Just like when my kitchen caught fire.  Instead of leaving the apartment and letting it burn I grabbed the extinguisher and put the fire out.  Has anyone ever had to clean up a kitchen after using a fire extinguisher?  If you want to experience it without the fire part, take several boxes of baking soda and sprinkle them liberally around the room.  To make it more realistic you could pour some vinegar over it to give it that added fizz effect.

We didn’t get the tornado, just severe thunderstorms with beautiful lightening.  My gravy looking soap is packed away, waiting for someone with a sense of smell to come by and give it a sniff, so I’ll know if it smells scorched or if by some chance it smells like lavendar and rosemary.  But whoda thunk you could burn soap?


So now, I seem to have several bars of brown soap with white specks of unmelted white in them, and no idea what they smell like.  I know I added lavendar and rosemary oils to it at the end, but it probably just smells burned.  And I also don’t know why my type color suddenly turned blue either.  And all this time I was thinking I knew it all.  Sheesh.  It’s all underlined too.033