And It’s Getting Even Colder

But before we get to that, the good news.  Next week I start therapy on my shoulder!  I’m doing a happy dance in my brain, since my legs still don’t work all that well, and yes, I know it will hurt, but that will be a good kind of hurt.  I’ll be back in the kitchen, cooking again in two months.  My personal resolution.  Maybe a bit premature, but I’ll do it!!!!

family-268 These are my two great grandsons, Eli and Camden.  And they are standing out in the snow, the only photo I have in my library that has snow in it.  We have some snow in the forecast, but I received an email from my Citizens Emergency Relief Team (CERT) trainer today that we are going to have a horrible, humongous cold wave starting next week, with the temps dipping below zero.  So if you are in the Owensboro, KY area, be prepared.  Dress in layers, have emergency equipment on hand, both at home and in your car if you have to get out.  If you don’t have to get out, Please STAY AT HOME, and bundle up.  Have an ample supply of finger foods on hand in case of power outage, don’t turn your heat up too high so you can conserve electricity, dress in layers, and please take care of your pets.  They get cold too.  There is no word about ice or snow, just the extreme cold, and I know a lot of you live in colder areas, but darn it, this is supposed to be the South.  Upper south, but still….

Now for the personal train wrecks.  Believe me, as long as I’m breathing, there will be train wrecks.  I got this really nice cushion for my power chair, since my bum is getting a bit sore from sitting all the time, and today managed to spill my Dr. Pepper on it.  And on my phone, which was on the cushion next to the Dr. Pepper.  A new twist on sticky keys I think.  So, to keep from getting the seat of my jeans wet (I hope) I have a thick towel covering the cushion.  Also, a large wet spot on the leg of my jeans.  If there’s a way to destroy it, I’ll find it.

I’ve managed to drag a second quilt off my bed by getting it caught in my chair.  This takes a special talent.  And yesterday I pulled a panel off the door of the elevator.  Well, I never claimed to be a good driver.  And besides, the door shouldn’t have tried to close on me so fast.  It got me to my floor though, and for the first time in months it didn’t make that horrible sound when the door opened.  Guess I showed it who’s boss, huh?

family-521 Astroid kissing Noah Amy Just decided to show a few of my favorite photos before I sign off.  On the left are Laurie, Anika, Andrew and Ethan, In the middle is Noah with his Grand Champion steer Asteroid, and on the right is my beautiful niece Amy, wearing a necklace I made for her.  We raise beautiful kids in my family.


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Happy (?) New Year

Here’s hoping this year will be so much better than last one.  At least the last month of last one.  I really want to get back in my kitchen and cook something.  I know I can’t smell anything, but still I can remember the smells of the things I usually cook, and really miss that pot of beans and the Mexican cornbread that always go with it.  Mmmm, what more can a person ask for than beans and cornbread on a cold, winter day?

I have a new award, sorta.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here it is. doncharisma-org-not-on-freshly-pressed-award-4-300x300 doncharisma-org-not-on-freshly-pressed-award-3-300x300I haven’t decided which one to put in my gallery yet, but I think it will be the one with the picture of the presenter, Don Charisma.  Of course, the other one shows up better, but I’ll decide before my next post.  Don is really a great guy, currently living in Thailand, who is now doing great things with stitching photos together to make up really large, breathtaking scenery.  He’s funny, intelligent, and altogether a great guy who created my angel logo for me.  My knight in mostly shining armor.  You really should check out his blog,  At least I think that’s it.  If not, so sorry Don.  Sinus headache, remember?

Since I can’t go shopping at this time, I have started online shopping at Amazon.  I think I went a bit overboard on a few things there, but since you don’t actually see the product, just a description, you don’t know until it arrives. 004 Just a few days ago I got a call from the office telling me I had a large package downstairs.  Large?  It was about the size of a coffin.  It is still taking up half my living room.  As you can see, I ordered paper towels, also 007 well, that’s more like a photo of the box with the towels at the top.  So, here’s another one.005 A dozen packages of paper plates, and a huge bag of paper bowls.  Since I can’t wash dishes at the moment, I use a lot of paper products.  And last, 006 a dozen boxes of Kleenex, although I only pulled one out because I only needed one opened at the time.  Fortunately there was no shipping fee, since the order was more than $50.  The trash bags and Windex are still to come, and naturally they are the items I needed the most.  Except for the Kleenex, since I somehow caught a head cold without ever leaving the building.  How?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I think if there is half of an allergen floating around the hemisphere it makes it to my nose and takes up residence there.

I’ve pretty much slept thru the past few days.  It’s just too comfortable under the covers to move lately, and I have a lot of lost sleep to make up.  Throw a couple of pain pills a day into the mix, and I’m snoring like, well, a lumberjack?  Or maybe more like Max did.  For such a tiny dog he could beat my dad when it came to snoring.

Well, back to the sinus meds.  Doctor appointment on Friday for results of CAT scan.  To tell the truth, I’m not sure I really want to know.


How Can It Be Friday Already?

doncharisma-org-angies-place1 Since nothing seems to be working well these days, and I love this logo created for me by Don Charisma, I’m sticking it in here first thing.  My connection with Facebook seems to be broken, and even though I keep trying to refresh it I’m not having a lot of luck there, but hopefully persistence will pay off.  Don has also awarded me my second Versatile Blogger award, and tomorrow’s blog will be the one fulfilling the all the instructions for that one.  Big gulp there, and my extreme gratitude to Don for the award.blogger awardA bit different from the first one versatile-blogger-award and I still have to learn how to embed them on my site permanently, but not being quite geeky enough I may have to wait until a brother, nephew or grandson visits to show me how.

In last night’s blog I tried unsuccessfully to put in a photo of the yarn I got for the contrasting colors in my afghan.  Since I seem to be on a roll here, I’ll try again, first with the original yarn, and then the contrasting colors.  Fingers crossed here, and a few toes also. 100_2528 Original, 100_2541 and contrasting colors.  The green didn’t show up very well, and the variegated in that bag is for a pair of socks I am determined to learn to knit.

When Gina was young she wanted to learn to knit, so I gave her a couple of lessons before she lost interest.  Then the war broke out in Afghanistan and the little stinker started knitting socks, mufflers, and hats for the soldiers.  Not only that, but she also taught my granddaughter Anika to knit also.  I have never made a pair of socks in my life, but if they can do it, then I have to learn.  At least the one thing she never took up was playing the guitar.  She took about three lessons from me, complained about her sore fingers, and never touched it again.   I tried to tell her she had to build up some callosuses on her left fingers, but that idea almost brought on screaming fits from a teenager.  Imagine how horrible it would be to have callouses on your fingers when you are rubbing them down a boyfriend’s back.  Horrible!  (She usually told me a lot of things Mom’s just would rather not hear from their teenage daughters back then.)  Yet, it was better to know than to hear about an ugly surprise later.  Not that she ever shared any surprises like that with me, so she really did “save” herself for her wedding night.  Or at least was smart enough to avoid pregnancy.

Now how did I get from here to there?  Don’t ask me, because I never remember.  Or, to use my favorite Rayisn, I don’t remember if I forgot that or not.  My baby bro comes up with some good ones, mostly against me, since I usually make very innocent statements without stopping to think about what I’m saying and how he can twist them.  He does have a very twisted mind at times.

I have my dehydrator going again.  Collard greens this time.  I could have frozen them, but don’t have a lot of freezer space, so dehydrated food doesn’t take up much space.  I have a lot of other stuff that will be dehydrated before I put it all away for the winter.  I’ve decided to get another pumpkin, season and roast it, puree it, and make a pumpkin rollup for snacking.  And still have some apples and sweet potatoes to take care of from my Tuesday’s delivery.  While I’ll be glad when the deliveries begin again in spring, I think I’m glad to have some time off for a few months to catch up on other projects.  Like finishing my afghan, making the socks and hoping they actually look like socks, making Christmas cards, decorating the pine cones for ornaments, and probably a lot of other projects I just can’ remember right now.

Whew!  I feel a nap coming on, so I think I’m outta here for today.  Have a good one.


Lazy Thursday

Well, almost.  The phone woke me up early.  Yeah, I actually slept last night.  Really great feeling, and woke up feeling even better.  So, the flu shot didn’t give me any side effects after all.  I just felt bad last night because I was exhausted.

So, at 10:30 my first visitor arrived to do an evaluation for in-home therapy.  While we were talking she asked if I had lost any weight.  I laughed at that one, and told her almost 100 pounds since last Christmas.  She asked how, so I started talking about getting involved with the Slow Food movement, getting my fresh veggie deliveries from Cecil Farms, and eating healthier meals, plus snacking on my dehydrated veggies (I didn’t mention the 2 ingredient fudge) and she got excited about the veggie deliveries.  I have a feeling she will be contacting them about next year.

Vegan Chocolate Fudge.

Vegan Chocolate Fudge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Usually I don’t post a regular recipe, but I found the fudge one on Facebook, and gave it a try, and it’s great!  So her ya’ go.  One can of sweetened condensed milk and 18 ounces of chocolate chips.  Melt together in the microwave or a double boiler, stir occasionally until the chocolate has melted, then pour into a buttered 8 x 8 square dish.  When cooled, cut into pieces and enjoy.

I’ve made the chocolate version several times, and since I finished the last batch today, I’m thinking about trying it with some other flavors of chips.  Just happen to have some peanut butter and some caramel ones on hand.   Sorry, I erased the photo of the first batch of fudge, but I can tell you, it’s really good.  And just use your favorite type of chocolate.  I personally like the dark chocolate, but I know a lot of people prefer other types, so, do your own thing there.

Pulled that photo off the public domain stuff that shows up on the bottom of my page when I’m typing, so just to get your taste buds working here.

Okay, so back to the therapy.  Happy to say that when she took my blood pressure this morning it was back to my normal, which would be a normal persons low BP.  I’ve decided mine goes up about 50 points for every minute I sit in the doctor’s waiting room.  Before she had finished, the intake person for the physical therapy part came in.  I guess that makes her the occupational therapy intake.  Whatever.  She left after he came in and he put me thru some paces I wasn’t really happy about, like showing him how I got in and out of the bath tub.  It’s hard enough doing it one time a day, without having to demonstrate it for someone.  At least I was warmly clothed for the demonstration, and he agreed with me that I needed more pull bars in the bathroom.  After thinking about it all day, I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe I just need a different type of shower chair, that I can scoot out on.  Oh well, anyway, next I had to stand up and sit back down for 30 seconds, while he timed me to see how many times I could do it.  Two and a half times.  And getting up the last half time almost upset the apple cart.  Glad he was nimble enough to catch before I fell.

Okay, end of visitors for the morning shift.  Real therapy begins next week, three or four visits a week.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  Hey, if it helps, anything can be fun.  It all depends on your point of view and sense of humor.  And in my family, if you don’t have a sense of humor you might as well live on the moon, because you won’t survive here. sense of humor This about sums it up for the Goetz family.  My dad could crack a joke with a poker face and we would sometimes wonder if he was joking or telling the truth.  But then one look at the sparkle in those blue eyes and we would know.  I’m not quite as good at it as my brothers are, but I managed to get my youngest one once.  Only once, but that was a real high for me, because Ray is just like dad.  And they all know just how to get me.  I trip over my tongue more often than I tripped over my cat.  Callie and me8 That’s Callie.  She’s now my grandcat, because after tripping me every time I turned a corner I realized I jus couldn’t deal with all the bruises any more, and my grandkids had fallen in love with her, soooo.  My son-in-law wasn’t exactly thrilled, because they already had two cats, Mischief and Mayhem, but being a doting dad, he gave in. Now he’s the one who gets tripped, but he’s young and athletic, so he deals with it better than I dealt with the concussions.

I had all kinds of plans to make bread today, and do some cooking, or maybe it was cleanup in the kitchen, but instead, after the therapy people left, I just vegged out in the recliner and watched TV all afternoon.  Did a little bit of knitting while I was sitting there, played some Solitaire, but mostly just vegged out.  That was kinda fun.  Just do nothing.  Interesting concept.

I finally got myself up and came in for my evening fight with the computer, and of course the phone rang again.  A friend from the other building asking if I wanted some Mexican cornbread she had leftover from a dinner she had been to.  And a mostly full jar of jalepenos.  Sure, why not?  I asked her if she happened to have an extra jar of peanut butter around while she was at it, and she did, so now I don’t have to make a grocery run for that tomorrow.  She said she would be over in a few minutes, which I knew meant a couple of hours, so I was almost finished with my email when she came in, with two huge bags of food.  The cornbread, which I had already forgotten about, the jar of jalepenos, a couple of jars of her home canned relishes, a quart of her home canned salsa (yummy), two boxes of cereal, which I won’t eat, but can recycle into something else, like crumb topping for casseroles, and jugs of juice and can after can of fruit and veggies, plus some cheese and several bags of pasta.  Tomorrow I will definitely be making Don Charisma’s fried pasta.  His method, which he shared in his blog yesterday, is to make the sauce, cook the pasta al dente, then heat the sauce in a large pan and put the pasta in the hot sauce to finish cooking, while at the same time absorbing the sauce into the pasta, instead of just dumping the sauce on top of the pasta.  So, it’s a gotta try in my book.

So, Carol and I visited for about an hour, and as predicted, she was two hours late, but anyway, we’ll be going out to dinner sometime in the near future.  And I have loads of pasta, mac and cheese, plus all my fresh veggies still to hold me over until then.  I sent her home with some fruit syrup and some of my apple/sweet potato leather to snack on, so we were both happy at the outcome.  Now we just have to get to JoAnn’s again and buy more yarn.  I’ve almost used all of mine up, so my vow to not buy any more until I have used all of my stash is accomplished.  Or will be by the time she gets around to making the trip there.  I might have to take the bus if I run out of yarn before then.  I think I live at a faster pace than she does.


Picnic Day at Mount St. Joseph

Today is the day that almost didn’t happen.  The annual picnic at Mount St. Joseph.  Last Saturday, one week before work for today’s picnic got underway, a violent storm passed thru that area, and the destruction was fierce. picnic area MSJ picnic area again BBQ pit MSJ 2013 These are some photos of the picnic area taken after the storm.  Complete devastation.  But the community around the area got together, and today it happened.  Didn’t get to go myself because of balance problems, but several members of family were there.  The three photos above were taken by one of the sisters in residence at the Mount, and posted on Facebook.  Today my sis, Sylvie, the Bristle Thistle, took some pictures of the cooking meat and the burgoo pots, mostly emptied by then.

Burgoo Pot 1 Two of the pots, still simmering. Burgoo pots 2 A partial row of pots.  Before the crowds got to them.  Little bro, Ray told us later they sold out early.  Not sure how many pots they have altogether, but each one holds 50 gallons of burgoo.  Big bro, Tony brought me three gallons, two gallons for mom, two for himself.  Not sure who the other ten were for, but he got seventeen gallons total.

Fortunately for Sylvie and Erin, Ray’s house just above picnic area.  Since they live in Colorado they don’t know how to breathe real air that has humidity in it.  Spent most of their time at Ray’s house.  Steve also spent most time at Rays house.  Injured his foot or ankle last night walking down the hill.  Headed back to Tulsa tomorrow and decided to wait til gets home to see doctor.  Borrowed Ray’s crutches for now.finally got head togetherEveryone in family falling apart except for mom.  She’s healthy as horse, just no cartilage in knees.  Rest of us breaking bones, back problems, vision problems, everything falling apart.  So sad.  She’ll outlive us all.

100_2442 This is youngest grandson, Andrew, slowly dehydrating to death on Saturday.  Said he was seeing the light.  Only way to save life was go to hotel and get in swimming pool.  Offered to stick him in shower, but that wouldn’t work.  Had to be swimming pool.  Kid should have fins instead of feet.  Cousin Noah spent night at hotel with him, so another reason he wanted to get there.  Kept telling him Noah was at birthday party of friend and couldn’t get there yet, but still dehydrating.  Just had to be in pool to be rehydrated.

100_2443 Andrew and Noah this morning, as they were getting ready to leave for home.  Gave Anika some scarves, taught her how to make them, so Andrew wanted one, then Noah wanted one too.  Think Noah’s will go to his mom, but Andrew is having too much fun with his.  Kid comes up with too many creative ways to make head-gear.  Just hope he doesn’t wear it to school.  Noah’s our Grand Champion cattle winner.  Has more sense than most grownups in this family.

So, back to picnic.  Or after picnic was over.  Mom’s house was crowded with visitors.  Mom and I both graduated from Mount high school.  She loved it.  Me?  Not so much.  Love the place, just not the school.  Not a school any more, convention center.  Can visit again without getting those old willies it used to give me.  Sylvie and Erin were at Mom’s when Tony brought burgoo to me and took me back over there.  Was just waking up from nap, after Anika and I spent night having fun together.  Had sourdough waffles for breakfast.  Broke off bites and just dipped in peach syrup made during summer.  No need to sit down or dirty dishes that way.  More fun than acting like grownups too.

Okay, where was I.  At Mom’s.  Don came in first.  Had to work this morning, so didn’t expect to see him.  Then cousin Mark and Sandy, after that friend of Sylvie’s who had worked at picnic.  Mark and Sandy left, Steve called asked about dinner plans, Sylvie’s friend left, Tony left, Steve and Jay got back, Don, Erin and Jay went out for barbecue for them, fish for me.  Jay won cake at picnic, so had some for dessert, then Don and I said goodbye and he brought me home so he could get home before too late.  Day’s over, ah’m tar’d, and ready to put burgoo away and sleeeeeeeep.


Ah’m Tar’d

Urges Don’t know why so tired.  Can’t remember doing all that much.  Too hot to go to grocery today.

Did finish the summer sausage.  Cooking it that is.  Almost forgot about it.  Really good though.  Eating slice now.  Best I’ve made so far.  Might make more later.  Depends on mood.

Found out Fire Marshall will be visiting next week.  Oops.  Haven’t set off alarm for over a month, but guess too many times now.  Place is cluttered now, so will get large storage crates and have Mike take out to farm.  Should be safe in barn for week or two.  Good chance to put shelves back in order.

Ethan 16Ethan, couple y ears ago.  Now living in dorm at University of Kentucky.  GO CATS!!!  different perspective Oh, wrong kind of cat.  Cute though.  Gina as freshmanGina, oops, Regina, Ethan’s mom.  She went to UK also.  Ain’t she sweet, see her walkin’ down the street.  Sorry, she makes me want to sing.  Great mom.  Two Master’s degrees.  Hubby has Ph.D.  When they graduated together, she said she would call him doctor as long as he called her Master.  That’s my girl.empty nest Even with three still at home, prob’ly feelin’ empty nest syndrome.  Or maybe some relief that someone else has to feed Ethan now.  Bottomless pit appetite there.  Same with other two boys. Anika eats like a bird.

Think I remember putting soap in refrigerator.  Don’t ask.  Be right back.  Should take it out now.  BAck now.  Twelve perfect lookin’ bars.  Bars of soap, that is.  Prob’ly twelve perfect liquor bars somewhere in town too.  Wouldn’t know.  Don’t hang out there.  Least not any more.

Getting another box of produce tomorrow.  Not sure what I’m hoping for.  Have million recipes want to try, but can’t make them all at once.  Maybe make mini casseroles ‘n freeze ’em.  Have to grate a lot of cheese tonight or tomorrow.  And make more breadcrumbs.  Running out.  Did make two cups butter.  Used to make that growing up, but now don’t get the cream like we had then.  This time bought cream and forgot why, so ended up putting in freezer bag and rolling between hands til it turned to cream and buttermilk.  Shucky dern.  Was going to make buttermilk biscuits.  Forgot all about them.  Make them tonight and have with real butter and fruit syrup or apple butter.  Home made, of course.

versatile-blogger-awardSee this?  My thanks to Jess, at Therapy Bread for nominating my blog for this award.  Pretty, isn’t it.  Just nominated, not won — yet. Would be nice to win.  But really surprised to be nominated.  Think she puts ten pounds on me every day when I read her blog.  Then print out her recipes.  Especially the cherry chocolate ice cream.  Sooooo goooood.  THAT’S why I bought so much cream.  Just kinda overbought.  Gee, thanks Jess.  Did get some good butter out of excess cream though.

barbeque grill Not long til Mount St. Joseph picnic.  Think they have better barbecue pits than this, but don’t care that much for BBQ.  Just want the burgoo.  Will keep mom company while rest of family go to picnic.  Sent them some ruffled scarves for picnic.  My Alma Mater.  Burgoo there matches St. Martin’s.  Same family recipe.  Can’t wait to see family who can get here.  Larry can’t come.  Has to have surgery on eye.  Needs prayers.  But will find some member of family to pick up burgoo for me.  Want freezer filled with it this winter.  Some days all I can swallow.  One of bad things about MS, but fun when food flys out all over table.  Oops, now no one will let me eat with them.


Can Ya’ Believe It

Think I’ve run out of things to say.  Brain is blank.  Nothin’ new there.  Have a headache.  Nothin’ new there.  Ate more peaches.  Nothin’ new there.  Oh, oh, oh, took some pics today.100_2372 Growin’ celery leaves.  That’s new.  A new experiment.  Going to get more celery and grow more leaves.  Not too crazy about the stalks, but love the leaves.  Stalks have those big strings in them.  Leaves have nice flavor.  Can be used in soup, omelets, dressings, just about anything that calls for celery.  Gives the flavor without the strings.  A little bit hard to dip in peanut butter, but there are other things to dip in peanut butter.  With a few more of these end pieces growing like this I’ll never have to buy celery again.

100_2373 Aloe plant is thriving too.  Train wreck background, but have been trying to clear off shelves.  Will find place for everything eventually.  Have some books of photos Sylvia took during trips to Ireland, and road trips in Colorado stacked there.  Love lookin’ and dreamin’ at the photos.

100_2374100_2375 Some of my syrups and relishes have found their way to those shelves.  Most marked with contents.  Some will be a surprise when opened.  Just don’t want to open syrup to go with beans, or relish to go with waffle.  Don’t like surprises like that.  Might put beans in crock pot tonight, soup tomorrow.  With Mexican cornbread and relish.  Haven’t had that for a long time.

Writer’s club meeting Saturday.  Can’t decide what to take to share with group.  Maybe come up with a short story tomorrow.  Or maybe use one already written.  Depends on mood I’m in.  Still have to write my 1000 words on book today.  Spent most of day tryin’ to breathe.  And sneeze.  Love to sneeze.  Feels good.  Silly, huh?

Makers 46 This makes really good medicine.  Might not make it go away, but after a couple belts, who cares? Makers Mark Not real sure at this point, but think it’s made in Kentucky.  Could be Tennessee.  I prefer Jim Beam anyway, and I know where that’s made.  Been there.  And Very Old Barton’s.  Worked there as temp once.  Learned to hate telephones there.  Would go home at night and if phone rang, threw plate against wall.  Kids learned fast to grab phone on first jingle.

making lasagna Yeah, definitely bean soup for tomorrow.  Too tired to remove the cat.


Finally Fixed

After last night, spent fixing my computer, I started wondering if it wouldn’t be better to turn the clock back to the mid 20th century.  No computers to be hacked back then.  Headaches back then were caused by sinuses and MS, not to mention the stress and migraines.  But changing all the settings on a computer?  I’m not exactly a geeky computer nerd.  I leave that to my brothers and nephews and grandkids.  Naturally, none of them were here last night though.  So I got back online about 1:30 a.m.  I’m pretty sure God was taking a nap by that time.

families like fudge Larry riding camel  This is Larry on the camel.  He’s one of the sweet, nutty computer geek nerds, with a great sense of humor.  He has talked me thru fixing this beast (computer, not camel) several times by phone, but I didn’t call him last night.  Since he lives in Georgia, and is a time zone faster than I am, I was sweet enough to let him sleep while I sweated out trying to follow some anonymous tech’s instructions.  I was supposed to click on a “cog” symbol.  There are two of them.  Then I was supposed to click on something called “POP”.  It didn’t show up,  Soooooo, I had to go back and start over.  Click on the other cog.  Then the POP came up.  Was almost ready to throw the computer out the window.  I’m pretty sure that’s why they call it “Windows”.  When you try to fix it at home that’s where you want to throw it.

Then tried to send email out to people telling them I’m not stranded in Wales.  By the time I finally got the email to go thru I was ready to go to Wales and just get lost somewhere.  Hide out in a coal mine or something.  By the time I got all that done I was too worked up to sleep, so I have now officially been awake, sorta, since 10:00 a.m. Monday?  Yeah, my computer tells me this is Tuesday, so yesterday had to be Monday.  Guess that means tomorrow is Wednesday.  Maybe I’ll sleep all day and tomorrow won’t happen.

Support our farmers  Got my weekly delivery of produce today.  Mostly peaches and nectarines.  Mmmmm, delish.  Some apples, and melons, but the peaches are what rocks my world today.  Can’t decide if I want to make preserves, syrup, or just dig in and eat ’em and let the juice run down my chin.  Might do all of the above.  They are soooo good.  Next to cherries, my favorite.  There might be a peach cobbler in my immediate future.

free time  This is my latest photo.  And the way I’ve felt all day.  Too sleepy to really do anything, and can’t find anything anyway.  Looked for my battery charger for a while, but I really put it away in a good place this time.  Just hope I can find it before I need it again.  The battery is older than dirt, so it doesn’t hold the charge very long any more.  Probably should just invest in a new one.  Been using the same one since 1999.  I’m sure it’s as tired as I am by now.

Think I’ll turn in early tonight.  Or not.  Have a few games of Sol to play.  Too frustrated last night.  Bet that’s why I couldn’t sleep.  Didn’t get my Solitaire fix first.


Dehydrating Fun

100_2362 Remember this sink, filled with veggies?  Well, some of them are in the fridge, but…100_2367 the peppers got chopped up last night.  Started out with my mandolin.  Love slicing things with it.  Peppers are a diff’rent story tho.  They don’t like the mandolin.  Had to get food processor out for them.  Tried the shredder side, but it turned them to a watery mess.  Reversed to slicer side and it did a great job.  Slices weren’t perfect, but I’m not either.  Got the job done tho.

100_2368 Decided to save the seeds to see if I can dry them out and plant them.  Could be a good experiment.  Might even work.  You never know til you try.  The stack of waffles are cooling off for the freezer.  After making that many I decided to have an omelet instead.  And the orange tomato needs a little more ripening time.  Cherry syrup in background waiting for a home.

100_2369 This is a mutant small pepper.  Cute, huh?  Just couldn’t bring myself to slice it up yet.

100_2370 Dehydrator at work with first batch of peppers.  Had too many for one batch, so rest were in fridge waiting their turn.

100_2371 First batch of dehydrated peppers.  Aren’t they cute?  After the second batch was finished, my two gallon bags of peppers fit in one quart bag.  And all I’ll have to do when I want peppers for a recipe is rehydrate them in hot water.  No more paying over a dollar for one pepper at the grocery this winter.  I’m going to do some onions next.  I’ve heard they really smell bad while dehydrating, but I have no sense of smell, so who cares?  Might even put in some of the garlic cloves I have.  That would be a perfect aroma to greet any unwelcome visitors.

I’ll have to read up on drying tomatoes.  And cucumbers.  Celery.  Carrots.  Have to check the fridge to see what’s in there that I can dehydrate for winter.  I’m anticipating my next MS relapse, in case you’re wondering.  And hoping this will keep it from happening.  That six month relapse last winter and spring was not much fun.

100_2360 Still haven’t made the watermelon pickles, but the syrup is finished.  Have to confess I ate a lot of the melon while I was cutting the chunks out of the rind.  Not much white part in the rind, so I’m hoping there will be enough to make at least a pint of pickles.  Might have to buy another melon for the rind.  Of course the red part won’t be wasted.  Watermelon is one of the perfect foods.  Right up there with chocolate.

Also have 2 cartons of heavy cream in my fridge.  Can’t remember why I got them, but they were on my list.  I did forget my list, but I checked it when I got home from the grocery, and yeah, it had 2 cartons of heavy cream written right there.  Now all I have to do is remember why I put it there.  Hopefully before they turn into sour cream.

Going to make my own hash browns tomorrow.  Have a recipe somewhere for hash brown casserole.  Probably should find the recipe before making the hash browns, but where’s the fun in that?  Have potato, will hash!


Train Wrecked Kitchen

What a day.  More food than I know what to do with, and just realized I haven’t eaten much of it.  Waffles this morning.  Watermelon off and on while working on it to turn it to syrup.  Got my weekly delivery from Cecil Farms.  What a haul.100_2361 Peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, okra, melons.  My counter top was full.

100_2362 Taking a bath in water and peroxide.  Tonight most will be put in dehydrator.  A couple of peppers will be stuffed for lunch tomorrow.  Okra will be seasoned and baked tonight.  Served with summer sausage, pickles and sliced tomato.  Or maybe grape tomatoes.  But they make such nice, sweet treats during the day.

100_2359100_2360 Watermelons now in crock pot turning into watermelon syrup.  Will be ready for waffles for breakfast.  Hoping to get enough white part of rind for pickles.  I’m loving watermelon pickles.  It’s a pain to trim the green and pink parts off, but the results are worth all the trouble.

100_2357 The blueberries I dropped as I was putting them in the fridge.  Think I got them all picked up.  Tile has large black spots on it, and tried to pick a lot of them up.  Well, they LOOKED  like the blueberries.  Past time to get my glasses changed.  At least I didn’t step on any of the berries.  And the floor had just been mopped.  A ray of sunshine peeking thru the cloud there.

Back to my syrup now.  It needed a bit of sugar, so I grabbed a bag out of the cabinet.100_2363 Oops!  Caught it just in time.  Don’t think flour would have improved the taste at all.  Reached back in the cabinet and grabbed the next bag I found. 100_2364 Right one this time.  Decided I had better pour it in the sugar container.  I didn’t take a picture of the spilled sugar, because it wouldn’t show up on the light background, but had to clean up at least a cup full.  Sure don’t want ants visiting.

100_2366 So, here we are.  It was time to package the burgoo for the freezer.  Sourdough starter is out for making waffles in the morning.  Have to make the sponge tonight.  Syrup is in the crock pot.  Veggies in blue bowl after their swim.  Dishes piled in sink.  And the day is only half over.

Tonight dishes are washed, burgoo is in freezer.  It survived the drop test.  Naturally, I dropped a couple of packages on my way to the freezer.  They didn’t break open, so I can rest easy (I hope) knowing they will stay closed (I hope) in freezer.  Still have to slice the peppers and stick in dehydrator and fix my okra, but since this is just now the middle of my day, that’s okay.

I even spent a couple of hours downstairs talking to friends.  That was mostly to avoid dealing with the dishes.  Guess I was hoping someone would come in and do them for me while I was out.  Once again, it didn’t happen.  Well, I can dream, can’t I?  That darn blue bowl is screaming my name, so I have to go and do something with those peppers.  Slice, slice, slice the peppers open.  Don’t recognize the tune?  Try, Tramp, tramp tramp the boys are marching.  Oh well, you’re probably too young to remember WWII.