And It’s Getting Even Colder

But before we get to that, the good news.  Next week I start therapy on my shoulder!  I’m doing a happy dance in my brain, since my legs still don’t work all that well, and yes, I know it will hurt, but that will be a good kind of hurt.  I’ll be back in the kitchen, cooking again in two months.  My personal resolution.  Maybe a bit premature, but I’ll do it!!!!

family-268 These are my two great grandsons, Eli and Camden.  And they are standing out in the snow, the only photo I have in my library that has snow in it.  We have some snow in the forecast, but I received an email from my Citizens Emergency Relief Team (CERT) trainer today that we are going to have a horrible, humongous cold wave starting next week, with the temps dipping below zero.  So if you are in the Owensboro, KY area, be prepared.  Dress in layers, have emergency equipment on hand, both at home and in your car if you have to get out.  If you don’t have to get out, Please STAY AT HOME, and bundle up.  Have an ample supply of finger foods on hand in case of power outage, don’t turn your heat up too high so you can conserve electricity, dress in layers, and please take care of your pets.  They get cold too.  There is no word about ice or snow, just the extreme cold, and I know a lot of you live in colder areas, but darn it, this is supposed to be the South.  Upper south, but still….

Now for the personal train wrecks.  Believe me, as long as I’m breathing, there will be train wrecks.  I got this really nice cushion for my power chair, since my bum is getting a bit sore from sitting all the time, and today managed to spill my Dr. Pepper on it.  And on my phone, which was on the cushion next to the Dr. Pepper.  A new twist on sticky keys I think.  So, to keep from getting the seat of my jeans wet (I hope) I have a thick towel covering the cushion.  Also, a large wet spot on the leg of my jeans.  If there’s a way to destroy it, I’ll find it.

I’ve managed to drag a second quilt off my bed by getting it caught in my chair.  This takes a special talent.  And yesterday I pulled a panel off the door of the elevator.  Well, I never claimed to be a good driver.  And besides, the door shouldn’t have tried to close on me so fast.  It got me to my floor though, and for the first time in months it didn’t make that horrible sound when the door opened.  Guess I showed it who’s boss, huh?

family-521 Astroid kissing Noah Amy Just decided to show a few of my favorite photos before I sign off.  On the left are Laurie, Anika, Andrew and Ethan, In the middle is Noah with his Grand Champion steer Asteroid, and on the right is my beautiful niece Amy, wearing a necklace I made for her.  We raise beautiful kids in my family.


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Happy (?) New Year

Here’s hoping this year will be so much better than last one.  At least the last month of last one.  I really want to get back in my kitchen and cook something.  I know I can’t smell anything, but still I can remember the smells of the things I usually cook, and really miss that pot of beans and the Mexican cornbread that always go with it.  Mmmm, what more can a person ask for than beans and cornbread on a cold, winter day?

I have a new award, sorta.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here it is. doncharisma-org-not-on-freshly-pressed-award-4-300x300 doncharisma-org-not-on-freshly-pressed-award-3-300x300I haven’t decided which one to put in my gallery yet, but I think it will be the one with the picture of the presenter, Don Charisma.  Of course, the other one shows up better, but I’ll decide before my next post.  Don is really a great guy, currently living in Thailand, who is now doing great things with stitching photos together to make up really large, breathtaking scenery.  He’s funny, intelligent, and altogether a great guy who created my angel logo for me.  My knight in mostly shining armor.  You really should check out his blog,  At least I think that’s it.  If not, so sorry Don.  Sinus headache, remember?

Since I can’t go shopping at this time, I have started online shopping at Amazon.  I think I went a bit overboard on a few things there, but since you don’t actually see the product, just a description, you don’t know until it arrives. 004 Just a few days ago I got a call from the office telling me I had a large package downstairs.  Large?  It was about the size of a coffin.  It is still taking up half my living room.  As you can see, I ordered paper towels, also 007 well, that’s more like a photo of the box with the towels at the top.  So, here’s another one.005 A dozen packages of paper plates, and a huge bag of paper bowls.  Since I can’t wash dishes at the moment, I use a lot of paper products.  And last, 006 a dozen boxes of Kleenex, although I only pulled one out because I only needed one opened at the time.  Fortunately there was no shipping fee, since the order was more than $50.  The trash bags and Windex are still to come, and naturally they are the items I needed the most.  Except for the Kleenex, since I somehow caught a head cold without ever leaving the building.  How?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I think if there is half of an allergen floating around the hemisphere it makes it to my nose and takes up residence there.

I’ve pretty much slept thru the past few days.  It’s just too comfortable under the covers to move lately, and I have a lot of lost sleep to make up.  Throw a couple of pain pills a day into the mix, and I’m snoring like, well, a lumberjack?  Or maybe more like Max did.  For such a tiny dog he could beat my dad when it came to snoring.

Well, back to the sinus meds.  Doctor appointment on Friday for results of CAT scan.  To tell the truth, I’m not sure I really want to know.


A Whole New Night

100_2564 I held my camera today, and took a few pics of my “decorations”.  I don’t remember where I got this little manger scene, but it stays on the entertainment center year round.  I saw a really pretty, larger one in the gift shop at the hospital today when I went for my CAT scan, and came very close to getting it, but in the end my sanity returned, and I remembered my limited storage space.  So this little one will stay put as long as I do.  And it is surrounded by some of the pine cones Anika and I decorated.

100_2563 100_2565 More of my little mini Christmas trees, with photos and other items behind them, because they were supposed to be used to decorate a tree, not an entertainment center.  Therefore, I didn’t remove any of the other things that were on top of the “mantle”.  When Harriet came to do my laundry for me, I let her choose one as a Christmas gift, since it is now plain to me that I won’t be going out, and the things I ordered online were not ordered in time to arrive by Christmas this year.  Next year is taken care of though.  Boy, howdy, how’s that for early shopping?

100_2567 I decided to take a few photos of my crops while I was at it.  This is the mint plant that Laurie pulled up for me and stuck in a pot last September or October.  I moved it over to the stove, under the light, when the chilly winds started blowing last month.  I think it could use a larger pot now, but that can wait another month or so if necessary.

100_2569 The sweet potato I stuck in a jar has started putting out leaves and has what seems like millions of roots down in the jar of water.  I would like to pot that also, but the potato has swollen so much I can’t get it out of the jar, unless, of course, I break the jar.  That won’t happen — I hope, because as usual I’m still barefoot.  Don’t even have a sock on my right foot because of swollen toe.  Don’t know why it’s swollen, but it’s red and it hurts, and my feet are usually dead, so something is going on there that I probably don’t really want to know about.  I just wonder how tall those leaves will grow.  That brown stuff behind there is a loaf of sourdough bread I got out of the freezer to go with my burgoo.  Tastes just as fresh as the day it was baked.

100_2568 Now my aloe plant that definitely needs a larger pot.  It was so tiny when I got it, and most plants commit suicide on the way home when I buy them so they won’t die a slow, painful death at my hands after we get home.  My luck seems to have changed in that area.  I haven’t murdered a single plant all year.  If it holds until summer I’m going to try raising some container tomatoes, peppers and garlic.  Maybe even onions.  And potatoes?  That will require some thought between now and then.  Wonder about a watermelon?  When I got tired of eating them last summer I pureed some and froze them into cubes for flavored water.  That will be a great way to treat my extra cucumbers and other veggies next summer.  Not all of them, of course.  Can’t imagine squash or okra flavored water, but lemon, lime, orange, cuke, the list is endless.

100_2570 100_2571 Took a couple of pics of my afghan in progress while I was at it.  I wish I had decided on the purple as the only contrast color, and left out the sage and blue, but since it is just to keep me warm I can live with it.  And I started this one 100_2572 when the first one became too heavy to work on.  This is called a corner to corner afghan, and will have a peacock solid between the patterned rows.  To make it easier to work with I’m using up one skein of each at a time.  Finished a row of it today, only have about 10,000 rows to go.  Maybe exaggerating a little bit there, but from the tiny baby scarf bit I have finished right now, it sure seems that way.

Starting to get numb now.  No news from the doc, but then, I didn’t realize my phone was unplugged until just about an hour ago, so I guess I’ll find out on Monday.


Good And Bad News Day

Had my follow-up to the follow-up appointment with the surgeon today.  X-ray first.  My left arm is an inch shorter than it should be, so there is probably some bone pieces floating around in the shoulder area.  Have to go for a CAT scan Monday to see where they are, and if they are in a dangerous place will definitely need surgery.  Actually, doc told me today that if I was younger he would recommend surgery immediately, but if the broken off parts are not in places where they could inflict mortal danger, everything will be left to continue healing by itself.  I don’t have to keep the arm immobilized all the time any more now, and it feels good to let it hang down by my side, and to move it around a bit.

Good news is that I’m using both hands to type this.  I was afraid I would forget how if I had to keep on with the hunt and peck method.  Feels really good to be able to type faster again instead of taking ten minutes to look for the letters to type one word.

daviess-co-ky.jpg Blue skies shining on me, nothing but blue skies do I see.  At least today.  Rain is supposed to start tomorrow, and last for the weekend.  Whee!!!  At least it won’t be that nasty four letter word that begins with sn and ends with ow.  Pretty enough coming down, but so ugly after an hour or so of being driven on and walked on.  I think even my aunt is no longer loving it, and she is the one we always blamed when it snowed because she was the one who thought it was so pretty.  Nothing pretty about rain, but at least it doesn’t stick to the sidewalks.  Chee, what difference does it make?  I’m not going anyplace.  At least I don’t plan to go anyplace.  Could be surprised, but not likely.

My new mode of transportation these days is the GRITS bus.  Can’t remember exactly what the letters stand for, but they pick me up at the door of the building and take me to the door of wherever I’m going, then pick me up again when I’m ready to come home — if I’m lucky.  Had a long wait today, but I have a feeling that will be better after winter is over.  The drivers are all retired people, making a little bit of extra money to supplement their Social Security, and all extremely polite and friendly.  All in all a great way to travel.

Wish I could have taken a few photos last night.  Haven’t been to the grocery lately, but managed to get my chair hooked on the bedspread and dragged it halfway to the living room, snagging a few other things along the way.  That was almost as much fun as dragging the watermelon bin at Krogers.  Trouble is, no one here to laugh with me.  Ah, well, at least I’m back to my old tricks, and starting out with some new ones.

Cat and camera Hummm, wonder if I could find a kitty that could follow me around and take photos for me?  This little guy looks pretty competent.  He also looks like he might outgrow that camera in a few years too.  Going to try to take some photos of the pine cones Anika and I decorated in a couple of days.  have to see if one arm will hold the camera steady enough to get a good pic first.  They will be subbing as my Christmas tree this year, because I can’t get the tree out of the closet and set it up.  I know I could get help from friends, but hate to take advantage of them.  Already having to ask them to heat my meals up so I won’t be wearing them in my lap (OUCH) instead of getting them to my mouth.  I keep remembering my spaghetti squash disaster, and how it looked in my shoe and on the carpet.  Yeck

Until later.


CLEANUP: Electronics, Housewares, etc

Yep, I went shopping again today.  First to the grocery, where I forgot half the stuff I wanted because my list was next to my recliner at home.  I don’t know why I bother making lists.  They never seem to go with me when I leave the apartment.

Since the watermelon season is over, I kinda got my chair hooked on the display of pears.  That just wasn’t pretty at all, because they weren’t exactly in a bin like the watermelons.  I don’t know if anyone saw me speeding away from the scene of the train wreck or not, but I sure got out of there, and was innocently loading up on collards and celery when they came to clean up the mess of bruised pears.   Got stuck on the banana bin, but managed to get loose from that without any disasters,  Why do I always leave my camera at home when I go shopping?  I could get some really great photos of people getting out of my way, and the ones cleaning up after I’ve moved on.

At least I made sure to get three blocks of Monterey Jack cheese this time.   Looked for buckwheat flour, but they didn’t have it.  Had buckwheat pancake mix, but I didn’t want to make pancakes, I want to make some buckwheat fry bread.  Had to order the flour from Amazon, so it will be a week before I get it.

Got home and had to power up my chair again before heading out to K-Mart.  Needed a smaller pair of jeans, and a black ink cartridge.  After I got the ink cartridge I looked thru some old movies to see if any of them looked like something I would want.  Guess what got knocked over in electronics?  Uh-huh.  Kinda hard to maneuver around a bunch of DVD’s in a power chair, but I don’t think anything had incriminating tire marks on them.  One good thing about our K-Mart is that they are extremely understaffed.  I think a person coud die in there and not be found for weeks, because you can never find a salesperson when you need help for anything.

Always have to check out what’s on clearance in housewares there.  Found some knives, a garlic press, a fruit corer (for the pears and apples I’ll be getting tomorrow), some oven gloves to replace the ones I’ve burned holes in, kitchen shears.  I think that might be it.  Then had to sit in line for close to an hour because they only had two checkouts open.  Typical.  Got hung up in the magazine section, but since they didn’t have the craft ‘zines, I really didn’t care if I upset anything there.  Ooh, almost forgot the really cute hat I found.  And on sale, too.  Black and white tweed with a cute rosette on the side.  Around here they call me the “hat woman”.  As long as they can’t see the butcher job I do on my hair I’m golden with that name.

When I got everything put away I sat for a while, then started my nightly fight with the computer.  One of us has to go, and it won’t be me.Crazy woman Just substitute “computer” for “man” in that pic and you’ll just about have it.  It won’t be long until this piece of s*** and I will be sharing a couch in a therapists office.  And just maybe I’ll drop it somewhere along the way.  I like the monitor okay.  I even cleaned it a few days ago.  Actually I clean it more often than I clean my glasses, which probably is why I can’t see all that well most of the time.

I’ve completely lost my train of thought here, so it must be time for bed.  Yeah, the clock says 11:8 p.m. so it’s time to start winding down.  About half an hour of Solitaire should do it.  y’all have a good one, okay?


The Elastic Snapped

Ya’ know how you always get those emails that tell you to forward them to one million four hundred thirty-one thousand two hundred fifteen of your friends and relatives or the elastic in your panties will snap?  Well, I got one the other day, and decided it was just too ridiculous to forward to more than a few thousand people, and sure enough, I was in the laundry room last night, and the elastic snapped.  Good thing I was wearing jeans.

It reminded me of the night of Mike’s FFA award dinner.  We were all there.  Except for Gina and Don, who were both at UK.  But anyway, when we stood to salute the flag, my half slip decided that was the time to continue slipping.  Down around my ankles.  And being as graceful as a gazelle, of course I went face first into the salad.  The local farm news reporter was sitting beside me at the table, and my first thought was “what a way to make the news”.  He was nice enough to not mention it though, but he did help me out of the salad.  I kicked the slip under the table before stumbling out of the dining room to the ladies room to clean the dressing off my face.  Not one of my finer public moments.  It didn’t go completely unnoticed however.  On the way home Mike asked me what happened at our table that had everyone laughing.  His dad looked a bit funny, since he hadn’t noticed, and I tried to throw suspicion off myself by telling him some lady just had to make a pit stop during the pledge of allegiance.  Why is it the one time you don’t want to be recognized everyone in the room knows who you are?  He heard all about it at school the next day, except for the part about the half slip.  That is probably already rotted away in the land fill by now.

So, last night I got two loads of laundry finished.  Another three loads tonight and they will all be clean–until I change what I’m wearing now.  Sometimes I wish I could wear my robe down so I could wash everything else, and start over in the morning with a completely clean slate.  Of course, there would still be the p.j.’s and robe, but they don’t require daily changing and washing.  At least mine don’t.  I’m sure some people launder theirs on a daily basis, but I’m not one of them.  Half the time I fall asleep in my recliner still wearing my jeans and tee-shirt, so the pj’s don’t get worn that night.  And there are the nights I just can’t sleep, so why get ready for bed when I know it won’t do any good.

How crazy I find all these cute things on Facebook and just HAVE to use them.  Especially the ones that hit so close to home.  Yeah, I’m crazy and I love it.  Life is so dull if you aren’t just a bit crazy.  Like going to K-Mart a few days ago.  I needed some ink cartridges for my printer, and decided to look at the marked down movies while I was in the area.  Just like the watermelons at Kroger, they are in a bin, and just like at Kroger, the bin got hung on my chair.  It wouldn’t fit thru the opening into the rest of the store though, so we were hung there for a while.  Wouldn’t have been so bad except a lady and her kid were standing there trying to get into the electronics department.  It always takes me longer to get the chair separated from things when I have an audience like that, and the kid was whining the entire time, so that slowed me down a lot more.

Maybe I’ll get my new chair sometime before Christmas.  “All I want for Christmas is a new power chair, a new power chair, a new power chair”.  Recognize the tune?  I should be wanting my two front teeth, but don’t need them, just the chair.

Well, I guess nobody gets everything they want.  So I’ll go read for a while, then take the rest of my laundry down and wash it all, and be done for the month.  Well, maybe for another week, since I don’t want to get so far behind again.


Pizza Or Stromboli?

That is the question.  100_2462 The recipe as remembered called for pizza crust, rolled out on bakin’ pan.  So stretched it out on pan ‘n put homemade sauce on top.

100_2463 Added pepperoni ‘n chorizo.  Still don’t know if goin’ be Stromboli or not.  Want Stromboli.  Just not sure if it will be


100_2464 Slicin’ onion and cryin’ tears of joy at fumes under glasses.  Maybe not joy.  Just tears from onion fumes.  Must be better way.  Food processor better way, but didn’t want get it down.  So, just slice and cry.  Lotta fun.

100_2465 Scattered veggies on top of stuff on dough.  Still not sure what will be.  Still want Stromboli.

100_2466 Look like enough cheese?  Love mozz, and can deal with parm now don’t have sense of smell.  Before lost smell couldn’t handle that one.  Gina and friend had cheese fight in pizza restaurant when in high school.  Had parm all over her.  No a/c in car.  Hot day.  Drove home smelling hot parm all way home.  Hated smell after that.  Had to leave restaurant when police came.

100_2467 Not so pretty, but decided to roll in Stromboli.  Guess too much everythin’ in it to make look pretty, but baked it anyway.  This time less would be more.  Love cheese though.

100_2468 Baked and cheese all melty.  Taste good.  Filled up quick quick.  Sauce came out, burned on pan.  Big sigh.  Have to clean pan.  Won’t be fun.  Lots of baked on sauce have to scrape off.  Cheese so good.  Be eating Stromboli all week.  Have to eat with knife and fork.  Can’t pick up like sandwich.  Don’t know if success or failure, but tastes good, so call it success.  Pan part disaster.  Take all night get clean.  Hate cleaning burnt on dishes.

Meanwhile, back at ranch, can see again.  Need new glasses, but eyes not dilated now.  Can focus, but things still zig zaggy.  Like closing left eye ‘n lookin’ at doorways.  Doesn’t take much to amuse me.

Entered contest on “Hooked On Crochet” blog.  Can’t remember what prize is.  Be nice to win though.  Think it’s book of crochet patterns.  Like to crochet and knit.  Got recipe for chocolate peanut butter cookies on Jess blog “Therapy Bread”.  Really like Jess, but she’s tryin’ to make me fat.  Have to make cookies though.  Only makes dozen, so can live with that.  Maybe just make two each day.

big cabbage Found picture on Facebook.  Wonder how much cabbage weighs?  Sure make lots of sauerkraut.  Or slaw.  And really big stuffed cabbage leaves.  Could put all of stuffing in one leaf.  Have to bring home with tractor though.  Don’t have tractor.  Call Mike and ask him bring tractor.  Store in bedroom.  Have to be small tractor for small apartment.  Wonder if could go to grocery on tractor?  Just knock whole watermelon bin over and squash ’em all.  Could reach things on top shelves on tractor.

Think done for day.  Gonna go read book til time to sleep.  Or maybe start scraping pan.  Yuck!  No, wait til morning.  Read book tonight.  “Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker” by Jennifer Chiavinerini.  Have all her books.  Love ’em.


Another Train Wreck

100_2454 So last night had to finish watermelon pickles.  First thing happened was knocked bottle of peroxide off shelf, lid broke, peroxide spilled all over floor.  Threw kitchen towels down to sop up mess.  Also cleaned towels at same time.  Well, maybe not.  But peroxide bottle now has pop-off lid and only half bottle left.

100_2452 Took dinner break then.  Wanted frittata, but settled for pulled pork sandwich.  No time to make fritatta.

100_2451 Pulled pork out of fridge and knocked glass of water with fresh basil out on floor.  Basil not so fresh after that.  Took time to clean mess up.  Really needed food then.  Gettin’ seriously dehydrated too.  Felt like Andrew.  Slowly dyin’ of dehydration.  Didn’t need swimmin’ pool though.  Just needed glass of water.  Quicker to pull out orange crush.  Drank half bottle in one big glug.  Well, more like lots of glugs.

100_2453 Fin’ly got pickles in water bath.  Should have been three pints.  Got three pints, two half pints, and one pint left over that went in fridge.  Put top on canner, sat down, forgot about it.  Remembered hour later.  Pulled jars out of canner.  Already sealed, but okay.

100_2449 Thought finished making syrup, but had to do somethin’ with watermelon, so put in crockpot today.  Had to put honey in to sweeten little bit.  Don’t know what time will be ready to put in jars, but have jars.  Cold pack pan ready for use when needed.  Just hope I’m ready, not asleep.

Had to “cook” pale green jeans last night.  Got stains from sauce on sandwich on them.  So after got jars out of canner, put peroxide in and added jeans.  Soaked all night and have ’em hangin’ on shower rod now.  Didn’t wring out, so no wrinkles.  Hopin’ boilin’ water shrank ’em.  Too big, and too long.  Stains gone though.  Have more stained clothes need to cook after finish syrup.  Guess could just heat water ‘n cook anyway, but more fun after cannin’ somethin’.  Wish Don hadn’t called it cookin’ my clothes.  Now got in habit too.

Turned heat up today.  Just too comfortable under covers to get out of bed.  Noon came, decided had to get up.  Gettin’ hungry.  Had waffle with peach syrup ‘n lots of butter.  Good, but ready to eat again.  Tonight have to make fritatta.  Have fresh veggies for it.  Have bacon, have sausage, have eggs.  Celery leaves.  Want fritatta.  Even have good recipes.  Prob’ly just make own though.

come with instructions Couldn’t resist this.  Remember when Don called one day while in college.  Asked how to hook up VCR.  Hooked own up, so called me to ask how to do his.  So sad.  Tried to walk him thru, but couldn’t, so told him read instructions.  Told me he was hoping could skip that part.  College kidz!  Supposed to be learnin’ that stuff, but calls mom to ask how.  Really!!!  We paid for that????  Turned out okay though.  Just doesn’t like readin’ instructions.

Mike totally different.  Didn’t like readin’ anything in school.  Now reads instructions about everything.  Smart kid.

I'm done Just ’bout says it all.  Time to make fritatta.  Hungry.  Have good week if you have to work.  Me?  Retired!!!



Another Saturday Night

And I ain’t got nobody….Oops, sorry.  Song just stuck in head.  Maybe cause I was up all last night tryin’ to peel watermelon with dull knives.  Have it all in bowl now, soaking in brine.  Have to rinse and make pickles in couple hours.  Whee!!!  Neighbor offered me half of her watermelon today.  Almost hit her.  Explained why didn’t want to look at another watermelon again this year.  Made her laugh.  Had to laugh with her.  Gonna have to get knives sharpened.

Support our farmers Farmer came by with veggies today.  Needed tomatoes and peppers for fritatta.  Got ’em.  Had gigantic watermelon.  No way Jose.  Thru with melons for this year.  Maybe next year.  Have two bags of melon in fridge.  Gonna put in blender, then freeze in ice cubes for water blend.  Makes it taste good, and doesn’t cost much.  Better than flavored water people buy in store.  Can freeze anything like that.  Guess should have bought some cukes too.  Cukes make good flavor for water too.

Uh-oh.  Just remembered.  Went outside.  Allergies.  Took last allergy tab last night.  Prob’ly be up all night again tonight.  Yeah, another Saturday night.  Guess will be movie night.  Took nap in morning while Irene here. Woke up and Irene gone.  Apartment clean, found everything.  Maybe.  Will know when start looking for something and can’t find.  Kinda like the scavenger hunts though.

Maybe do laundry tonight.  Have new washers now.  Heard they flood laundry room.  Don’t know for sure, but will find out soon enough.  Wearing last of clean clothes now, and have watermelon stains on pants.  Guess have to soak in peroxide/water bath tonight.  Hate doing laundry.  Have to do laundry.  Be okay if still had own washer and dryer, but not in this building.  Have to go downstairs to laundry room.  Will have to wear UK pj’s and hope nobody notices.  Shucky dern, stains on shirt too.  If didn’t have bad luck have no luck at all.

bad habits Look a lot like that now.  Feel like that too.  Just don’t have the coffee.  Have tea.  Pretend that is cuppa, and that is me, hobblin’ round the place.  Tryin’ to put off the picklin’.  Anybody remember how that started?  Know it was fun when started.  Now seems like a job.  Must be getting tired.  Blame it on Saturday.  Tomorrow everything better.  Need chocolate.  Maybe have to go to store to get chocolate.  Chocolate makes everything better.  That’s it.  Farmer didn’t have chocolate.  Main food group all in one bite.  Or one hundred bites.  Should plant chocolate tree.  Should join chocolaholics anonymous.  Need the program get over disease.  Nah!  Rather eat chocolate.

100_2448 Well, guess better get back to watermelon pickles.  Can’t put off forever.  Want to, but can’t.  Pickles too good to not finish.  ‘Specially after being up all night to trim ’em.  Prob’ly left too much pink on ’em, but heck, whatever.  Gonna be good any way they look.  Hope.  Really hope.



Of course, being retired, doesn’t matter that much to me.  Every day is Friday.  Or Monday.  Or just any old day.  Just depends on whether remembered to mark day off calendar or not.  Think it might still be August on mine.

100_2447 Decided to start on watermelon pickles today.   100_2449 This part is for eating, or blend into juice and freeze in ice cube trays to flavor water. 100_2448 This part is for pickles.  Didn’t get all the pink off, but did get most off.100_2450 Array of knives used trying to find one sharp enough to peel green rind part off.  Tried vegetable peeler too.  Guess I’ll have to have professional sharpener work on them.  Tried sharpening myself.  Couldn’t get ’em sharp enough to cut melted butter.  Still have another half of melon to work on, but had to take break.  Getting too hard on arm trying to peel with dull knives.  Giving shoulder some rest.

Between Estes and Boulder Picture of road between Estes Park and Ft. Collins, CO, sent to me by friend in Loveland, CO.  Serious flooding going on there.  Sent me more photos, but too horrible to post.   Colorado getting our flooding this year.  Storms happening here, but flooding not so much.  Lots of wind damage here, trees blown over, crops destroyed, but could be worse.  Has been worse in past.

Still recovering from trips outside building.  Sinuses starting to clear, but headache staying.  Will have to drop something on foot to make it hurt, then won’t think about headache.  Maybe broken toes.  Had them before.  Can’t set broken toes.  Just have to hold up when walking.  Makes walking look funny when holding toes up.  And can’t wear shoe on that foot.  Now wondering if Steve broke foot last weekend.  Slipped foot off sidewalk and hurt it.  Using crutches, but didn’t go to doctor here.  Decided to wait til got home to Tulsa.  Probably good choice.

herding a cow Found this picture somewhere.  Can’t remember.  Think it’s funny.  Should have tried this when had to chase cows on farm.  Think should be on top of car though.  Driver can’t see where going this way, unless cow gives directions.  Kinda like when Don and Mike were kids and driving big farm trucks.  One would operate steering wheel, other would operate pedals.  Looked like truck didn’t have driver.  When went by kitchen window would go in living room and sit down so wouldn’t see it.  Sometimes ignorance is really bliss.  Sometimes wonder how they lived long enough to grow up.

Reading book about how to ferment things.  Learning to make root beer, and ginger ale, then maybe home-brew.  Have to think about that one.  Think it takes hops.  Don’t know where to find hops.  Uncle Leo made it sometimes.  Would babysit his kids.  Tried it one night, but not ready to drink yet.  Didn’t taste good that early.  Next time babysitting wasn’t there any more, so guess he had bottled it and put away where underaged teenagers couldn’t find it.  Took all the fin out of babysitting my cousins. Leo's family They lived behind us on Hwy. 81, so it was a short walk to get there, then back home.  Four boys.  Got married and moved away before girls were born.  Guess Janet was born already, but don’t think Doris was.  Could be wrong.  Was once before.  Picture kinda small, but looks like Janet in it.  Biggest boy Doug, then Pat, Phil and Mark.  That’s where famous Leo Blandford barbecue still comes from.  Glad they still make it.  Their mom’s family have burgoo recipe.  Still make it.  Really glad both keep up that tradition.