Zero To Hero Day Two


This assignment is to talk about my blog name.  It started out as simply Angie’s Place.  Then after a little thought about it, I decided to add A Train Wreck Looking For A Home.   Each post has a sub-title, but they are mostly all about they crazy things that happen to me on a daily basis.  Most of them take a special kind of talent, which I alone seem to have, out of my family of four brothers and two sisters.

I can get lost in a closet with the door open.  I fall a lot, the last time a month ago when I broke my left shoulder.  Most of the time when I fall it I just hit my head, which is okay, because as my youngest son tells me, that’s the hardest part of my body.  Mike, the youngest, has a very smart mouth, but he’s cute so I keep him.  He can fix anything, and has been doing so since he was a very small child.

Usually when I fall, I fall into some shelves, knocking everything off them, and giving myself a concussion.  Three of them in the past year.  In a way it’s almost fun to feel the brain bouncing around in my head.  The night I fell fully clothed into the bathtub and hit my head on the wall on the other side of it (and I hadn’t gone there for a shower) I mentioned it to my older son Don, and his first question was “how much is it going to cost to repair the wall?”  So, as you can tell, my life is one train wreck after another.  And, oh, you should take a trip to the grocery with me.  I’ve pulled watermelon bins down the aisle when they get stuck on my power chair.  Now that I’m stuck at home recovering from the shoulder, I’ve pulled most of the bedding off my bed.  That’s okay though.  I can’t get in and out of the bed so I’m sleeping in my recliner.  More train wrecks.  I’ve even pulled my computer station partly across the bedroom.  And pulled a panel off the elevator door last week when it started shutting on me before I got on it in time.  Big time train wreck.

Photo of New Market train wreck

I don’t remember what the rules say about using photos, but since I use them in my blogs, here is one of a train wreck.  Not a wreck of my making, but a train wreck anyway.

Think I’ll do the Day 3 now, and then sign off the the night.


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