A Trip To Macy’s

I planned on spending a quiet day today, reading a book, taking a nap, just hanging out at home, doing nothing.Judy and Bridgette Then Judy called and asked if I wanted to go shopping with her.  Book forgotten, quiet day forgotten, lack of money forgotten.  We went to Macy’s.  Mostly we just walked around looking at and dreaming of the things we would buy if we were rich.  That’s the way it works in Macy’s.  At least that’s the way it works for people like Judy and me.  We look at the overpriced clothing and think “what if”.  Mostly, when I looked at the things I really liked, I was thinking “if only”.  If only I was young enough to wear this again.  If only I was skinny enough for it to look good on me.  If only my upper arms didn’t flap around like chicken wings.

We saw a lady looking at a really pretty pair of shoes, with high heels.  Judy said something about how pretty they were, but that if she tried to walk in them she would fall flat on her face.  I was agreeing with her, especially since in my former life I wore spike heels and now my feet are paying the price.  The lady looked up and smiled, then said, “these shoes are not for walking in, they are for sitting in.”  Now I can relate to that.  You wear flats until you get to the chair, then take them off, put them in the large bag you are carrying, take out the pretty high-heeled shoes, put them on, and sit there showing off your gorgeous legs.  Naturally, we’re assuming you have gorgeous legs.  Mine resembles chicken necks, but there are some ladies who really do have gorgeous legs, and they could carry it off.  And yes, I did say chicken necks.  Scrawny, floppy chicken necks.

We shopped around for a couple of hours, just looking at things.  Judy wanted to add a place setting to her dishes, but since I drop mine every time I pick up a dish, I use the unbreakable kind.  She got the cobalt blue Fiesta wear, something I’ve always wanted, but something I know would end up as mosaic pieces on a tile top to a table almost as soon as I brought it home, so I just settled for looking and dreaming of long-lost youth and clothes that would not look good on someone my age.  Insert big sigh here.

The hat Judy is wearing in the picture above is one I literally took off my sister’s head.  She goes to Ireland occasionally, and she brought that hat home with her one time.  I loved it because it’s green, and green is my color.  Almost every shade of green.  Please note:  ALMOST every shade of green.  There are some shades that were never intended to be made.  I’ve seen cars that in all decency should be painted hot pink rather than the green they came in.  And I’m not a big fan of hot pink.  There were some pants in Macy’s today that were a strange shade of green that even a traffic light would be ashamed of, but I suppose people buy it because there were a lot of clothes of that color there.  And right next to them was a very bright orange.  I love orange, second to green, but those two shades, uh uh.  No way.  Never.  Not in this lifetime or the next one either.

Today was really a red-letter day for me.  I went to Macy’s and didn’t spend a penny there.  Unfortunately I more than made up for that oversight by spending almost $4 at McDonald’s for a Blueberry-Pomegranate smoothie.  It was good, but I just keep thinking I could have made several of them myself for that price.  I’m not really cheap–I just think after the fact how much I could have saved by the DIY method.  But I really had a fun day with Judy.  Any day with Judy is a fun day.  She keeps me laughing all the time.Bridgette and Cosmo


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